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wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

I went to a lovely wedding at Brassai in late summer.

Woodgreen Fish & Chips Closed?

It IS very sad. They were a lovely couple. But 30 years is a long time.

Best places around Ryerson University!

Love at First Bite at Gerrard and Church serves decent Italian fare, good pizza, pasta and salads for a reasonable price. Their take-out window is great, too. Cheap toasted sandwiches with real ingredients (not thin-cut deli sliced meats, but big pieces of chicken and turkey and giant homemade meatballs) are generously garnished with fresh veggies and cheeses.

Best places around Ryerson University!

George's just east of Jarvis is great. It's the original and the best. The belly-busting BBQ chicken sandwich with fries and a drink is $6!
I also can't agree more about Salad King! It's fantastic!

Worst meal I've eaten

Some friends decided to have a meal (for a special occasion) in the Yonge/Sheppard area and invited a few other friends (myself and my husband included) to help them celebrate. Initially, they first chose Tandoori House, but that idea was nixed because someone developed migraines when eating Indian food. So we went to Stoney's. What a mistake.
The service is inept. We had to repeat our food and drink orders many times.
We ordered an appetizer platter to share. It was filled with wings (bland, even with a dipping sauce), chicken fingers (over-breaded and overcooked), jalapeno poppers (soggy) and spring rolls (greasy). All of these items were obviously out of a freezer package!
I ordered fish and chips for my main. Two thin pieces of thickly-battered, mushy fish were on a plate crowded by a heap of greasy McCain Superfries (crinkle-cut, no less). The oil both were cooked in was old. The accompanying 'slaw was boring and flavourless. The iced tea I was drinking with my meal was too sweet and from a powdered mix, I'm sure.
Two of my friends also ordered the fish and chips and didn't finish their plates, either. Two friends ordered the club sandwich, both of which were garnished with soggy lettuce and under-ripe tomatoes. The sandwiches also came with a heap of (no-so-) Superfries.
Wasn't Stoney's a victim of Restaurant Makeover a while ago? I understand that the show can be the kiss of death, but do the fine folks in North York not care about good food?
My advice: don't visit Stoney's. Ugh.

Where to order whole smoked turkey or honey ham?

You could try Whitehouse Meats in the St. Lawrence Market for both the turkey and ham.

Best of Polish/ Roncesvailles

Cafe Polonez is fantastic.
If you want to start with something sweet, go to Granowska's for paczki, delicious, airy doughnuts filled with rosehip jam or poppyseeds and almonds. I can't get enough of them! Best in the city.

Breakfast around Queen and Woodbine - any recommendations?

I love The Tulip. Great all-day breakfast for a very reasonable price. I agree with currycue about Patisserie Zane, too.
If you'd like something really wonderful, I'd take the streetcar west to Edward Levesque's Kitchen for brunch (beware, they'll be a line).

Who's got the best pie?

Wanda's pies are generally very good, but her best ones are sour cherry and lemon meringue. I also recommend scouting the Farmer's Markets for home-made baked goods.

British Style

I understand Ali's hoping to open up on the Danforth near Coxwell, under a different name.

Gourmet food store?

There's the Arz Bakery & Fine Foods, if you're looking for Mediterranean/Middle Eastern foodstuffs. 1909 Lawrence East between Pharmacy & Warden. Inexpensive and delicious.

Guilty Pleasures?

I love Gale's. I love that it's stuck in a time warp.

Guilty Pleasures?

I also forgot my two favourites from my hometown, Sarnia...
There's a little ice cream shop a stone's throw from Lake Huron called Ice Cream Galore. They make their own waffle cones with a bit of marshmallow at the bottom of the cone so your ice cream doesn't leak, which is genius. A waffle cone stuffed to the brim with a rich, nutty Heavenly Hash is to die for. And further down the street is the Bluewater Bridge, under which the locals have affectionately dubbed 'Bridge Fries:' a handful of chip trucks serving hot, thick-cut fries. Albert's was the best, but they're (sadly) gone and terribly missed. So delicious!

Guilty Pleasures?

I am a huge fan of 'radioactive red sauce', the thick sweet 'n sour stuff you can find at any Canadianized Chinese place (like Ho Lee Chow or Mandarin).

Loblaw local food push - whaddya think?

Besides that, it appears Galen Weston only has one shirt. Or a trillion in the same style and colour. Grrrrr.

Beach Eats: Let's Be Honest

Look at the people who live in the Beach (except us Chowhounds, of course) and you'll understand why the food's so pedestrian. Ugh. So sad.

