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Why are there so many terrible restaurants in Jersey?

There's always Manhattan for you sweetheart.

Mar 30, 2014
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Seagrass Restaurant- Anyone?

Thanks for an updated review here as it's been a couple of years since we last visited this fine restaurant.

Going to see Amos Lee in a few weeks at the Basie, and while it's always nice to dine (in RB) and then walk to the show, maybe, just maybe we'll try Sg.

Mar 30, 2014
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Central NJ small party private dosing suggestions needed

If you want trendy, Due Mari fits the bill but it is more appropriate for a wedding rehearsal dinner etc (as it has a bar and is a bit more hip and adult). Food is excellent. LouCas, while not trendy (why does one need trendy for a Communion party is beyond me) is also top shelf. It's excellent.

You'll also probably pay less per head going to LouCas as well with their room (Lou Cas's) affording far more quiet than DM (which I believe is just a 'set aside' in that large room which gets noisy once diners start filling in).

As for dosing, you can always get off quicker just dropping it into your eye, unless you have liquid. :-)

All the best with your event.

Mar 30, 2014
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Best Italian in Monmouth County

My favorites: Piccola Italia in Oakhurst for northern Italian.
I also really like Gaetano's in RB.

Favorite pizza place is now Sea Bright Pizza. Outstanding

Mar 26, 2014
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Bistro Ole and Johnny Mac's

looks interesting (architecturally). Don't know what it'll be food wise, but this looks like a nice project.

It sure looks like a roof garden.

PS: Computer crashed and with that some email forum names. Yours truly JustJake.

Feb 24, 2014
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Langosta Lounge - Asbury Park

Dined there last evening with my wife and my oldest son for his birthday.

We were contemplating Brandl, but those prices.....ouch!!! Chris, you need to find a building and buy it as I'm sure there's at least a 25% mark up at your current digs. And in this economy, value rules.

Not that Langosta is pub grub and pub grub prices. First time there. The ticket is to secure an early evening reservation based on Asbury's emerging attractivness. Being a local, it's but a 5 minute ride.

Appys: Bayou Shrimp (excellent), Summer Crab Cake (good, not great; nothing compares to a Joe Romanowski creation over in the Highlands), and I had the traditional Lobster Roll (skip this folks as it's chintzy. Delicious, I'll give you, but they dolloped onto the Hawiaan soft rolls like it was Beluga).

Entrees were very very good: Shrimp/Scallops in a light seafood cream sauce over rigatoni. SearedAhi Tuna over garlic smashed potatos with julienned carrots, squash, zucchini and sugar peas. I had the Lobster Bangock which had a curry based cocoanut milk sauce (ever so lighlty) over the same vegetables and Black Rice.

Desserts: Cuban Rice pudding (good/smallish portion), mango/passion fruit gelato ( a real winner) and flourless chocolate cake.

Nice room that does get crowded as the night goes on. They appear to have overcome any of the service shortfalls that I've read and heard about.

Nice place. Nothing extrordinary, but quite good. And what's not to like from a chef such as Marilyn Schlossenback who puts a lotta love and passion into here cooking. A beautiful evening, people are on the boards and Asbury has been on a real nice 'updraft'. Granted there are spots that still look like Beirut, but that was the case with the Lower East Side not too long ago.

I'm glad to have Asbury as an option to Red Bank which has become a bit sterile for this writer's palatte and 'hang'. Still love the Basie,; love some of the restaurants and some of the other musical spaces, but it's Asbury Park and the organic vibe that's hooked me.

I recommend Langosta for a fun evening and Asian/Latin cuisine. A nice pairing if you're going to the Pony or Lance's place.

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Pizza in Monmouth County

Somerset and Hunterdon can't hold a candle to the places in Monmouth. I grew up here and I've happened to work in Somerset for the last 20 years. There is nothing in Somerset that even comes close (not the Chimney Rock, not Stans, not anything in Sommerville).

I have a dozen spots within 10 minutes of me here in the RB-Belmar corridor that are as good as anything you'll find here in NJ (cept' the gold mine that Trenton continues to be)

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Pizza in Monmouth County

Tell us what spots that you have tried out. While Monmouth isn't like many places up north that still have ethnic enclaves and thus good pirzzarias and Italian, we DO HAVE VERY GOOD pizza joints.

Tell me where you've been.

