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Recipe for the rice at Colbeh? [moved from Kosher board]

Pollo is the term for Persian rice with meat. Here's how I replicate the orange rice.

Cook rice as ususal. Persian rice recipes usually have instructions for soaking and rinsing, etc - you can try if adventurous.

As for the orange part, take the zest of one orange. Boil in small pan, drain, then boil again. (to remove bitterness). Drain again, then add 1 cup of sugar and a few drops of water. Add some chicken soup mix...about 1 tsp. make into an orangy-sauce. Now combine with the cooked rice. You can add the almonds if you like them.

Dec 08, 2008
Levial in Home Cooking

Anything new in Tel Aviv?

We were in Israel for the Chagim and here's what we tried and liked:

Meat and Wine in Herzliya Pituach. Great steak, great service. Nice ambiance. We lamented spending cash at Papagaio - for the same price we had a wonderful meal, with just the right steaks, not a bunch of substandard meat cuts covered in oil.

Gershon in Tel Aviv. Although the steaks were not as fantastic as advertised (they didn't have the "fillet" though when we visited) there were imaginative recipes- the spicy rice, the lolipop chicken wings that were outstanding, as well as a cocktail offering, and phenomenal desserts. Service also excellent and atypical of Israel.

Oct 31, 2008
Levial in Kosher


It's conference season for my work and I have been in Orlando a lot in the last weeks. I tried Kosher Culinary. It is a restaurant on Universal Blvd right next to the chabad in a strip mall. (handy to send your dear husband to minyan). The place was well decorated and clean but the menu expensive. They had a small grocery area, too. I wasn't too impressed, actually but they've only been open 3 months. Ironically, the next week I had a conference at the Marriott and they were the caterer. (replacing Lower East Side). The catering was PHENOMENAL. I could start another post about how annoying it is to be at a conference and watch everyone eating the great food while you open an airline meal kosher experience, so let's say my expectations were exceeded. Schnitzel was great, food on real plates, with real silverware, wedding-worthy desserts, etc. So I'm confused why the menu items were not so great, but then the catering was excellent.
Ole' Gourmet was also great. I didn't go to the restaurant. I had tried to order kosher food from Lower East side to deliver to the hotel our retreat was at. They dropped the ball and offered no apologies. So I did a quick search and found that Ole Gourmet delivers. I figured with the dairy/falafel menu it wouldn't be good, but it was excellent.
Another odd point, but I saw a press release for a Holiday Inn that was going to have a kosher kitchen, etc. ( But we drove there, and no one seemed to know where the kosher food was to be had . Luckily we were minutes from Kosher Culinary and just continued on.

Sep 07, 2008
Levial in Kosher

looking for a kosher resturant in queens for a first date.

Nu? I'd like to know how the date went!

Aug 05, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Clubhouse- how are the steaks?

Here's the report.
The atmosphere is cool - very hip, downtown feel. I was excited by the menu prices, some good options. The duck empanadas were good, but how can you screw up a deep fried dumpling?

Otherwise, there were some disappointments that were mild to moderate. My husband ordered the steak special. Hangar steak. It was too salty. Now we're salt lovers, so it had to be pretty bad if he asked me to try it to see if it was salty. The waiter said "all hangar steak is salty" but took it back. I gave him some gentle feedback that if it is "all salty" then that would be good to tell patrons up front (Are you related to the deer family? Because eating this steak is like a salt lick...) He changed for the ribeye but it was not flavorful. And at that point, 20 minutes later, we'd finished the other meals and you're just not into eating anything anymore. I ordered the french dip.

The hilarious only in new york thing was the waiter, again. Typically the french dip sandwiches in small kosher venues in Cleveland or Florida that I have had involved a DIP of gravy. If there was not a small boat of some sauce, they poured it over. Essentially a hot roast beef with gravy sandwich, right? Ok, so I asked if he forgot the dip for the sandwich. He then snootily replied that "au jus" in French means "in its own juice." and brought me some kind of gravy. I looked it up on Wikipedia and he's right but all he had to do was when I was ordering it (or am I a complete RUBE who needs culinary education???) perhaps say "at Clubhouse, au jus is meat cooked in its own juice, and I can bring you gravy on the side if you'd like" OR if he wants to start a revolution, change the name on the menu and indicate that Americans expect a french dip to have a place to dip the sandwich, so either change the name or change the sandwich offering.

Not sure I'd come back unless I had run out of options in Midtown..

Aug 01, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Clubhouse- how are the steaks?

I looked at the Menu for Clubhouse and there is a 27$ ribeye and a $18 Clubhouse steak. Anyone try the steaks? How was the quality?

Or should I just face facts that we need to go to Prime Grill?

Jul 28, 2008
Levial in Kosher

trader joe kosher products

at the one in Woodmere/Beachwood, OH location they had a list of all products with heckshers - and it was a staggering list.

Jul 24, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Thirty-Six in Aventura

Is that the one that is now in "Carol's Place" location? If yes, it's unremarkable.

Jul 21, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Sarah's Tent - Bankrupcy?

I heard from a contact that they heard Sarah's tent in Miami was bankrupcy filing? Any news from those of you in Miami? It's not my favorite place but they definitely have the selection...

Jun 18, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Kosher in Ohio??

In Cleveland, Ungar's on South Taylor is great they get a lot from Israel in the baked goods area. Big box discounters, such as BJs and Sam's club here in Florida have their things out already. I suggest you do a Sunday drive up to Cleveland to the Beachwood/Cleveland Heights area. The important thing to note (as one who has to go to Miami now to get supplies from Tampa) is that you need to take your recipes out, think about the week and really remember the staples you will need that you can't find last minute.

Mar 06, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Vegetable Garden

I travel from Tampa occassionally to work at our company's office close to the old location. It so happens I stayed at the Westin in Times Square this trip due to availability and my quest for more starpoints...I went to Bagels and Plus this morning and talked to Avi. It sounds like he was ready to close on a new location and to reopen that Monday and a few days before the new place didn't work out and wanted more money. But everything is for good. The bagels were just as good as the old location and as a bonus, there is sushi. Having just had a $9 california roll at Abigael's last night that was nothing to write home about, I would say that at $5.35 it is a good deal.(We just won't tell my husband in case the california rolls don't make it past TSA or ahem, my lunch hour. He will still do delivery if you're a tourist like me and can't hoof it more than a few blocks in the cold on a lunch hour. I wish them well, every time I visit the food is always fresh, high quality and a competitive price so my non kosher friends don't complain.

Mar 05, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Monter au Beurre without Beurre?

I read of a caterer whose secret it was to use margarine and add to it the pareve butter flavored powder (must be a salt-free margarine with some of the pareve butter flavor powders being so salty) for a more authentic taste.

I have done similar sauces. Some of the margarines have better flavors than others - Mothers' brand, when melted, has a slight fishy taste, whereas Smart Balance is better tasting but can be watery.

Feb 22, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Boro Park recommendations

I went to Orchidea- it was fabulous. Dairy, sushi. Looked like the W hotel inside. Very hip.

Feb 11, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Any suggestions for GOOD kosher wine?

I third the recommendation of Jeunesse. We love it and it's not too dry.

Feb 05, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Kosher in New Orleans?

That is so ironic that you say that - it is exactly what I ordered and it was delicious. But it did cause confusion amongst the non-Jewish colleagues as it read "KOSHER SHRIMP" on the outside of the wrapper.

Feb 05, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Kosher in New Orleans?

I am traveling for the day; assume I will have to have lunch brought in from Metarie - any suggestions (I'll be downtown by superdome)