Where do I find...

Where are the best places to find rabbit? Duck fat? Culinary lavender?

King Street East... a culinary wasteland??

I like Morning Glory.

Good donuts in GTA?

Paczki at Granowska's on Roncesvalles are light and airy and delicious. Rosehip or cherry jam- or poppyseed and almond-filled. MMMMMMM!

British Style Fish & Chips :(

My new friend Ali is the owner of British Style Fish & Chips and the man who you have come to know as the one who makes a consistently delicious meal. I went in for lunch yesterday, as I hadn't visited for a while, and was telling Ali about the posts here on the "Best Fish & Chips in the GTA?" thread. He was thrilled by the positive responses from everyone at Chowhound.
But then he said the news couldn't have come at a worse time for him - yesterday was his last day as proprieter, he sold the business to spend time with his family! (He and his girlfriend just welcomed a baby girl and are expecting another baby in a few months.)
But alas, dear Chowhounds, he plans to open another shop along the Danforth (near Coxwell) some time in the next while. If I hear from him about this new venture, I will be sure to post it.

Coffee roasters in Toronto?

I love the Bulldog. Their coffee is great, service is stellar and the price is right!
I also really like the Mercury Espresso Bar on Queen East between Carlaw and Logan. And I'm getting excited about the opening of Red Rocket Coffee, opposite the streetcar depot at Queen East and Greenwood.

Coffee roasters in Toronto?

I think Cherry Bomb on Roncesvalles roasts their own beans, too. Their coffee is amazing. I think Tinto on Ronces' does, too.

Want great breakfast?

Yep, it rocks. For breakfast or lunch. Their burgers are delicious - who needs saki-massaged beef?

Restaurant Makeover

I love Homeway. Great food. Great atmosphere.

Restaurant Makeover

I remember that Innocenti on King at Portland had the same thing happen to them.

Economical Restaurant Venue for Wedding

I attended a wedding last summer at Brassai. Buffet dinner of roasted vegetables, salmon and a perfectly cooked beef tenderloin, hosted in the private back room. The courtyard was beautifully lit for cocktails. The only complaints - not a lot of room to dance, and one had to trudge through the main dining room to the courtyard to have a cigarette, which was rude to other diners.
I also attended another wedding at La Maquette. Gorgeous space. Great food. Service could be better, but it's a lovely space.

Restaurant Makeover

The restaurant formerly known as Europe Planet on Danforth between Coxwell and Woodbine was a cozy little Italian place that served tasty, unfussy food at a reasonable price. The service was outstanding and the portions were very generous.
After its "Restaurant Makeover", it has a new name (I think, although I'm not quite sure what it is offhand), a smashing modern decor and the prices DOUBLED to reflect the new menu. So I won't go. A few extra ingredients and a menu written in Italian. It's such a shame.

Cajun Corner - Just Like Being in New Orleans!!!

I love this place! They have been a neighbourhood staple for years, having recently moved from Greenwood/Queen to Logan/Queen to expand their kitchen. The friendly owners make thrice-yearly pilgrimages to Louisiana to procure the products they carry - and they try to
carry things you might not find elsewhere - they really make an effort to find local, small (often home) producers of really quality sauces, condiments, mixes and meat (try the
amazing Andouille sausage they carry!). I spoke with the owners shortly after Hurricane Katrina - their supply chain was almost destroyed, but I'm thrilled the business has survived as have the production of so many fine goods in Louisiana.

The fried chicken is the best in the city - it's crispy, without being greasy, with a juicy centre and it's perfectly spiced. The blackened catfish is delicious. The beignets, with a big cup of Cafe du Monde coffee, are addictive. The shrimp po'boy is excellent.

Pick up some Hurricane Mix for your next party - it's a fabulous drink.
1 oz white rum
1 oz Jamaican dark rum
1 oz Bacardi 151 rum
3 oz orange juice
3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
1/2 oz grenadine syrup
crushed ice
Combine all ingredients, mix well (shake or stir). Pour over crushed ice in hurricane glass. Best enjoyed through a small straw. Garnish with fruit wedge if desired.

I can't recommend enough - thank god it's on the streetcar line.

Hard Candies (like East Side Mario's/Jack Astor's)

Nutty Chocolatier has a good selection of hard candies in interesting flavours. And a better selection of British import hard candies like custard and rhubarb, which I'm addicted to, and treacle toffees (also delicious).

st patricks day

The line-ups start here before 10am. But it's so worth it.