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Where to get Hiyashi Chuka in South Bay/Peninsula area

Hi drewskiSF --

I have tried all the Mountain View favorites. Years ago, and no help now, there was a modest shop in Mountain View called Shogun that made each dish carefully and the flavors were balanced so nicely. That is my standard (memory-enhanced, I guess) and the current restaurants fall short on execution and taste.

It is time to go to San Jose. Thank you -- Howard

Jul 06, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to get Hiyashi Chuka in South Bay/Peninsula area

I'm hoping you can share suggestions of places I haven't tried. The hot weather inspires my hopes for cold noodle dishes. Thank you.

Jul 06, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Hula Dog is now open in Santa Clara

If you have eaten a Puka Dog in Hawaii, this will be your new destination.

Menu includes signature hot dogs (including a veggie choice) in the bun toasted on a pole, with tropical sauces and flavored mustards. Also, fresh-squeezed lemonade and a short list of shave ice choices.

We sampled an all-beef dog in a white bun, and a Polish dog in a taro bun. Perfect with mango sauce and liliko'i mustard.
Shave ice was snowy and house-made syrups were truly fruity.

Puka Dog is still operated by one of the co-founders (in Poipu Beach on Kauai) and the Hula Dog business is run by the other. Hula Dog is on Oahu and expanding with franchise stores on other Hawaiian islands and the mainland.

495 El Camino Real
Santa Clara 95050
Phone : 408 352-5700

Jun 25, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Farmers market Sunday

I agree RWCFoodie. Yet, that crowd is the reason so many farmers want to sell at the MV market. Today it will be warm and busy.

Jun 14, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Farmers market Sunday

Mountain View Farmers Market is a community treasure, with 80+ stands and a friendly vibe. Located next to the Caltrain station except a few Sundays when the market moves a few blocks to California and Bryant.

Satkar in Sunnyvale

I second the raves for Satkar. We have gone many times to eat in. Once to take out (we thought the flavors better fresh from the kitchen). We try to choose at least one new item on each visit so we experience more of their possibilities. All have become new favorites. Try the shahi paneer.

One reason that service is occasionally slower is the huge orders prepared for take-out. Comparable to your discovery of the chapattis, we find the mango lassi has a richer taste than at many other places.

May 18, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

New shave ice shop in Cupertino

The owner makes the syrups in-house. The flavor board says they use C&H sugar.

On my first visit, I had POG and pineapple...tastes of the tropics.

New shave ice shop in Cupertino

Island Style Shave Ice
10631 S Foothill Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

This shop, open for 1.5 months, is the best I've found in the peninsula / south bay area. The ice machine is new and well setup. Flavors are legit Hawaiian, including some I know are popular with other people (bubblegum).

Like many shave ice shops in Hawaii, this is small and out of the way. Location is near Hwy. 85 and Stevens Creek in a tiny strip mall. Outdoor seating and a few 2-tops inside. Try it...they deserve to succeed.

closest thing to fresh Langer's rye around here

I am watching this post to learn and benefit from the wide experience of Chowhounds. To date, I have not found "the bread" in the Bay Area -- not in bakeries, restaurants, or grocery stores.

Langers has changed their overnight shipping arrangement and the price has risen. $109 buys 2# of their pastrami, vacuum packed for freshness, and a full loaf of rye bread.

For those who haven't tried Langers, I feel it's fair to say there is a difference! The deli is one of the only reasons I miss living in L.A. Come on, Bay Area, help me find deli love here.

Apr 08, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Shanghai Restaurant - Cupertino

I have enjoyed this restaurant, earlier in Mountain View and, for the past few years, in Cupertino. The menu is long and varied. However, more valuable to me is the welcoming manner of modifying dishes to suit diners' requests. Chef's special dishes are offered also, extending the menu.

A standout dish is Chinese celery and dried tofu. Though simple, it exemplifies the kitchen's care of ingredients and technique.

Feb 18, 2015
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to buy duck fat on Peninsula?

