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Recommendations for restaurants around St Lawrence Market that are open Monday

I have a friend who is visiting town and needs to stay around the St Lawrence area tonight (Monday). Does anybody know a good (not too expensive, please) place to eat in the area that is open on a Monday?

Nov 03, 2014
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lactose Free Cheeses: Do They Exist?

I can attest to the adaptability. I used to keep two bags of milk going, one that was treated (for when I was going out soon) and one that wasn't. I kept that up for a couple of years and when I switched to organic milk I found that I could handle it without treating (unless I drank to excess). Standard commercial milk caused me trouble but for some reason organic was much easier on my system.

Unfortunately I moved in with my sister who exclusively drinks treated commercial milk and I started drinking that. When I tried drinking untreated milk I found my tolerance had gone way down again. It takes time to build up the tolerance and you apparently have to actively maintain it. I can understand why most people wouldn't want to subject themselves to the discomfort when there are other options.

Jan 31, 2011
rael in Special Diets

South Asian grocers west of Yonge?

I'm looking for a good Indian or Pakistani grocery store between Yonge and Dufferin, south of Bloor if possible. I'm willing to go out of that area a bit, but Little India is a bit too far a journey for convenience sake. In particular I'm looking for fresh Roti Paratha so if there are other places you can get some in the designated area I'd be grateful. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2008
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Takoyaki downtown

I can't compare the different places but if you're downtown you might want to try the Okonomi House on Charles St between Yonge and Bay.

Jan 25, 2008
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Senegalese food

I just got back from a dance night at a restaurant in Kensington. It's a second floor location at 159 Augusta called Teranga. It looks like a nice little place with African paintings and wooden masks lining the walls. One of the cards on a table said it served Senegalese food but I never got a chance to peruse a menu. Has anybody ever gone to Teranga, or barring that, know what Senegalese food is like?

May 12, 2007
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dufferin Grove Market

Yes, it's Choco Sol. I thought it was South American, but maybe it was Mexican and I just remembered incorrectly. Maybe I'm mixed up because of the Mayan flavour hot chocolate. Their chocolate is a bit grainy and their powder is a rough powder not a fine one. But it seems like everything is done more or less by hand and it seems more "real", if you know what I mean.

Apr 13, 2007
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dufferin Grove Market

I visit the market a lot, although I've missed the last few. It's a market that focuses on Organic food. It's more expensive on the whole than some other markets, but most of the vendors sell naturally grown and self made products and it shows. I don't pay a lot of attention to names so can only describe them from where they set up and what they sell. There's a good list of vendors at the Dufferin Grove site here:

Not all vendors are there every week. The market is always bigger in the late summer when all the produce is coming in and the other vendors come to take advantage of the crowds. I'll try to touch generally on those that I've seen most often.

There are a couple of produce vendors year round. There are more in the summer when the market moves outside and there's room for all. Of the ones there in winter, the one that sets up outside brings in mostly their own grown produce, while the one inside has things that are probably bought elsewhere and brought to market. They both sell organic produce, but I think the one outside is more exclusive about that. Their prices are higher than St Lawrence's North Market, but I think that's in part due to the organic process. One of the vendors sells apple cider in the late summer that I look forward to all year long. This portion of the market really picks up in the summer and autumn. When the market is out in the park instead of by the ice rink, they can spread out and bring more with them. The variety and quality is wonderful then, although everything is very much seasonal. I love going every week to see what new things have been harvested.

There are a few butcher vendors. One sells venison exclusively, another chicken and game meats (boar, elk, etc.), and the last your more standard pork and beef. All of them are organic/free range and you can taste the difference. The pork and beef (plus related products like bacon, sausage, etc.) is more expensive but very nice. But the meat is mostly packaged and frozen and sold out of coolers, so it's not as fresh as you might find at St Lawrence.

There's a sheep milk product vendor who brings cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt. A new vendor is there I haven't tried that brings smoked fish. They come from up north by Georgian Bay and look like they do everything home style.

There are a couple of bakeries, one of which brings in their own array of breads. They have a good variety of artisan breads. The other uses the ovens at Dufferin Grove and produces a limited but very fresh array of breads. The Rosemary bread is wonderful, and if you time your visit just right, you may end up walking away with a warm loaf. In summer I've sat on a bench and ate chunks of that bread immediately after buying it, and there's nothing like a taste of fresh out of the oven loaf.

There are a few dessert vendors, one does soy, another fair trade chocolate. The chocolate vendor is in partnership with South American farmers, and sells cacao beans (raw and roasted), a rough ground powder, and their own chocolate chunks and drinks that are usually very pure (no milk mixed in, but just spices or amaranth as a thickener) They often have a pot of hot chocolate going at the market, and I believe everything they sell is vegan.

The honey vendor is always there, but I find his products on the expensive side compared to the St Lawrence North Market and he usually only has one variety. There's a vendor that sells olive oil (you can re-fill your own bottles from their keg), some cheese (feta usually) and a very limited supply of farm eggs. They sell out of their eggs pretty quickly so you need to go early. Next to them is a small vendor that sells home made perogies and cabbage rolls among other things. There's usually a hot food vendor there every week, but more in the summer when people wander through the park.

Basically, it's open year round, but is best in the summer and autumn. It's somewhat expensive but if you want natural and/or homey small batch products it's fantastic.

Apr 12, 2007
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

I saw the last few threads, but they all discuss downtown locations for the most part. I know Brampton has a large Indian population, and I was curious if Brampton is to downtown Indian food as Markham is to downtown Chinese.

Jan 11, 2007
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Having just read through the downtown butter chicken thread I thought I'd ask. Where can you find the best butter chicken?

Is the Little India area over on Gerrard the best? Or can you find places way better in Brampton? My friends adore Indian Rice Factory's butter chicken, if that's any indication.

We're willing to go to Brampton but not much further. Any recommendations?

Jan 10, 2007
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where in Toronto can I find unbleached flour for rolls?

Tutti Frutti in Kensington carries Unbleached Soft and Unbleached Hard in bulk. Hard flour is higher in gluten and is sometimes called "bread flour" so could be what you're looking for.

Nov 29, 2006
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

yummiest pho

Rua Vang is down the street from where my roommate and I live and we love it. I think my roommate gets take out there at least a couple times a week!

There's a place called Kim Hung (not Pho Hung) on Spadina which all my friends and I are fond of. Their pho is great as is their veggie plates (my roommate being a vegetarian) and is proclaimed by all to be the best place for Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Sadly it's closing at the end of the month so we're trying to get in as many visits as we can in the next week.

Jul 21, 2006
rael in Ontario (inc. Toronto)