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Taco Diner Highland Park, TX (Dallas) [Something similar in KC?]

Not sure that many people from KC have been to Taco Diner in Highland Park, TX (a suburb of Dallas), but if you get the chance, you need to go. I was there in April and I'm still thinking of it.

Simple, fresh, super tasty asada tacos with a terrific asortment of salsas and relishes. Is there anything in KC like it? One of the guys I was with suggested the Mi Cocina is similar, but to me it's only in aesthetics.

If someone can suggest something like this place in KC, PLEASE DO!

North at the 'New One Nineteen' (Leawood, KS)

So my sister-in-law went to North at the new shopping center next to Crate and Barrel with some friends last night. All in all, they said that it was very disappointing. They are not currently taking reservations and had to wait over an hour for a table. Really that's not that big of a deal since it was a Friday night in Leawood.

The food was not good. The grilled artichoke was bland and served with a lemon aioli (read boring mayo). The asparagus and proscuitto bruschetta was good but not something to cheer about. Her main was the flank steak with roquefort dressed salad. The steak was cooked to the right temp, but super fatty. To me, flank steak seems kind of weird in a salad, let alone in an Italian restaurant.

In any case, service was uninspired as well as the manager had to come to the table and apologize for the delays in the dishes. Empty wine glasses were left to sit with the bottle in the chiller while the waiter chose not to fill them. Nothing was comp'd but that's not the end of the world.

Has anybody else had any experience with North (or the new steakhouse there)?

KC- Which restaurants serve regular sized portions?

Where are those places?

Marshmallow Blob Training Centers

We got the Chocolate version of the Honey Bunches of Oats. Did not like it. It ended up being bribery for my kids.

Aug 03, 2008
kcbluelion in Features

KC... as much as I didn't think I would like Road Tasted with the Neely's...

Fritz's is the best. Wednesday they have 2 for 1 sausages. Their smoked sausages are the best in town. I've gotten a smoked turkey from them too. Really, really solid. Don't make a stock out the bones though. Smoked turkey soup is weird.

KC... as much as I didn't think I would like Road Tasted with the Neely's...

It took me a moment, but then noticed the location. I thought you meant Fritz's chili at 75th and Metcalf. Now that place is old school.....

Am I crazy/cheap? (Jacksontown OH)

You're not crazy or cheap. You expect one thing and got another. On top of that, you expect good things from this place, have been there several times, and you know the owner.

You should not have been charged. You gave it the old college try by eating the white meat, but you should not have been charged for the thigh. If, in the past, you were completely happy with the service and quality, it was probably more to do with the server rather than the owner. At the very least I would have told the owner about the server's attitude and then followed up with a question regarding policy on substitutions or additions.

It's not you. Common sense dictates that they take responsibility for their product and sometimes that's more work than they want to do.

Bourdain in KC

That's a good idea. And not too far from the brewery are some pretty decent mexican restaurants. La Fonda is still really good. I've never eaten at La Bodega but I hear it's really good.

Jul 19, 2008
kcbluelion in Great Plains

Kansas City Pizza/Mexican Food

I totally forgot to mention Stonewall Inn's Pizzeria. 103rd and Pflumm. It's a solid pie. Not many people know about it.

Bourdain in KC

All of those are good. I don't like Plaza III. I think it's lost it's sheen. I couldn't remember if the Golden Ox was still open.

Jess and Jim's good. I hate the parking there though. Stroud's would have been a consideration before the tore down the one by BB's.

The other beer on tap at Corner Cocktails is Natural Light. My mother and the Pope are the only two people in this world above drinking cheap beer. Credibility is completely overrated.

Jul 18, 2008
kcbluelion in Great Plains

Stuffed Poblanos with Black Beans and Cheese

I made these last night. I used too much sour cream and, yes, it did spill out onto the grill making quite a mess. They were delicious though.

My wife is not a pepper or bean person and still loved them and the filling. I would consider some nice chicken meat (maybe some softer thigh meat to maintain the consistency in the pepper) to add some bulk to the dish. I actually ate mine as a side with a small piece of top sirloin (I'm cheap but I live kn KC so we have to have meat with almost every meal) grilled next to the peppers.

