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Yet another SF first fill in my plan's gaps

Got it. My reading comprehension skills must have taken a dive, I somehow missed the big farmers market was on Saturday. That certainly helps scheduling.

Yet another SF first fill in my plan's gaps

Hello, chowhounders. My partner and I will be in San Francisco from July 21 to the 25th. We'll be staying just a few blocks from The Palace of Fine Arts (out of the way, I know, but it was cheap) and we will have a car. After doing some research on the usual sites, and getting some input from a local friend I think I have some pretty good ideas, but I have some slots that still need to be filled, and I'm always open for changing some of what I've already researched.

We're both in our mid-twenties. I'm an adventurous and experienced eater, he enjoys food but has limited experience with, for lack of a better word, "ethnic" food. I don't have a set budget in mind but we're probably only looking for a couple of spendier meals, and by spendier I mean with the total tab for both of us up to or around $100. Neither of us are big drinkers and when we do drink it's usually beer. Between us we also live within easy driving distance to NYC, Boston, Philly, and DC so food experiences which are uniquely Californian/San Franciscan get higher priority.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is the Ferry Building. I've seen some recs to go on Saturday - is this definitely the best day, or at least way better than the other days? If it is there is no reason we couldn't go on Saturday but I just wanted to confirm if everybody thinks Saturday is the best way to go. Or if it even matters.

For one of our more special meals I'm set on Incanto. I have a friend who used to work there and the menu appeals to me a lot. My boyfriend is also a big beef eater and I floated the idea of House of Prime Rib which he seemed to like a lot. The old-school vibe looks neat and I think he'd welcome the familiar food, even if I probably wouldn't head here if I were eating solo. I've also considered Frances, Nopa, Salt House, and Flour + Water, so if anyone has strong feelings about those or similar places let me know.

I'd also like a dinner option specifically in the Castro. Chow looks good but I don't feel strongly about it.

Lunch places I've considered are Tartine Bakery, El Farolito, and we both like burgers so Burgermeister and/or Slider's although I'm sure people here have strong opinions about burgers or whether San Francisco burgers are worth the stomach space on such a short trip. If we can fit it in the happy hour at Bar Crudo looks great.

Questions - I have a request for "something Asian" from the bf. I'm pretty dumbfounded on this one, but I'm thinking something cheap and uniquely West Coast, if at all possible. Help.

He's also expressed interest in Bette's Ocean View in Berkeley, but he also knows it's not worth hiking over there just for that. Could we combine a trip there with other things in Berkeley for maybe a half day thing?

Lastly, I think I'd like to do at least one sit down breakfast/brunch meal. We both are Bloody Mary obsessives and we're more into eggs and proteins than waffles and pancakes.

Thanks for suggestions on this. Obviously I'm planning more than any two normal people can eat in just a few days but I'd like to have too many things on my "too try" list than too few!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109

Bar Crudo
655 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Salt House
2 Shaw Aly, San Francisco, CA 94105

Best Burger in CT

My favorite burgers in CT are at Five Guys (my local one is the one in Avon), Goldburgers in Newington, The Counter in West Hartford, Ted's in South Windsor, the one with the crown of cheese at Shady Glen, and then Plan B in West Hartford/Glastonbury.

I haven't been to Max Burger yet but probably will soon. I'm still amazed that people find the steamed burgers at Ted's in Meriden edible, nevermind tasty. Wet, gray ground beef on a chewy, cold, depressing bun is not my idea of a good time.

Given I'm the first person to mention Goldburgers in downtown Newington I'd say that's the #1 place I'd wish people would try. Really good folks running the place, really delicious food.

Another Pepe's Apizza Coming

Exciting, can't wait to go.

I've been to the original and Manchester several times (I'm a fiend, I'll admit it) and the biggest difference to me is the pies are just a lot more measured and carefully put together in Manchester. In New Haven I think they run just a little more fast and loose with the ingredients which to me makes for a more sloppy/primal/better pizza. But it's still the bomb in either location, of course.

Franklin Ave Hartford CT

Hands down the best cutlet grinder I've had is at Wethersfield Pizza House on the Silas Deane.

Maple is good but the past few times I've been it seems like it used to be so much better. Something changed.

Good Seafood Restaurant in Central CT

I'll second Chowderpot with one caveat - every time I go there's also some sort of weird mix up with the service. The food is pretty good if you're into fried stuff but just pray you get a good server and you are very specific with your order. And double check you got what you ordered when the food comes.

If you're looking seafood more along the lines of real fish, raw bars, etc, consider one of the Max places.

Five Guys in Nashua!

I personally prefer burgers with smaller, thin patties that are usually cooked most of the way or all the way through. I can be a fan of large, restaurant-style burgers in the half pound+ range but for me (and many others I guess) smaller and not rare does the trick.

Best Doughnuts in CT?

Another vote for Tastease. Super cheap, super tasty doughtnuts, out of this world friendly service. One of my all-time favorite finds in the 6 or so years I've lived in Central CT.

Los Adobes - Park Road in West Hartford

Just got back from lunch here. Tacos are incredible, and super affordable at $2. I had the lengua and al pastor. My greatest taco experience ever was on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens and these came very close that. Truly great stuff.

I'm probably heading back sometime this week or the next to try out more of the menu. Hartford needs more places like this - it's cheap, with friendly service, and convenient.

Not a big fan of Monte Alban at all, everything seemed overpriced for the quality. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing but outside of Frog Hollow Los Adobes is now my go-to spot.

North of Hartford, South of Springfield?

Don't get the Japanese at Bamboo Garden. The place is fine if you play it safe and order something from the Chinese side of the menu but we once made the mistake of getting some sushi and it was, uh...inedible. More or less.

Ted's, Meriden, CT

I need to get down to this place. I've heard good things like from your report but I've also heard the burgers are just laughably bad. I'll find out for myself!

Ted's, Meriden, CT

I need to get down to this place. I've heard good things like from your report and I've heard from others that the burgers is just laughably bad. I'll find out for myself!

Lesser known hotdogs in CT

I can vouch for Rosco's in Hartford being really tasty. I only had room for a single dog because I was doing other foodie stuff with a friend in the city but after one bite I was blown away by how good it was. I'm going back soon, I'm thinking about a stop this weekend.

chicken-fried steak in CT?

Haha. Honestly, my first response was going to be "...Cracker Barrel?"

I think I've had a bite of one at Cracker Barrel, actually, and it seemed pretty tasty but I can't really vouch for authenticity. In all fairness I'm a Cracker Barrel apologist so you should probably take that with a grain of salt.

Little Taste of Texas in South Windsor has one on the menu: