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Help me choose among res options for last minute anniversary dinner

Thanks so much for the ZZ's suggestion (though no availability that works for us) and for the Kyo Ya al la carte review.

Husband wants to go to PDT, though on Sat night I don't think it's worth the bother if he doesn't get a res by phone. I did PDT and Pouring Ribbons my last trip, and preferred the latter. PR also seemed like it would be easier to get into. Still true? Amor y Amargo and Death & Co also on my list, but haven't looked into the difficulty of getting in to either yet. I used to really like Angel's Share but haven't been in years. Oh, and we've been to Pegu and would go again.

Have updated the dinner options somewhat since last night. Think we're down to Kyo Ya (at 9 so maybe cocktail before dinner) or a new place, Sachi, that's by our hotel. Good pedigrees and good yelp reviews so far, new enough to get into. We could go as soon as I get in, and then head out for drinks. We also can get in to Jungsik at 9:30 and do drinks first, but not sure if I'm up for a big menu that late.

Wild card is that Per Se put a Sunday lunch res up on Opentable last night. Need to decide in next day or 2 whether we want to forego our Sunday plans of shopping and art for all afternoon eating. Vs. doing regular brunch at one of several good options--brunch looks pretty open. It's one place on my list that I've never been (I've had 3/4-worth of an EMP experience, with pregnancy-related food substitutions and no wine).

Oct 19, 2014
dreatx in Manhattan

Help me choose among res options for last minute anniversary dinner

My husband and I made a last minute decision to take an overnight trip to Manhattan next Saturday the 25th for our anniversary. We did not plan far enough in advance to try for Per Se, EMP, etc. and lots of other places on my radar were fully booked as well. Right now I'm holding reservations at Kyo Ya (bar only, a la carte because menu sold out); Degustation; Mas (farmhouse); and Tocqueville. I've eaten at a number of the name places in NYC but my work travel there dried up a couple of years ago so my info isn't current (and was never local). Any advice? I'd like to let the extra res go ASAP.

If none of these options garner strong endorsements, also open to ideas for places that don't take reservations. My husband will be arriving a couple hours ahead of me and doesn't mind going ahead to put our name in somewhere while I'm in transit.

We're from Austin so we're not interested in even the best Mexican option. Lower Manhattan generally, and the East Village specifically, preferred because we're interested in some cocktail bars in the area. But being in the same area all night is not worth missing a great dinner if we can pull something together despite our late start.

Thanks everyone--

Oct 18, 2014
dreatx in Manhattan

Dinner Reccs for Solo Traveler in Seattle

I will coming to Seattle from Austin later this month for a 3-day weekend. I'm looking for reccs on places where it's comfortable for a solo diner to eat alone, preferably at the bar. I won't be able to head out until 8 or so on Thursday, but can eat earlier on Friday and Saturday if that opens up bar dining options that wouldn't be so great as things get crowded later in the evening. Please just let me know if timing is an option with one of your reccs. I will be staying downtown, so restaurants in that area are preferable. I read a thread from a few months ago on which several people recommended Harvest Vine, so that's already on the list (and I understand that it's not DT). Thanks!

Jul 07, 2008
dreatx in Pacific Northwest