The charring of the skins was delicous if you ask me. I concur that maybe making a slit in the pepper and then grilling with the cap on, but losing the filling on the grill is probably inevitible.

Jul 18, 2008
kcbluelion in Recipes

Bourdain in KC

I would definitely not take him to d'Bronx. I'm a 35 years old, corporate, IT nerd. I have never been treated like a 35 years old, corporate, IT nerd at Grinders. The pizza's ok, but the art and atmosphere makes it better than most places.

He should get a burger from the Flea Market (or even the Corner Cocktails at 85th and Wornall - same meat and he can get a pitcher of Busch to wash down the cheese fries too).

Hereford House at 20th and Pershing.

Jul 17, 2008
kcbluelion in Great Plains

Bourdain in KC

I'd be really interested to see what Chef Bourdain (does calling him Chef Bourdain make me sound too pretentious?) thinks of your ideas. BBQ is a must but shouldn't be the only thing. I think Grand Street Cafe would be a consideration.

The Peanut should also be on that list. He needs some wings and bleu cheese sauce they make there.

Grinders would definitely be cool. Great atmosphere and the pizza's good enough.

Jul 17, 2008
kcbluelion in Great Plains

Anyone tried the new OP 1906 restaurant in the Sheraton? (Overland Park, KS)

I haven't been to the restaurant in the Sheraton. Haven't even heard about it.

Spin at 119th and Lamar: Really solid pizza and great salads (bleu cheese and bacon salad is my favorite). Counter order and then table service that allows you to order more food or drinks and then add it to your bill.

Garozzo's at College and 69HW. A lot of people will balk at the location and claim that it's not as good as the one down in the River Market. But you aren't going to the River Market for a reason so it will do. Really good Italian food, great service, and a really good wine list.

There's a Hereford House at Town Center. Can't beat a good steak in KC. 117th and Roe.

Blue Koi on Mission (just north of 435).

There's a d'Bronx at 105th and Metcalf but Spin's got better pizza. They do have awesome sandwiches though.

Kansas City Pizza/Mexican Food

Maybe I need to modify my picks then. I haven't been to los Corrals in probably 2 years. Last time I was there it was money.

I agree that Imo's is ok, but not what I consider pizza in the traditional sense. I will say that while d'Bronx does a fair job, their pizza sauce is too thick and tastes overly spiced. They use too much cheese too.

In my previous post I was talking about the Asada tacos at Los Tules. SO MONEY.

Non-mall dinner KC

Ya know, I've been a reader but not a poster for a while to these boards. In reading Aaron's original post, I didn't think it was necessarily mean-spirited. Critical yes. Mean no.

I made a post about one of the restaurants in the Power and light district today and I have to say that I agree with most people in that cardboard cutout restaurants just don't hit that level of authenticity and freshness that some of the local, non-corporate chains can aspire to. Aspire is the key word. Sometimes circumstance limits the chef's creativity and/or ability to make spot on, authentic foods.

As far as Chef Dalzell's methods and vision, that's not something I think any of us can speak to unless we get it from the horse's mouth (and I don't expect him to respond - that would mean his life's about as exciting as mine).

Frankly, I can probably find more wrong with some of the restaurants here in town than right, but expressing those opinions is something I like to think that I do with restraint and only after consideration of what the chef or restaurant's perception of that critique may be. Plus, I'm no chef and I'm sure my palate isn't as refined as I like to think it is.

However, it's my opinion.

Gordon Biersch Power and Light (and some others)

After much complaining that I have no one to go to the P&L District with (and no way to get home after really enjoying it) my wife bit the bullet and surprised me with a night out at said district and a room at the President. I have been itching to check out the Drum Room and it was everything I hoped it would be: swanky, cool, and some really good atmosphere.