Jan 30, 2008
Levial in Kosher


It just depends- remember the workers rotate so it is possible that the person serving the burgers then goes on to another place in the park and in several months had not had a kosher request.
I've eaten at Lower East Side Kosher - it's typical for a small community trying to please all tastes restaurant. Typically there are things that sound good on the menu and they don't have it that day or that sounded good and weren't, and if you stick to fried food, you're safe. Friends from Miami said that the hasgacha is not recommended, but I have not investigated/gone since then. They do deliver to hotels, so you could brown bag it to disney, but weighing the cost (and having had them cater my meal for my company's event at the Marriott) I'd say having a hot meal of a burger, not having to schlep the meal is nicer.
My recommendation is that you 1.) know which restaurant has the kosher option in each park. Previous posts have covered this. 2.) Don't go at 12 noon. Go early - like 11 or 1130, then it takes 4 or 5 minutes (unless you are a large party and then multiply out the deal).
I had done the pre-pay/preorder thing so we could sit down in a restaurant. The lasagna was good, the brisket was ok. It was just nice to be at a theme restaurant.
The popsicle stands are good options, they list the hecksher on the sign, and I believe last visit I had something cold and pareve.
I've not been to Ole Cafe as it is almost 40 minute drive from the exit for Disney (plus the 30 mins to get to your car!)
I've not tried Noah's Ark to deliver to a hotel yet - but that might be an option, too.

Jan 22, 2008
Levial in Kosher

Kosher sandwiches at NYC airports

Sabra salads spotted near the Continental gates at EWR. I think it was the A&B rootbeer place that had the hummus and chips pack.

Dec 19, 2007
Levial in Kosher


My Miami picks- Cinne Citta or whatever it is spelled in Sunny Isles. Dairy Italian.
China Bistro in Aventura for sushi is decent, but Bon Ami in Hollywood is the best.

The mexican you can find at Prime 18 in Aventura- when prime grill sold the new owners did a combo restaurant. Not so much, but if you're craving - enjoy.

PS we really enjoyed prepay at Tower 41 despite feeling out of place.

Dec 19, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Israel dining questions

Was there for the Hagim. I tried eLuna and it was inconsistent. We were staying near Raanana, and found a few good picks:

1.) Bruno's in Azrieli Mall- cool NY vibe, full bar, elegant middle-eastern fare
2.)Alhambra in Yaffo. Lots of celebs keeping a low profile there - impeccable.
3.) Raanana- dairy Italian - La Toscana.
4.) Sushi- Yoko Uno in Ramat Gan

I didn't get to try the kosher Spaghettim near the diamond district but have heard good things.

Dec 19, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Kosher/Israeli shopping in Queens

A to Z kosher on Union Turnpike had a lot of things, and the cheeses were impressive. My husband is Israeli and he was impressed.

Dec 19, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Latkes shipped

Chag sameah - did you find a source?

Dec 05, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Miami area suggestions

I have taken my 2 year old to most of the venues you've described. The biggest challenge I've had is the fact that some kosher restaurants have less than stellar service for your needs (my needs with a toddler are: feed me fast, get me the bill fast, bringing extras like a marascino cherry or an origami something get you a big tip). It makes us feel like commando guerillas who are demanding to be fed and leave when the kitchen is just getting around to reading the order.

It will be some of a challenge to get things the baby likes (i.e. we'd like veggies for her that are not in a salad dressing or she doesn't do well with crispy hot chicken nuggest because she has to look at them for 2 minutes while waiting to eat them)
I'll share as well the following best practices: For us, they key is preparation:
1.) Chosing a good time (i.e. not 7pm when we are all hungry, she's getting close to bedtie, and the restaurant is busy)
2.) Chosing a good location. When you go and it's not busy, you can sit anywhere (better table for a high chair or booster seat)
3.) Element of surprise. I've spent $30 at the $1 store in Target and stock up on goodies that are "new" to her and keep her busy. Crayons and Playdough are always with us.
4.) When in doubt, abandon ship, but only as a last resort: If I take Hannah for a walk at the beginning she expects to run around the restaurant the whole time (not cool with me or other guests!). If I wait until the last wiggly moment (we've finished and are waiting for the bill or both my husband and I had a few bites and one of us sacrifices and takes her for 2-5 mins while the other one eats and then switches).

Bissaleh was great.Lul is ok, but the service last two times was frustrating. Cine Citta was tasty and service was slow, but worth it for the food (and the little "main street" was good for Hannah when she fidgets).

Dec 05, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Latkes shipped

Tampa is not so far from Orlando. Sylvia's catering (call the JCC of Tampa, she's also the one who does the Weinberg Village kosher food) or Jerusalem Cafe. You're 1-1.5 hours drive from us, so perhaps it's do-able?

