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Rivue of Louisville, KY

Sorry, I don't drink wine. I only drink beer in which Rivue had a very small but wonderful selection. I also dined at Proof. I will be posting about that soon.

Rivue of Louisville, KY

Not sure where people put Louisville, KY in terms of location, but it is know as the "Gateway to the South," so I consider it the Midwest.

Anyways, I had what possibly could be my second best dining experience at the well-know Rivue Restaurant.

Location is atop the Galt House Hotel which is located right along the Ohio River in downtown. The hotel looks like something built in the late 60s or early 70s. However the atmosphere of Rivue is excellent.

Like I mentioned before it is located on the top floor. The interior is a black and white theme. The linens are both black and white. As you enter you must walk through the lounge which has nice comfortable couches and tables to share drinks and appetizers.

The dining room has a formal look to it, but like many restaurants these days, there were people with denim on and hats on (I hate that). The most awesome part is the two rotating dining rooms that overlook the river.

Anyways the average price of the menu is $25-$35 an entree I had a wonderful pasta dish called CAPELLI D’ANGELO.

The pasta consists of Sautéed scallops, lobster, Dungeness crabmeat and jumbo shrimp in a dry sherry infused Thermidor cream sauce on a bed of spinach tagliatelle pasta. Everything tasted wonderful Service was prompt and friendly.

I can't lie. The best part was that I ate at Rivue on the 4th of July and my girlfriend and I watched fireworks from the rotating room. It was awesome.

Tarantinos: A hidden jem on Armitage

I really appreciate the posts on this site. I have gained some knowledge about restaurants and food. The downside is that not everyone shares the same taste and for me service counts along with quality for my posts.

Anyways, I have found the best way to enjoy a dining experience along with the food is to just roam around until I am hungry. That is exactly what my girlfriend and I did this past Saturday. We happened to stumble upon Tarantinos in Lincoln Park. It is on Armitage road.

The atmosphere was typical fine/casual. The style of food was Italian/American. The restaurant was small, but seating was adequate and as we entered we were greeted by both a manager and hostess. We did not have reservations, but made some for a half an hour later. This worked out perfect. We looked over the menu and saw that the food items were priced between $15 and $30.

My girlfriend had the Tilapia and I had the Brocolini Sausage Ravioli in a garlic olive oil with a side of rosemary whipped potatoes.

The ravioli was excellent and the sausage had a spicy kick to it. The brocolini was steamed and easy to chew. I thought the sauce was a perfect alternative to the white whine/ alfreado cream sauces that I usually get. The potatoes were filling, but came across as light an fluffy. They were very tasty as well.

The service was excellent. Our waitress was timely and friendly. The food was not rushed, but timed just perfectly. Nothing worse than having your entree dropped right on top of your appetizer. I had a New Castle (Fail safe beer). My girlfriend had a mangotini.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great meal with fair prices and a short wait time. Hope this was helpful.

Jun 08, 2009
king_patton in Chicago Area

Sushi in Chi Town

Oysy is the name of the place and Sushi was the taste (ha!). Anyways among the stops on my recent adventure to Chicago was a good Sushi place. Now understand I have never been to Chicago, I had a limited budget, and I did not really want to leave downtown.

I ended up be pointed in the direction of Oysy. This is apparently a chain in town. I did not know that upon making my reservation which was not needed. My girlfriend and I wanted Sushi at least once. We ended up the the Oysy on Michigan about 1 mile south of the museum of art.
It was neat inside, but very open and the volume of the patrons echoed just like we were in a cafeteria.

Our service was not very good. We ordered drinks and they took a while to arrive and it took about 45 minutes before we got our Sushi. Our server never checked back to see if we wanted drink refills or anything else after serving the food.

Okay with that let's move on to the food. Great. The Sushi was great. We ordered the Winter Sushi and California Sunset which are house specialties. Also we ordered the soft shell crab tempura spider roll, spicy salmon maki, amongst other things. All the Sushi was good. I can't describe it very well or else I might be on Iron Chef. None the less, it was all good.

The prices are on par with most mid-western places so you should not go broke. Of course the specialties are a little more, but what would you expect in the 3rd largest city in the country.

Like I said the atmosphere of this location was okay, but not what I expected. We happened to walk by another Oysy location on Grand Ave. I had to peek inside and it looked more quiet and relaxing. I will go to this location next time I am in town.

Here is the link:

Sep 04, 2008
king_patton in Chicago Area

Joes in Chicago

Yup I am talking about Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab. I had know idea that this was a chain albeit a small one. My girlfriend and I had dinner there last Wednesday evening.

The restaurant was crowded so I suppose the word is already out about this place. Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu. He walked us through everything. The atmosphere or interior of the restaurant was nice. It was louder than I expected. There were some children there which surprised me.

I got the swordfish and she got the scallops. Everything is a la carte and for our side dish we shared the sweet fries (sweet potato fries). Everything was good. My fish was prepared just right and had a lemon flavored sauce on it. The fries were a huge portion and prepared excellently.

The overall experience was good except the noise level was a little high, but some places are just very popular and busy. I will plan on trying Joe's again when I return to Chicago.

P.S. The lounge/bar area just inside the entrance was very cool looking and relaxing. It could be fun just to stop by and have drinks when you are downtown Chicago.

Sep 04, 2008
king_patton in Chicago Area

Best overall restaurant in Miami Valley

I am a couple of weeks late with this post. Sorry, but I have been really busy. Anyways the best overall value in the Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio and surrounding suburbs)is the Winds Cafe.

The Winds Cafe is a fine/casual dining experience. The Winds is located about 20-25 minutes east of Dayton in Yellow Springs.

The last dining experience was both good and bad. I was there with a group of people. Our server was there, but by her attitude did not want to be. Don't worry, I usually have good service, but what can you do.

They start you off with a basket of different breads accompanied with butter. This is better than the usual forcaccia or ciabatta.

I always start off with the black bean soup. It is so good that I get a bowl, but cup sizes are available.

For dinner this night I got the swordfish. The swordfish was wonderful. For dessert I had the chocolate cake which was awesome.

Sorry this was not so detailed, but it h been 3 weeks since I was there. I will tell you that my last two experiences were better than any I had at restaurants in Dayton (Paccia, Cafe Boulevard, or John Henry's r.i.p.).

Mr. Lees Fine Asian Dining in Dayton, Ohio

Hey, I'll bet you have seen the sign for Mr. Lees when heading north on I-75 just north of the Dayton city limits. It has been open for just about a year and is located in the old Cooker building on Poe Ave. next to El Rancho Grande.

The idea of Mr. Lees is to be an upscale Chinese restaurant (whatever that means). Anyways, it was recommended so my girlfriend and I checked it out this past Sunday. It is cute inside. Yeah I said cute or I guess cool.

Anyways the service staff is predominantly american now, but the menu is Chinese with a Sushi Bar just for kicks.

The atmosphere is quiet and the lighting is dim which I approve of. However, this place could be loud if filled to capacity, but like I said this was a Sunday. You can tell the owner has a lot of money because the old Cooker was gutted and this looks nothing like any other restaurant in town. It is a combination of Asian and modern decor.

The menu prices are great. Anyone who eats Chinese food will tell you that the best food can be purchased at local take out places and the meals generally cost between $7 and $9 for dinner portions. Well at Mr. Lees the dinners cost between $11 and $15. Still quite affordable.

For dinner my girlfriend and I started with the calamari which was deep fried and came with an awesome ginger dipping sauce (which I later poured on my white rice. For our main entrees we got a dish with vegetables and white sauce. Her dish had chicken and mine had shrimp. There were about 7 pieces of shrimp and they were large. The sauce was okay, but a little thin. The vegetables included carrots, snow peas, and mushrooms. The entree was descent, but nothing I would write home about.

Overall, I think this place has potential. Our server said the Sushi is very good so I may have to make a return trip. As far fine dining goes, my girlfriend and I were over dressed compared to the majority of the other guests. The place has character and our server did an okay job.

I love how quiet it was, but that also tells you how slow it was. Apparently they do not get a lot of business right now. Also they spend no money on advertising. So I ask all of you to make your way to Mr. Lees and give them a shot. Perhaps more business will encourage them to carry on.

Maybe with the help of my fellow Dayton foodies we can make Mr. Lees into a great fine dining restaurant for the North Dayton area.

Best Sushi in Dayton, OH

Yes I-Zu is still on N. Dixie and there is has never been a wait, even on a Saturday night.