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Christie's Italian Seafood Grill Rt 9 Howell NJ ?

I've also dined there a couple of times. Fine service and food. It was a couple of years ago, and if they're still in business, all of those 'right things' that they were doing are probably still in place.

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Best Pizza in N.J.

Agreed. The best I've ever had. It's all subjective and I've eaten good pie in and around NYC for a long time.

If I'm in the area, it's not a reach to drive the extra couple of miles and grab a pie from this place.

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Pizza in Monmouth County

It is what it is. Tomato Pie, the best remains to be found in 3-4 spots in and around Trenton.

As for pizza, my favorites in this order are: Vesuvio's (Belmar), Vics (Bradley), Freddie's (LB), Brothers (RB for the margharita), Frankie Fed's (Fhold), Squan Tavern, Tuzzios (LB), Val's (Rumson).

Sep 04, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Unofficial poll on best places to eat in NJ (high end and cheap) - moved from Tristate board

Favorite tomato pies: DeLorenzo's Hamilton
Farvorte pizza: Vesuvio's Belmar
Favorite Thai: Four Seasons, Edison/Tuptim, Montclair
Favorite Chineese: Little Schezauan Little Silver
Favorite Italian: Too many to mention
Favorite Seafood: Harry's Sea Bright
Favorite All Around Restaurant: Bay Ave Tratorria, Highlands
Favorite Mexican: Joyce's Bakery, Bound Brook
Favorite Southern: Jameson's Neptune
Favorite New American: Stage Left, New Brunswick,
Favorite Burger: Red, Red Bank
Favorite 'Special Occasion': Nicholas, Middletown
Favorite Fix Price: Green Gables, LBI
Favorite Romantic: Whispers, Spring Lake

Apr 26, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Restaurant Plan B - Asbury

Ate here last nite (Sat) and I beg to differ. The general consensus is that Plan B isn't worth a return visit. Room descriptions aside, the food was very uneven and not even close to being memorable.

My wife's beet and goat cheese appy was good (I did sample a taste and it was good; we make a very similar dish at the house because of a love of freshly roasted beets). The bangers and mash appy that I shared with our host was pedestrian; make that subpar. This was nothing more than cubed home fries and a piece of grilled sausage.

The chicken breast (with bone in) that was ordered by my wife and friend were miniscule portions (as it resembled but one rib bone off of a rack of lamb) with the pureed squash it sat in on the plate being devoid of seasoning and/or taste (this per both of their comments). I had the angus burger (which I rarely order any beef when dining out, unless it's a notable steak house) and while tasty (with shallots and roasted tomatoes) note the following: The micro greens that accompanied the dish had NO, I repeat NO vignarette on the greens. While it was not mentioned as being part of the meal, as our server delivered the plates, I inquired as to what dressing was used. The comment which I didn't fully hear was some sort of vignarette. Fair enough as I like a light dressing (balsalmic or EVO/balsamic). Folks, It WAS DRY. After two forkfulls, I left it uneaten (and I do love micro greens, mesculin lettuces, etc). It was fresh, a nice mound of greens, but it was DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan B will be Plan Z on my list of restaurants to consider should we be reviewing dining out. I really wanted to like this place but I cannot recommend same to anyone who may ask me about the place. My wife and friend would state same. As my wife and I were guests of a dear friend who took me out for my birthday of earlier in the week, I feel just a tad better as it wasn't my dime on such an uneven and pedestrian meal. That young chef has got a way to go. Just sorry we couldn't get into Joe Romanowski's place till 9pm which was too late to have dinner.

Mar 15, 2009
ParadiseWaits in Mid-Atlantic

Fun BYOs in N. Monmouth County NJ

Yeah, Woodbridge is almost Northern Monmouth. Hell it's Northern Middlesex.

Nice try. Same with the South River restaurant.

Mar 14, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Tacos anyone???

Plain and simply. A great $2.50 taco can be found at Joyce's Bakery in South Bound Brook. Chorizo, Pollo, Carne,.

A double soft taco full of meat, freshly sauteed onions, and fresh cilantro. Your choice of the caliente red or salsa verde toppings with a side of limes. BYOB.