Nov 30, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Whitefish salad in Orlando

Welcome to Florida. The publix in Tampa has some (located in the dairy section by the horseradish, usually) so I assume you might as well. Sometimes the stores put it near the smoked salmon. Or consider the 1 hour-ish drive to come by Tampa to pick some supplies up.

Nov 19, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Anything new in Miami?

Pomegranate in Boca was awful. Pedestrian, overpriced. And the dessert was tasteless. (Did I mention there was just one dessert option - a chocolate cake that even lots of sauce couldn't save)

I should have worried when they answered the phone "The NEW Pomegranate." They had two other patrons on a Sunday night at 7pm. Waste of a drive.

Lul was on the way down to SoBe and was typical Israeli grill poor service, but food tasted ok.

Oct 29, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Anything new in Miami?

We just arrived, staying in the Westin Diplomat - near Aventura, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach. Have car, willing to travel for a good meal.

Anything new? Anything must-try?
(Have been to China Bistro, Bissaleh, Prime 18, Cinne Ciatta or however it is spelled)

Oct 28, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Kosher in Whippany, NJ near Marriott

Is there anything nearby and open - I don't get in to Newark until 9pm - which means by 9:30/10 I'd be in the hotel - what are my options for delivery or dine in in the area. (Oh, and it'll be a Monday night if it matters)

Sep 11, 2007
Levial in Kosher

best restaurant in miami beach/south beach

Ok, I am just getting to know the area myself. We stayed at a Sheraton on Miami Beach and there was a place, Tower 41 which did pre-paid shabbat meals. It was a feast and delicious. It was in a condominium/apartment building. I have not been to the chinese restaurant in that hotel someone mentioned but I hear that is also good. (not sure if you consider chinese a nice restaurant...but thought to mention). If you could do a drive to Surfside, there are a few options - close to the Bal Harbor Mall - Cine Citta cafe, is a dairy italiam place that was great with nice atmosphere when we went. A while back I found this website from a shul - you'd have to check your own heckshers, but the phone numbers are furnished and you might find other venues on there too (

Aug 07, 2007
Levial in Kosher

Need help with Bar Mitzvah menu

From the kosher wasteland of Tampa, let me weigh in. Whatt'ya do? You do what any self-respecting ballabustre does. You do your best. Within reason. As my friend said about the modest dairy buffet at my wedding..."you lucky duck. You've got your down payment for your house..and cake too!"
A note. Start making friends, help others out when needed... You must assemble your troops with a deposit of good deeds ahead of time (get help! thank you note and small gift later...)
You plan something for the MILs or adults (Rose's makes a great sour apple martini mix with an OU, btw) and you have a kid pleaser like pizza or hot dogs in a blanket. With a "candy bar" or other distraction, who will care if the pizza is cold, or if you didn't serve meat? As the above person remarked, it's about the rest of your kid's life, not about whether there was meat or dairy!

In BJ's, Sam's and Costco there should be a hot dog in a blanket, quiche, dips, smoken salmon, frozen breads, etc. or other frozen delicacy. You should take a lengthy tour with the hecksher result in mind. For example, in BJs, the frozen baked goods from "headquarters" are kof K, and most are pareve...except the cakes. So if you bake the rolls in shul, you've got Pas Israel bread if that's important. Or you have a OU - D cake! As others have remarked, the hecksher's the thing - if you are OU-D or Cholov Israel that changes things, as well as the kitchen policy of th place you're doing it at.
And finally, a case study: The last two Bat Mitzvahs I have attended here were dairy. The menu was something like this:
Kiddush on Shabbat in Shul
Hummus, dips such as avocado/guacamole type
Deli meat, egg salad, tuna salad
Challah rolls
Vegetarian Cholent
Brownies, cakes, fruit platter

Motzei shabbos: for the kids and friends at Jcc...
Fish rolled, stuffed with bread crumbs
Rice Pilaf
Pasta/ Lasagna (PJ's note above is especially germane)
Pizza (a kid pleaser)
Summer squash (zuccini, yellow squash, herbed butter sauce)
Garlic Bread
Signed, Holding the Kosher Fort in Tampa

Jun 11, 2007
Levial in Kosher