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New Yorkers coming to Montclair for Dinner Saturday night - Suggestions?

Hi, great question by the way. Montclair is really becoming a go-to place for New Yorkers for dinner and while reading others' responses, I didn't notice mention of a new place that opened up in the former Passione space. It's called Adara and so far the reviews are crazygood. Went there a couple of times already and it blew our minds. It's molecular gastronomy and we think it might be the only one in Nj. The dishes are stunning, really, the people are really nice and we didn't feel uncomfortable asking many questions about what we were eating. Pricey, but worth it for the experience. Let me know if you try it.

Nov 16, 2011
LydiaNNJ in New Jersey

Recently Moved from NYC to Hackensack NJ

Thanks to all of you for helping out. We plan on trying each and every one of the places you all recommended. Liking this area alot. Now, on to the food...!

Jul 06, 2008
LydiaNNJ in New Jersey

Recently Moved from NYC to Hackensack NJ

Need fellow Chowhound help...

Please give us the rundown on the Hackensack Area for good eats. We enjoy, as all Chowhounds do, all types of cuisine, so let us know where you go for the best in the area. Of course, we can run to NYC, but sometimes staying in the area is preferable. Thanks for your help!

Jul 04, 2008
LydiaNNJ in New Jersey