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NY-ers in Norfolk/VA Beach next weekend, need recs

Many thanks, all. Very helpful replies. I'll circle back on our final decision for the anniversary dinner -- looks as if Todd Jurich may win out -- but your responses are tempting for a second night on the town, perhaps at Terrapin.

- blubrry_scone

NY-ers in Norfolk/VA Beach next weekend, need recs

Hi -

My partner and I are headed to Norfolk next weekend to celebrate my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. We're not uppity about our selections, but are definite NY chowhounds and won't settle for my parent's idea of The Grate Steak -- I've been, I know. Ambience should be fairly kid-free (not to mention gay-friendly), entrees between $25-45. Seafood and New American cuisines are preferential to eclectic/sushi/fusion/tapas.

Been reading area reviews all day and have come up with some ideas -- namely, Todd Jurich's Bistro and One-Fish-Two-Fish -- but obviously no research could come close to a local's rec.

So help. Please!

And thanks.