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Why are there such disparate reviews of Tomi Kro?

you misunderstood me...sorry
I meant I guess we have just gone earlier in the week when it is not super busy, therefore not loud

Oyster knife?

How about Nella or Nickolau (sp) they are restaurant supply stores open to the public.

Why are there such disparate reviews of Tomi Kro?

Tomi-Krow is one of my fave restaurants in the city. I celebrate most special events there, and have been a long time fan. Maybe it is the nights I go, never on the weekend, but I have always had great service and great food and it has also never been too loud, so maybe you just have to pick your days!

Edward Levesque's Kitchen

I too can say the is hit or miss and I just cannot support someone who can be so rude to his guests and his staff. I can say that I have witnessed this firsthand as a former employee at the beginning,

Larkspur...a canadian chow looking to dine!

went to Picco for dinner...was great! Had the kona kampachi was great, the risotto and the skate, which was ok.
Talks of going to Saboro of Spain tonight...anyone have any recos on that place.
Thanks for all your advice!

Larkspur...a canadian chow looking to dine!

Hi there am in Larkspur for business and looking for a good place to eat! I am a foodie and am want to enjoy my 2 dinners in town.
Thanks fellow chows!

Shochu Cocktails?

Table 17, on Queen East serves it up!

Which wineries are worth visiting at NOTL?

If you are going to the Bench I highly recommend Tawse...they are one of my faves....I prefer the smaller boutique like wineries! They do a great riesling and cab franc, and the Echos Red (bordeaux blend) is a personal fav!

Nice dinner, near Cloyne?

thanks...i figured it would be slim pickings...but I thought I would ask! But I do have to ask...what is the rock?

Peterborough to Kawarthas: Food Finds?

looking for a nice spot near CLoyne, any suggestions?

Nice dinner, near Cloyne?

I know its kinda in the middle of no where, but my fiancee and I are renting a cottage up there for our honeymoon and I would like to have a nice dinner one night. Any recos would be great!
Or anywhere around there