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Any good suggestions for Princeton, preferrably close to campus.

Oct 27, 2006
PrimeRib Guy in General Tristate Archive

Augsburg, Germany

Has anyone been to Augsburg, Germany? We will be taking a day trip there in September and was wondering about some places to go for lunch.

Thanks everyone

Aug 03, 2006
PrimeRib Guy in International Archive

Elk River to Maple Grove, MN

Yeah, sorry about the lack of non-chain restaurants in ER. I was reading your post about Diamond City and I would agree, that it is good. That location has been like three different restaurants and I have liked all of them. It used to be the Old Maine Eatery, and it was good Mom and Pop place.

Then I started reading that you wanted to go downtown again and my first thought was, God, I hope he didnt try Daddy-O's. I would also have to agree with you on that about that place. I have not been there in years and can not figure out how it is still open.

Still trying to think of some places in ER and will respond again if I can think of somewhere.

Jul 21, 2006
PrimeRib Guy in General Midwest Archive