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Yams vs. Sweet potatoes

Before I go on a search in my are to find this true yam, can anyone tell me if there is a difference in flavor (in it's plain, unadulterated form). I'm really curious!

Jun 03, 2012
hubbagrubba in General Topics

What else can I use tahini for?

Japanese style: Cook, drain and cool spinach. Compress into a disc shapes. Then spoon thinned (not too) tahini over the spinach and top with bonito flakes!

Jun 03, 2012
hubbagrubba in Home Cooking

Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream - Mix-in Ideas? [moved from What's My Craving board]

You guys are killing me!! We can't get it here in Massachusetts.

Nov 15, 2008
hubbagrubba in General Topics