Looking to buy this week. Thanks for all suggestions.

Nov 18, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Hash : SFBA Dish of the Month October 2014

Palo Alto Creamery for corned beef hash with potatoes and onions. Served with toast and eggs (often sunny side up, but poached are great and served on your request).

Oct 02, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Chennai Kings now open in Mountain View

We had dinner last night and loved everything. Restaurant is open with "soft-run" menu that will soon expand. Tamarind soup, chicken 65, parotta with goat curry, biryani with chicken and spices, mango lassi. Beer and wine will be available soon.

I am a fan but not familiar with South Indian cuisine and culture -- await others' reviews. Greeting and service, including waiter describing and showing us photos of each dish, were great! Food was seasoned mild for us and our opinions were asked. We even got a quick lesson on cricket (shown on two TVs w/o audio). Go Dhoni!

Location has been Gelayo Gusto (loved their gelato and froyo), then a sandwich shop. Now, it is nicely decorated and happily busy. Try it.

Chennai Kings
856 El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 938-1333

Locanda Positano, San Carlos gem

This is a comfortable and well-run restaurant -- wide-ranging menu with hits in every course. Pizzas are sublime, salads and appetizers are creative and nearly show-stoppers...but the main plates are out of this world. Large wine selection and helpful pairing advice.

** *this is one of those places I've held back from discussing -- it is hard enough getting our reservations -- go, enjoy! Open every day.

Locanda Positano
617 Laurel St
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 591-5700

Jul 18, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Homemade Frozen Dumpling close to Palo Alto?

4320 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
West San Jose

We often eat in the restaurant and take frozen dumplings home. Chinese/Japanese = Wonderful

stone fruit 2014 bad season?

We got yellow peaches and nectarines from R&D in the Mountain View farmers' market last Sunday. Rich flavor and juicy. Cannot wait for next weekend.

Jul 03, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Biscuits and Gravy

Last weekend, we had breakfast in Sausalito at Murray Circle Restaurant. I thought the biscuits and gravy were exceptionally good. Nice setting with indoor or porch seating offering bay and Golden Gate views. Attentive, friendly service, and very good food.

Jul 02, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Recent comparison please, Great Eastern or Bund Shanghai [San Francisco]

Here is a link to the dim sum menu

Jun 19, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Recent comparison please, Great Eastern or Bund Shanghai [San Francisco]

This was a superb experience. Waited only a moment before going to a table, and immediately given tea and menus.
We may have ordered too many dishes, but we enjoyed them all. The surprise hit of the meal was the deep fried pumpkin and egg yolk ball. We felt each dish was top class.
Our order was: sticky rice in lotus leaf, siu mai, gai bao, chashu bao, snowpea sprouts with shrimp dumplings, egg custard tarts, leek dumplings, turnip cakes, coconut milk pudding, rice noodle rolls with beef. All were served at correct temperatures, placed carefully on our table.
One exception -- predictable in light of the CH reminder -- we did not like the XLB we ordered just to try them. Skins were tough, very little broth, meat tightly packed. We have learned that lesson about regional cuisines on Jackson Street. High recommendation for Great Eastern.

Recent comparison please, Great Eastern or Bund Shanghai [San Francisco]

Thank you for these reminders. Great Eastern for today!

Jun 14, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Recent comparison please, Great Eastern or Bund Shanghai [San Francisco]

We are coming to Chinatown for dim sum tomorrow, Saturday, and it has been a year since we dined at either one. Which is tops for you?

Thank you in advance ~

Jun 13, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

San Tung-style dry fried wings in South Bay or Peninsula?

Hoping to find local places. Please share your recommendations. Thank you.

Apr 27, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Recommendations for Chinese New Year banquet (2014)

In past years, I've received great suggestions on this board and hope to be so fortunate again. We will participate on two nights, each party will be 10 somewhat adventurous adults.

We would like to go anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose; or up the East Bay side as far as Hayward.