As far as the food goes, I was somewhat disappointed. I should say that I did have my hopes up very high. We had a reservation at the Maker's Mark Lounge and after some major hemming and hawing, I chose to go someplace else. This was based more on the fact that they wouldn't really have something my wife would like (kinda picky but not bad) and the fact that I couldn't find a review of their steaks. If I'm gonna drop $30 on a steak and then another $10-$15 on the a la carte menu, I want some assurance that it's gonna be worth a darn.

My wife had fabulous shoes on so walking too far was a little out of the question. We ended up at Gordon Biersch and put our name in for the 40 minute wait. Neither of us minded as we were sans kids and could really use a drink. We found a table in the bar (no small feat) and saw a server walking around but pretty much ignoring our section/table. I went to the bar and asked if the had a pale ale and was told they didn't. Meanwhile the server that had been ignoring us finally made it to our table and then immediately left once he was told that I was at the bar. Apparently he was a real jerk. So anyway we get paged to sit and are escorted to the dining area outside on the street side of the restaurant. Neither of us requested a table outside and while it wasn't super hot, I didn't want to eat that close to the street.


We had to wait about 15 minutes more and then had a table next to the server's soda and food runner stand. I can live with that because someone has to sit there, right?

To the menu: Very frenetic if you ask me and I thought that it kind of embodied the get as many people in here and give them as many choices as we can. I had steak on the brain and chose the bone-in ribeye. My wife had the goat cheese ravioli.

Steak: A rib-eye is pretty hard to screw up and this one was solid. Great flavor and was the right temp. They included mashed potatoes and some really weak veg (julienned carrots, sliced zukes, etc) that should have been left off. A baked potatoe would have been really nice.

Ravioli: great concept but the goat cheese flavors didn't really come out. The sauce was nice (a butter-sage sauce) but the pasta had definitely been waiting on my steak. As dinner progressed the pasta got a little tough. It also had mushrooms but they were the garden variety white kind. I think a crimini or sliced port has a better look on that plate.

Lastly, they did have a pale ale. And it was really nice. Hoppy, but not soupy and very reminiscent of Anchor Steam's Liberty Ale. I had two.

Overall, I think my disappointment with the food comes from the fact that if you have an idea of what a finer restaurant is, the Power and Light is going to be your second choice. I don't want to mix the Bristol in because a $35 price tag does not mean it's fine or upscale dining. That's not to say that the Bristol is bad, but I can go to the Grand Street Cafe and spend the same and have way better food.

Overall, the company and fun I had outshadowed the dining experience. We hadn't had a night away from our sons in over a year and we could have eaten at McDonald's and probably still had a ton of fun. What do you all think of the dining there? Honestly....

KC BBQ road trip- Recap

You needed to try Gates. Of all three places that you went, Gates would have been in the fight for the top spot.

Sauce is much more savory than sweet and their burnt-end sandwich (which you can get every day) is by far the best in town. To go to Oklahoma Joe's and not get a Z-Man or Carolina Pork Sandwich is like going to San Francisco and not getting sourdough, or Maryland and not having a crab cake, or NYC and not getting a slice: You missed out! Oklahoma Joe's has a really good half-chicken too. Their sausage is money too.

Kansas City Pizza/Mexican Food

As far as pizza goes in Kansas City, there isn't much that's beyond good. Great is really hard to come by. Waldo, Pizza Shoppe, Minsky's, et al are only one step above Papa John's/Pizza Hut.

I find that Johnny Brusco's on 135th and Antioch is pretty good. My wife hate's it but she can't give me a solid reason why.

Papa Keno's is good (when they're not evading taxes) but the sauce is too spicy (too much garlic and oregano).

My wife and I tried Spin on 119th and Pflumm/Blackbob last night and were super pleased. I make my own pizza at home (dough too) and use a really simple dough and just crushed tomatoes with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. The pizza that Spin makes is about the same as I make.

My brother in law got me a pizza stone for Christmas a couple years ago and I haven't been satisfied with pizza in KC since.

Best Mexican is Los Tules on Broadway and I35 is the best in KC (Los Corrals is close though). Their tacos are really good (the steak, onion and cilantro style kind - the name kind of escapes me). And their rice is REALLY good.