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large farmer's market va/md/wv/pa

Thanks everyone for the info. I really enjoyed the mushroom discussion. We are excited to check out the Dutch and JFX markets.

Long live mega farmer's markets in the upper midwest!

large farmer's market va/md/wv/pa

this is exactly what i am looking for, just not 2.5 hrs away. how can a metro area of 8 million not have a huge farmer's market with reasonable prices and a deep selection of ethnic vegetables?

large farmer's market va/md/wv/pa

this is what I was raised on:

it is hard for me to believe farmer's markets are larger and so much more diverse than here on the coast

large farmer's market va/md/wv/pa

we are from the upper midwest where there are real farmer's markets, e.g. more than 10-15 stalls. can anyone recommend a mega farmer's market with ethnic vegetable seller's? thanks much.

looking for unpastuerized apple cider

hello, can you please recommend orchards in va/wv/md/pa that sell unpastuerized apple cider? thanks in advance.

Bad Experience w/Indique Heights

At this weekend's Folk Life Festival, Indique Heights had the concession contract to provide meals for the Bhutan pavillion. My vegetarian meal was fine, especially the red and white rice. But my wife's pork dumplings were accompanied with salsa which is not native to Bhutan as far as we know. I'd be interested to know if others had salsa with their Momo or because it was the afternoon on the last day they just ran out of sauce.