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Good INdian Food IN Jax

PLease let me know your thoughts!

Sep 08, 2009
magpiered in Florida

Good INdian Food IN Jax

I live in Jacksonville and would like to try Indian food. (I know - I can't believe I haven't had it either). Can anyone recommend a good place? We live in Riverside, but we can travel to any part of town.

Aug 10, 2009
magpiered in Florida

Dining for men

OK, I realize I made them sound like knuckle draggers -
They actually have a variety of tastes. My husband loves a good tuna steak, but my dad and brother are not big fans of seafood. My father enjoys wine so any place with an extensive wine list would be nice. My brother is more basic - not such a veggie guy, but will always try something new.

(I just didn't want to send them anywhere that might house a doily)

Dining for men

Yes, that would be helpful huh? Italian, steak, and southern style. A good wine list would also be great. Thanks!

Family friendly dining on St. Simon's Island

I will be staying with friends on St. Simon's. We both have 2.5 y/o daughters. Can anyone recommend a fun, family-friendly restaurant in the area?

Dining for men

Hi, my dad, brother and husband will be visiting D.C. Can anyone recommend some restaurants that they would enjoy? Nothing frou-frou and yes, they're carnivores. I see a lot of recommendations but they are in publications that might not match their tastes. They will be in town for 4 days so they would enjoy variety.


Jacksonville/St. Augustine?

I agree with Barbara Jean's. Great location and the best bread basket! I have to recommend Mojo's Kitchen for BBQ over Bono's. Mojo's is N.C. style and it is wonderful. We eat there often. There is one at the beach that also hosts live music. There is also a place in the Mayport area (Beaches) called K.J.'s kitchen that does great southern style, soul food.
If you're downtown for a Sun's game then I recommend the Burrito Gallery. It is downtown on Adams St. If you're from SoCal then you already know burritos but this place has a fun bar and a funky atmosphere too.

Jul 03, 2008
magpiered in Florida