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Any good suggestions for Princeton, preferrably close to campus.

Augsburg, Germany

Has anyone been to Augsburg, Germany? We will be taking a day trip there in September and was wondering about some places to go for lunch.

Thanks everyone

Elk River to Maple Grove, MN

Yeah, sorry about the lack of non-chain restaurants in ER. I was reading your post about Diamond City and I would agree, that it is good. That location has been like three different restaurants and I have liked all of them. It used to be the Old Maine Eatery, and it was good Mom and Pop place.

Then I started reading that you wanted to go downtown again and my first thought was, God, I hope he didnt try Daddy-O's. I would also have to agree with you on that about that place. I have not been there in years and can not figure out how it is still open.

Still trying to think of some places in ER and will respond again if I can think of somewhere.