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what to order: dishes with Sichuan peppercorns

I love the spicy crispy tofu (extra spicy, numbing) at Joe's Noodle in Rockville.

Anybody got suggestions for the best spicy crispy tofu dishes at other restaurants or for other dishes with those awesome numbing peppercorns at both Joe's or other places?

Pizza in Derwood (Rockville/Gaithersburg)

I just moved to Derwood and I am looking for:

--Chicago-style pizza (like Gino's East, not Unos. Giordano's would be an acceptable alternative)

--high-quality delivery pizza of any type (in particular, the kind with good cheese that doesn't leave you feeling like your nostrils are caked with grease for two hours after eating)

groceries in Rockville/Gaithersburg

Looking for:

cheese (varied selection and good price, other than Trader Joe's or Whole Foods; I know to get feta from Yekta or Sam's in Rockville but am looking for European cheese)

reasonably priced fresh fish (I am open to Chinese market suggestions but I haven't been happy with the fish at Grandmart or Maxim 'cause the fish isn't as fresh as I'm used to from the coastal southeast)

fresh pasta (ready-made to cook at home)

green peppercorns on the stalk (like the kind Mai Thai puts in their Sauteed Lemongrass)

Rockville/Gaithersburg boulangerie/patisserie

I'm having no luck finding European breads or pastries in the Rockville/Gaithersburg area. Yasaman has some passable-but-not-phenomenal French pastries but nothing comparable to their (delectable) Persian ones. The Russian market over by Joe's Noodle has some tasty breads -- but not what I'm looking for. The chains are the chains (La Madeleine, Whole Foods). Everything remotely European seems to be in Virginia...or Patisserie Poupon (which to be honest I'm not that fond of). I understand I should check out Praline in Bethesda but I'm really looking for things closer to Gaithersburg. Is this a lost cause or is there a gem lurking somewhere that google just can't uncover?