We sample quite a few new places and return to favorites...we hope you can add your favorites for our explorations. Thank you

Jan 09, 2014
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Is Safeway changing?

We shop in another smaller Safeway, in the Midtown district of Palo Alto. I have recently noticed an expanded range of cheeses, produce, and dairy products (Clover Organic milk is a big plus for us).
Simultaneously, the various Safeway store-brands have taken over much of the shelf (and freezer) space for pasta, frozen veggies, juice, canned tomatoes, cookies, etc.
Finally, the produce section has been re-organized and the choices have expanded in the same space. More variety for both Asian and Latin American vegetables and fruits. We will keep going back -- it is a better store now.

Dec 16, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Gott's Roadside, Palo Alto

Hopes dashed on first visit. The wait was long to order. Ordering was slow because the cashier quickly switched from explaining the menu options to upselling and being "funny". She did ask a huge number of questions to specify our order -- that proved extra maddening when our order came out wrong in several ways that we had discussed with the cashier.
This is not a fussy example, my replacement burger (got a puck after ordering Very Rare) was ready when everyone else had finished lunch.
Restaurant's attitude seemed uncaring and clueless.
Positives: table clearing and cleaning by bussing staff was terrific and not responsible for delays in waiting line, ordering, or service. Why go back?

Oct 22, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Rosie's New York Pizza Downtown San Jose

Long overdue reply (but short in length). This is a great place in my opinion. Thin crust holds up to toppings; toppings were so fresh tasting as to make one wonder about other pizza shops. Service was attentive friendly and upbeat although the shop was nearly at capacity.

I hope you will enjoy the Rosie's NY Pizza pies soon.

Sep 07, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Pizza in Peninsula...? Back up plans for arriving relatives...

I have written about successful visits to both Napoletana and Cicero's. In this highly charged topic, personal preferences -- not necessarily geographic histories -- are both informative and limiting.
I have tried A Slice of NY three times, with different companions, and never were we satisfied with the quality of the pizzas.
Though the place is small-chain sophisticated, Amici's puts out better pies, has many salads and pastas, and a pleasant atmosphere to sit and relax.
And, if you do not want to sit and relax, the pizzas and calzones from Maldonado's are tasty.
Fairly new and popular with Italian friends, is Terrone, on California Avenue in Palo Alto. Definitely authentic pizza, not NY-style. Enjoy the variety of styles and flavors of pizzas in this area.

Aug 25, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

ISO Santa Clara gem

Two casual places in Santa Clara area I've enjoyed recently are Athena Grill for Greek food (indoors, outdoors under a roof, or outdoors with table umbrellas). 1505 Space Park Drive
Santa Clara.

QQ Noodle for Chinese noodle dishes and a few other options is near enough, I thought, in Cupertino at 10889 S. Blaney Ave.‎ (corner of Bollinger Rd.).

Jun 03, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area

New branch of QQ Noodle in Cupertino, yay!

We went last night and enjoyed our bowls of noodles in the bustling yet friendly casual atmosphere. Service is fast and courteous.
My wife had egg and vegetable chow mein and found the long hand-pulled noodles were the tastiest ever. I had the leek and egg noodles at medium spiciness -- just great down to the last drop of red oil.

The address is:
10889 S. Blaney Ave. (corner of Bollinger Road)
Pacific Rim Shopping Center
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 253-5858

Greek restaurant in Sunnyvale? Any suggestions?

Last night,we enjoyed dinner at Athena Grill. Of the three local, mid-range, full menu Greek restaurants (Agape, Asteria, Athena), we prefer Athena.

We sampled the falafel appetizer, Greek salad with chicken souvlaki added, grilled lamb chops, and gave in to baklava at the end. In its bright and fun atmosphere, we had a good time and will return often.

Next, we'll check the casual spots in the area. Yiassoo on De Anza is a favorite. Time to see if others compare well.

Apr 28, 2013
anyhow in San Francisco Bay Area