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Going to Armando's Again This Weekend -- What Topping to Get?

Personally, I don't like Armando's eggplant. It's breaded and fried. I like just straight mushroom. It's not like it's a gourmet place with fancy toppings, so best to keep it simple. Mushroom and onion?

Nov 10, 2006
marinade in Greater Boston Area

Independent doughnut shops in Boston or nearby?

I also recommend Verna's cinnamon donuts -- a variation on the plain donut. I don't like non-crunchy variety like jelly so much there.

Aug 22, 2006
marinade in Greater Boston Area

Boston Organics Wild Blueberries

I got the 1/2 pint of those wild blueberries in my box this week and agree. They were great. My first thought was, wait, I taste that fake blueberry flavor! Maybe I never had real blueberries?? Must have developed the formulas for those fake fruit flavors back before they engineered fruit to travel well.

Aug 19, 2006
marinade in Greater Boston Area

Does restaurant week food suck or just Aquitaine's

I went to Aquitaine for dinner last night and was disappointed. My husband had been there once for lunch and loved it that one time, but after this dinner it just felt like a badly spent $100.

I had:
- boring, under-dressed salad with tiny bit of goat cheese in it
- Duck that was fine, with actually tasty sides of parsnip puree and parsley salad
- decent, but boring chocolate mousse (no choice of dessert).

So before I try to get a reservation for Rialto next week, do restaurants give you what you pay for on the cheapo restaurant week menu or is it always like that at Aquitaine?

Aug 17, 2006
marinade in Greater Boston Area

Puzzling experience at Christina's ice cream last night....

I am in love with their fresh mint ice cream.

Also their hot fudge tasts like it's made with dark vahlrona (sp?) chocolate or something -- not at all like that cheapo transparent slimy stuff.

Might I suggest you order fresh mint with hot fudge? Ha. No seriously, I haven't experienced crystally icey problem, but I also go for the seasonal flavors. They are guaranteed to be freshly made.

Jul 21, 2006
marinade in Greater Boston Area