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uWink... I groan.

this is probably one of the worst restaurants i've ever been to, though i did have fun with the games on the screen--the ONLY redeeming factor. seriously, i think mcd's is better, though i haven't eaten at one in years.

Decent Breakfast: South Redondo?

Hi there,

I'm looking for a decent breakfast spot for this Saturday. Doesn't have to be fancy foodie, though recs for that would be appreciated for the future. I'd love some good and healthy and not insanely crowded, but mostly it comes down to not insanely crowded and decent given my timefram for this weekend. Basically, somewhere with a very short wait and ok food, like a diner of some sort. If there is any fantastic that might have a 15-20 minute wait, I could be up for that. I'm new to the area, so just trying to figure things out. Thanks!

Torrance lunch options?

toyota campus. 190th and western basically. i'm willing to drive a reasonable distance for something good (like 15 min RT) or further for something great. Thank you!!!
I'd really love to find great inexpensive stuff like pho or taco trucks, but i'll take whatever i can get.

Reservoir in Silverlake?

so sorry u had this experience. sounds like i'll be skipping this place. no patience for that sort of thing. completely inexcusable, new restaurant or not.

Seafood/Shellfish Restaurant for Mom's 70th Birthday - will drive almost anywhere in So Cal for her favorite food.

it's fancier than a bucket kind of place, but water grill has an extensive seafood selection. personally, i find the decor cruise shippy, but i think it would appeal to a 70 year old woman. the waiters all dress very old fashioned, too.downtown los angeles.

Torrance lunch options?

I just started a new job in Torrance. I'm looking for non-chain lunch options. I'm open to all types of cuisines, no dietary restrictions. I found a nice little pho place off the freeway, but so far that's it.

Are there even any decent chains nearby like In N Out, Baja Fresh, La Salsa. So far, all I've seen is a fast food nation nightmare.


I'm on the Toyota campus, but willing to drive a reasonable distance.


Squash Blossoms: Good Farmers Market for this?

I need to get some squash blossoms for Tgiving. Can you recommend a good FM for this? I'm thinking SM. Have they been around lately there? Thanks!

ISO Copper River Salmon

Has anyone visited a restaurant recently that was serving Copper River Salmon? I've yet to get my summer fix on this phenomenal fish. I thought about Water Grill and Providence, but I didn't see it listed on their menu. Maybe it's only a special? I live on the Eastside, but am willing to travel. Thanks a million!