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Lunch on Friday between SFO and Napa

Maybe we'll let decide. If the traffic can be negotiated, I can beat forcast times, but not if it's a parking lot.

Lunch on Friday between SFO and Napa

Ahh, Ferrer, takes me back to the honeymoon! It was one of the wineries we visited. Maybe we'll drop by after sushi (knock wood).

Gourmet Dinner nights

What is it? Just based on the title, I would be interested!

Jul 14, 2009
kbirley in Pennsylvania

Lunch on Friday between SFO and Napa

Well, we're carrying on, no checked bags. So, we're optimistic. I'm sure we'd be happy with either, and we missed CP when we honeymooned in SF. But we're suckers for creative sushi. So, we'll probably make the call on the fly. You think we can walk in either place? And CP's cafe doesn't close between lunch and dinner, right?

Lunch on Friday between SFO and Napa

You pegged it, wolfe. Valley. Not Calley. Can't type that early in the morning. So, I'm thinking Sushi Ran is the front runner.

Everyone's comments are really appreciated. I think it makes sense to get over a bridge asap and then eat. The CP lunch thread here kind of discouraged us, and it looks like Sushi Ran has a wonderful and creative take on sushi that we will really enjoy. Looking forward to some fine Uni!

Lunch on Friday between SFO and Napa

So, my weekend trip from the west coast has one lunch slot open. We arrive at the airport at 12:30 and will drive to Napa, where we're staying. We'll be very hungry, from the time change, but are having a fantastic dinner that evening.

But, who wants to waste a chance at an extraordinary meal when in the bay area, right?

We're extreme foodies and I think we should get something lighter. Current front runners are: Redd (menu looks the best), Chez Panisse Cafe (still haven't tried CP), Greystone at CIA (enjoyed the last lunch we had there).

Because we'll be hungry, maybe we should eat closer to SFO. Plus, it may be hard to get to the Napa Calley places before they close for lunch. Fantastic sushi would be a great option as well.

We appreciate any thoughts you might have.