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New to DE

Well here is the weekend update.
We tried to go to Attillio's... they are on vacation.
So. We had to go out to Newark, so we drove along the Kirkwood Hghwy until we saw something interesting... Himalaya Indian was it.
They had a buffet. Food was very good. The garlic naan that came with the buffet was outstanding. It was definitely the best Indian meal I have had in a long while

We live very close to Tasty Thai, and got food there when we were moving in. It was very good. I seem to remember thinking the portions were not terribly large for the money (I expect to get a lot of meals out of one take out order I guess) but we will certainly be going back.

Had dinner at Stewart's Brewing too a couple weeks ago and had a good meal. Typical pub stuff which was perfect.


Aug 01, 2007
kdibble in Mid-Atlantic

New to DE

We moved from Southern Colorado. Six years before that we were in Ct.

Glad you mentioned the Charcoal Pit. I saw them all over and knew I would have to try them out.
May go to Attilios tomorrow. Headed up that way anyway. I will have to remember to go back in spring time when they have smelts. I have never had them, but my Mom used to talk about going smelting as a kid in Mich.
And also thanks for mentioning Rock Hall. We plan to go down that way on a road trip soon just to see what's there.
As for Buckleys, we happened to go there a few times when we were looking for a house. It was just convenient place on the way home (to our rental place in West Chester)
THanks again. I will let you know how it goes in the future.

Jul 27, 2007
kdibble in Mid-Atlantic

New to DE

Just moved to Christiana. We need some places to try. We dont mind driving an hour or so on nice days
Any Indian or Thai
We need a couple good seafood places
Good pubs
Anything place that is an area icon. (any roadside place over 30 years old fits this bill)
Anything else that should not be missed.


Jul 26, 2007
kdibble in Mid-Atlantic

Need a Upstate NY Board

The Tri-state doesnt cut it. Buffalo is as far from Greenwich as you can get.

Jul 30, 2006
kdibble in Site Talk

Niagara Falls-Buffalo-Finger Lakes


We will be heading up to Niagara Falls via the Finger Lakes and Buffalo.

I am looking for suggestions on where to get a Roast Beef on kimiwick while in the area.

Also, is there anywhere I can get a Lake Perch dinner while in the area?

THanks for the help.