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ISO The Best Croissants in the Philadelphia Area

Four Worlds Bakery in West Philly makes wonderful croissants (and exceptional bagels and challah as well)

Oct 25, 2011
rachel b in Philadelphia

sourdough loaves in Philly or Main Line?

Four Worlds Bakery in W. Philly makes AMAZING sourdough (and many other) breads to order using grains freshly-milled on site. You order in advance and he bakes your bread and delivers it to your selected pick-up site on the designated day. I pick up on Fridays in Horsham but there are numerous pick-up sites/days in various sections of town.

Dec 11, 2009
rachel b in Pennsylvania

Noburu in Montgomeryville?

Noticed a new place last weekend on 309 near 202 in Montgomeryville called Noburu- anyone have any more info? It looked like the front of the building said sushi buffet but it's set back a bit behind some shops so I didn't get a clear view.

Dec 10, 2009
rachel b in Philadelphia

Don Memo

ROCK ON-- can't wait to go! As someone with no biases towards the owner, I will say that if the restuarant is even half as good as the little cart it will still be the best Mexican food in the Philly area. My mouth is watering on my keyboard... thanks for the info and menu!

Jul 10, 2008
rachel b in Pennsylvania

Don Memo

Do you have any additional details on this? The website for the restaurant at the address on the map ("Sol") says it serves Cuban and Venezuelan cuisine rather than Mexican... I am going through serious carnitas burrito withdrawl!

Jul 07, 2008
rachel b in Pennsylvania