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The Best Steak Burrito Ever is in Redwood City

Well, it HAS been over 10 years since the last post lol

So many SF donut shops!

You have to ask what's fresh when you go to Bob's. Usually these are not in the window but on a rack or on the oven. Otherwise you end up with very tired donuts.

Best place to eat in Hayes Valley, pre-symphony

The special stew (starts with an F) is really good, have had that several times. Have also had roast pork and roast chicken and both were good but not as good as the stew. My partner doesnt eat meat and has been pleased with the fish dishes.

Sausalito Lunch Recs

You could eat at the Cavallo Point hotel, that looks walkable.

Cavallo Point
601 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA

Best place to eat in Hayes Valley, pre-symphony

We like Canto do Brazil on Franklin. Not sure if it's 'nice' enough for your needs.

Need late night dining in Novato area

Any $ or $$ places you can recommend that serve until at least 11pm? Thanks in advance.

I'm getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10. in the Bay Area. Any great cheaper ones?

Love and Haight in lower haight is around $5 still I think.

HELP - Any ideas for last minute Thanksgiving dinner near Cupertino?

Plans have suddenly changed and we will be stuck at a hotel in Cupertino for the holiday. Any suggestion within 10-15 miles of this area? Traditional or non, at this point beggars can't be choosers.

Hunting for the best Fried Chicken In San Francisco

Is it just the fried chicken that is good at Hard Knox? I ate there when it first opened and had one of the worst meals in my life there, but didn't try the chicken. This is the one on Clement.

Smokey Blues Barbecue = Lousy Service

Another online menu with no prices listed. Lame.

baby blues bbq opening in SF. any word?

What sides are a problem? Ive had the potato salad, greens (with a non-traditional fruity taste that I dig), fries, beans - all were very good. And that brisket...oy vey, no sauce needed except one time when it was too dry. My problem with these places is their sauces - the 3 ive tried (Minnies, Roadside, and the venice Baby Blues) all offer the vinergary NC sauces, not the traditional tomato based sweet/spicy that I love.

Questions from a San Francisco first-timer

Is the Osha youre talking about on 2nd street near mission? I get confused by the different Osha's. Had a wonderful beef and artichoke salad at the one on 2nd St over the summer. Nice ambiance too, but a little $$ than most thai places. Had some lackluster noodles at the Osha at Geary/Leavenworth. Is it the same people?

Dear god and/or me from Chevy's!

For a Mexican restaurant, Chevy's is surprisingly pricey. The best thing I've had there are the chips and the chicken wings that came as part of an appetizer sampler. Not sure if they are available alone.

Got an attitude for a return at Trader Joe's

You earned the attitude as you did not 'return' anything. Stick it in the freezer till your next trip. At least call within a day of using the item and get the managers name who says it's ok to just bring in the receipt. Mostly, grow up.

Dec 22, 2008
Josh90004 in Chains

New mobile device site - I'd like to love it, but I don't

I always considered Chowhound a fairly professional site. Now, with the lack of response here and the stubborn refusal to pull the beta site, I realize how amateur it really is. Bummer.

Dec 22, 2008
Josh90004 in Site Talk

Just stumbled upon your iPhone optimized site

Wow. Major botch Chowhound. Since I spend 90% of my online time on my iphone now I basically don't/can't read chowhound anymore. Hope you don't lose too many readers while the 'optimized for the iphone' site is sucking so badly.

Dec 22, 2008
Josh90004 in Site Talk

B's BBQ on Divisadero open, any reports?

Extra charge for greens and mac 'n cheese? That and the high prices and I'm already iffy.

REVIEW (w/foodie porn flix and pix!): Ad Hoc, Street, and BarBersQ - the Fried Chicken Trifecta

How's the food at Street in general? Prices seem quite reasonable.

Starving for BBQ

Both Minnie's and Roadside do Carolina-style sauces including mustard. That is my main complaint with both as I prefer a traditional sweet/spicy tomato based sauce. I think the food is better overall at MM but the mustard sauce is more complex and tastier at Roadside.

Falafel in SF?

I think Hayes & Kebab is just ok and kinda pricey for what you get. The balls were not spiced enough, not fried to order and worse, served on lavosh bread instead of pita. And they don't give you pickles or turnips with it. Have also had a kebab plate with 8 bite-size pieces of meat, a mound of rice and 2 thimble-sized dips for @ $12. Meh

best fried chicken in san francisco

Is this the same Hard Knox people that are on Clement out in the Richmond? If so I can't imagine their chicken would be much to talk about. Had one meal there and me and the S.O are still laughing about it. Basically it seemed like what you'd get at an american bbq restaurant in China. Everything was inept, from the Jiffy corn muffins to the mealy over-mixed meatloaf to the flavorless gravy to the chalky mashed potatoes to the swanson-quality mac and cheese to the straight-from-the-can-nothing-added red beans and black-eyed peas.

The only decent items were the greens (still flavorless but real greens, I guess you can't get greens in a can) and the yam (perhaps they had run out of canned yams and had to go to the corner store and buy one. It was microwaved but defintiely not canned.)

It was worth it because it's fairly cheap and gave us some priceless comedy to rememeber forever. But come on people, is this your idea of good soul food??

Corn muffins in San Francisco

Seriously? They are Jiffy corn bread mix with absolutely nothing added. They are served warm which is nice but come on. The whole place (Clement site at least) was pretty lame.

Wings and Rings

Double Decker Burger in Hayes valley has some pretty good wings (though not huge ones) and on Wednesdays theyre all you can eat for about 12 bucks. They have rings but i havent tried them. Dig their burgers.

Windy's month of lunches 2008 [San Francisco]

This is an awesome thread. Anything like it for the Market/Van Ness area?

A Saturday lunch....casual, not ethnic, not expensive

Bay Cities is a terrible idea for a 'ladies lunch' unless you are ordering sandwiches to go. Even then, it can be such a madhouse, not relaxing at all for someone just off a plane. They have only cinder block outdoor tables and getting one of those can be a trial.

Jul 15, 2008
Josh90004 in Los Angeles Area


So you can't stop at Leda's for a cupcake on Tues/Weds/Thurs?? Bad omen?

Jul 11, 2008
Josh90004 in Los Angeles Area

Where's a good place for a Lobster Dinner

I liked the steamed steak at Kaiser cafeteria too.

Jul 04, 2008
Josh90004 in Los Angeles Area

RENO - Whats your top 3 recs for $15 or less meals?

Thanks Steve, you rock!

Jun 28, 2008
Josh90004 in California

RENO - Whats your top 3 recs for $15 or less meals?

Well yea, but I could also go to Denny's for every meal. It should go without saying that I meant chowish places.

Jun 28, 2008
Josh90004 in California

new prix fixe at Rue saint jacques

Do you have more info on the pre-theater dinner? Don't see any mention on their website.