Other Sushi places I have eaten include Sushi Cafe (Miamisburg), Thai Nine (Downtown Dayton), Sake (Beavercreek), and Akashi (Riverside).

Akashi is probably a close second as my favorite, but I still give I-Zu the my personal honors for being the best.

Aug 03, 2008
king_patton in Great Lakes

Pacchia in Dayton, Ohio Good (not so much)

Paccia is a fusion restaurant located in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio. The restaurant has a bar, jazz music, and a cafe. Over the past 6 has gone through and ownership change.
In September of '07 I probably had my finest dining experience ever in Dayton at Paccia.
It was my girlfriends birthday and the food (strip steak) was excellent (no fat, tender, med. rare). The service was great. I was with a party of eight. The server was quick, friendly, and attentive. The manager on duty gave us the most expensive dessert (chocolate sampler plate) as a kind gesture for the birthday girl.

Fast forward to the second week in July, new ownership and new chef. I frequent the coffee shop or cafe because of its locations and hours. I hadn't ate there since last year and though it would be time to try it again. Wow, what a shock. I ate dinner there on Friday night at around 6:30. There was only 3 other tables in the entire restaurant. It was empty. Second they had changed the menu. The prices were lower. The average dropped from $25-30 down to $15-$25.

My creature of habit came out and I got the strip steak ($23) again which was about $5 less than last time. My girlfriend got a pasta dish with red sauce for around $16. Well, I don't know about her food, but my steak was overcooked and I found part of it too be chewy.
It came with an awesome herb butter, potato cakes, and carrots.

Also another big change was the selection of beer. Pacchia used to have around 75 beers to choose from and now they only have about 10-15. This was really disappointing.

Our server was really awkward and at times rambled on a little too much. I know that fine dining with a casual atmosphere seems to be popular these days, but this was a sub par experience and the food was not as good as under the previous owner. If you decide to eat a Pacchia, good luck.

I prefer CoCo's for the money. Take care.

Best Sushi in Dayton, OH

I finally found the best Sushi in the Dayton, Ohio area. It is a little place called I-Zu. It is very small, but quaint. There are about 10 tables in the entire restaurant. It is a Japanese menu, but Sushi is the specialty. You will need to ask the waitress to explain all the different type of rolls.

My favorites include the Dragon Roll, the Tiger Roll, the Spider Roll, and the Rainbow Roll.
The presentation was excellent. I have eaten there twice and the presentation was different and fun each time.

There is only one waitress working, but it has never been crowded when I was dining there. She was very helpful and friendly. The chef came out to check on my dinner once which I thought was a good idea.

Sushi is charged by the roll or dinner depending on which you order. I went with my girlfriend both times and both meals were under forty dollars. It is really affordable. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to eat some great sushi at an affordable price.

Jul 30, 2008
king_patton in Great Lakes

Amazing in Cleveland

I am relatively new to this site and I do not consider myself a foodie, yet. Anyways I had one of the best dining experiences at the Blue Point in Cleveland. The Blue Point is a fine dining seafood restaurant in the Warehouse District. The menu offers and array of Seafood items.

To start off with I had the "Sweet Hot Calamari" which is lightly breaded with cashews and BBQ. It was amazing. The calamari was so flavorful that no dipping sauce was needed.

For the main course I had the "Nags Head Grouper." This was cooked to perfection and as a side it came with Lobster Mash which was to die for. The sauce and spinach were very good.

On top of the wonderful food, I received excellent service. Our server was timely and prompt. Our food was spaced out adequately. She was quick with refills and did not bother myself or my date with talk. She was knowledgeable about the menu and wines as well.

P.S. The presentation was great. As I looked around at all the food being taken out to the tables, I always notice how it looks. The chef must take pride in the presentation, but on top of that the quality is excellent.

The restaurant was clean and quiet. I was sat near the cooks line, but it was not a distraction. The manager and hostess staff were friendly and obviously have good communication to make sure guests are seated in a comfortable area and timely manner.

The only small complaint I had was that towards the end of my dining experience a group of people came into the restaurant with jeans and t-shirts on. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy all the way, but I can respect a restaurants policy of "proper attire." I was wearing a suit that I had just purchased. I do not think owners should relax on these rules. It tends to make for louder environments which can ruin a perfectly good date.

Anyways, I love Blue Point and recommend it to anyone who goes to or is in Cleveland. I can't wait to write another post. See ya.