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Where to buy canned pumpkin?

There are a few cans for sale in Baltimore at the Canton Safeway, if you're interested in a short drive.

Dinner near Meyerhoff?

x2 on the Brewer's Art for the Meyerhoff. We saw Lewis there last year after spending happy hour at BA. He is even funnier after some Festivus, frites and a personal pizza.

Poutine in Bmore

Anywhere locally where this is sold?

Brewer's Art Resurrection sold in Stores (Balto & DC)

$9.99 would be nice, but i've seen several retailers (Brewer's Art included) that are selling these for $11-12

Peach ice cream?

not sure about nova, but the article was probably talking about the excellent peach ice cream at Penn State's tiny ice creamery/ice cream school

Glarus Chocolatiere

Good truffles, but could add up pricewise (especially since they don't seem to hook you up with free samples...)

Montreal suggestions

Will be there for a week in Old Montreal and wondering for spots featuring delicious local food and craft brew. Extra points for anything either walkable or off mass transit.

Help explain the big deal with pit beef..

and no comment about the hack job Bourdain did on the Baltimore episode?

Chilean Beer

I had the same experience. It happens that there are a cluster of German expats that used to be in that area. (I heard there is also a BMW factory or something very German-like in those parts). I ended up reviewing a few of those brews and some quality beer bars that ended up on
I haven't found the Kuntsmann outside of Chile, but there are a few of the Chilean macro-lagers that you can purchase here in the states at places with larger inventory.

Jul 24, 2009
thecheeseisblue in Beer

Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

The Brick would definitely win the "most overhyped good beer bar" category. I can't remember them, or RFD's for that matter, ever having half of the beers that I've actually asked for. The food is marginal, the waitstaff subpar, etc. etc.

Jul 24, 2009
thecheeseisblue in Beer

Where to buy Angostura bitters?

Many large retailers sell it, as it isn't a liquor itself.
That being said, have you thought of actually making the bitters yourself?

Lexington Mkt Bmore?

Coddies AND crabcakes are a given.
I'm also partial to the turkey ladies just outside of Faidley's.

Chowsearch--have you havd the fish sandwich at the caribbean joint at the JFX Farmer's Market?

The Bicycle has closed....

This was posted on the E. Large blog of the other day. I think someone also posted that a couple of restaurants (Regi's, Metro?) might be honoring the gift certs from Bicycle too.

BTW, I agree, it does suck

What is Maryland known for?

No. The O's have been in the basement for a decade. Our "local" franks are the Esskay brand name pasted on Gwaltney dogs. Esskay has been gone for longer than the Orioles were last in contention.

Now beer, you could always get them a tasty sixer of some Clipper City brews. Any of the Heavy Seas line would be quite applicable. there are several third coast area brews that aren't available here in MD. If your family member is a fan of certain breweries, they'd have to bring them in their checked bags.

Spaghetti pizza

It can get a bit dry, so get a side of sauce.
The best in the area is the baked ziti pizza at fortunato's on York Road.
As far as calories go...

Roma sausage at Giant

I usually buy them at the Canton Safeway, but they can also be purchased directly from the source. The "store" in H-town also has some good veal.

Anyone else disappointed with Oregon Grille

I agree, they've been resting on their laurels like several other restaurants in the Balto-area (Tio Pepe, Brass Elephant, etc.). There aren't many other places to eat around there, unless you'd like something pre-made at Wegman's.

Pho in Towson!! (maybe?)

Called Columbia to learn more about the location and the only reply was "Towson, I don't know Towson, click."

Pho in Towson!! (maybe?)

Their Columbia spot is AWESOME. Giant, great food, and affordable washed down with some Viet coffee...hmmmmmmmmmm.
Towson would save a long drive down south and $4 in the tunnels. It would definitely be worth hitting up.

Anyone been to Talara yet (Harbor East - BMore)?

Was the pisco a Peruvian or a Chilean presentation?

JFX Farmer's Market 2009

--I guess he'll drop the price if no one buys any.
--The dairy folks have eggs as well. They are on the south side near the diner.
--The meat guys have veal. Saw some on the East and North sides this week.
--Let them know. Who knows, you might see some there next week.
--The cheese folks were great, got the bella vita myself
--Organization? Really? Suck it up and walk around :)

Best Cheap Beer

X2 on the National Bohemian

Jun 05, 2009
thecheeseisblue in Beer

Soft Shell Crabs Yet?

Purchased some live from the guys at the Fallsway Farmers Market on Sunday. Lightly floured, then sauteed in some butter...Mmmm

Where to find canned chipotles in adobo?

Whole Foods in Harbor East had 3 different brands of them this weekend.

Crabs and Jewish Food

The Russian place is EuroDeli on Reisterstown in Owings Mills. They have not only the best lox and feta that I've ever had, but they have amazingly low prices for it to boot. The folks there can be a bit "abrupt" with the non-Russians in the crowd, but the product speaks for itself.

Where to find canned chipotles in adobo?

They sell them in the Canton Safeway, aisle 2 across from the boxed pastas

Website with Balto restaurant deals

Seems like more and more restaurants are being added to this site every day...


Def business casual, though I always suit up to head there. Enjoy yourself. It is best to just ignore the prices and order whatever tickles your fancy.

I love pairing the multi-course meal with wine...MMMmmm. sauteed soft crab in a light corn meal served with a nice champagne...

Tater Tots in Bmore

Why would you need to stray away from cheesy crabby tots at Ale Mary's?
(I could give you a can buy a bag, toss them in the oven, and put WHATEVER you want on top!!!)

Where to buy banana leaves to make tamales?

Several places in "Upper" Fells Point, most Stop Shop and Saves in the area, An Uh Run (sp) on the west side of town