I don't bother with anyplace else here in the Garden State. Reminds me of any of the 'mobile' taqueiras in Sonoma County that are the best (especially the one in Guerneville CA)

Mar 10, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Best Mac & Cheese in Monmouth-Ocean Counties NJ

Jameson's is the best with it's crunchy burnt top and cheezy infused mac. Joe Romanowski makes a good one (my favorite restauranteur here at the Northshore for the past 20 years) as chimed by a few others above.

But Jameson's.....damn. If it weren't for Bob 'limiting' how much you can order, I'd ask for a full sheet and pay a half a yard for that stuff. It's that good.

Mar 10, 2009
ParadiseWaits in Mid-Atlantic

Best cioppino in San Francisco

While Tadich or Scoma's was a 'chalk favorite' and stated to be "the place to go" when we visited your fair city back in Oct, this Jerseyite (shore resident) loved the cioppino at Pescatore's. I can only presume that you folks have it in for anything that is in the shadow of Fisherman's Wharf (though, isn't Scoma's near there???) because of the 'tourista trap-rap"..

Anyway, we have fresh fish (Atlantic) 2-3x per week here in the Red Bank/Asbury Park area restaurants that tap into the fishing fleets of nearby Atlantic Highlands, Belmar and Point Pleasant co ops. It's not like we live in Ohio and don't know good seafood.

Pescatore's was memorable. Sure it was a bit noisy with the doors/sliders open, but the food was quite good. I'd visit Pescatore's in a heartbeat for their cioppino. It was fresh, cooked just right (on the medium rare side) and was extremely well balanced.

Mar 10, 2009
ParadiseWaits in San Francisco Bay Area

Famous Deninos of S.I. Stealths into Aberdeen, NJ

I was recently in Matawan as I was dropping off my taxes, stopped into the Dunkin Donuts for some java and asked around for Denino's as I've been excited by the prospect of trying Denino's. No one could tell me, until that is, till I found this post.

Next time I'm up there, I'm making a B line to the place. Btw, P&E's isn't good pie. At all. The best pie at the northshore (where I live) are Vesuvio's in Belmar, Vic's (I've been won over again by this place), Brothers in Red Bank makes a helluva margharita pie. I'm down on Tuzzio's (terrible tastless crust) and haven't tried Freddie's in LB for some time.

But please with the ravings for Pete & Elda's. It's not that good (and I live but 7-8 minutes from the place) and it doesn't make my 'short list'.

Best pie in NJ? Delorenzo's in Trenton. That'll be the measuring stick when I try Denino's.


Mar 10, 2009
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Has Ayers's Calafia opened up yet?

just curious as I see Charlie from time to time in and around NYC when he comes in. Was out west in Oct. and heard that he was going to open up in Nov.


Jan 24, 2009
ParadiseWaits in San Francisco Bay Area

Chinese Fine Dining in Ocean/Monmouth County?

Interesting that no one ventured to offer up "Little Szcheuan" in Little Silver. My favorite and they do offer unique and fabulous dishes (especially soft shell crab when it's in)

Nov 24, 2008
ParadiseWaits in New Jersey

Sullivan County/Liberty dining suggestions?

Heading on up to Swan Lake for a long weekend this weekend. As I google to death trying to find an eatery for Saturday nite, I find the results being real skimpy.

Manny's Steak/Seafood and a place in Calicoon (on the Delaware R) which looks to be every bit of a 45 minute ride appear to be the only worthwhile choices with the Calicoon spot to be the more eclectic and better of the two.

I will not do pizza up here and it appears that there's a lot of Chinese (any Thai? Viet?).

Or am I resigned to cooking 'in' (we do have an excellent cook in our party of 6, and I know my way around a kitchen as well).

Good diners? arrrrrrggggghhhhhh. Thanks in advance.

Nov 16, 2008
ParadiseWaits in General Tristate Archive

Dinner with a view

You could do far worse than check out Greens in the Fort Mason area. Had a wonderful lunch there last week with some dear friends from Whidbey Island.

Food is outstanding; the desserts are wonderful and there's a pretty nice wine list.

It's a sparse room, but nearly all of the walls have a continuous run of gridded windows with a nice exposure to look out at the GGB and the hills.

Let us know how you make out, wherever you may end up dining at.

Oct 21, 2008
ParadiseWaits in San Francisco Bay Area

Thai/Viet in consort with GGP

one of our days in the city will have us visiting the Sunset/In.Richmond. for an afternoon in the Park (want to check out the de Young, afternoon tea at the Tea Garden, and also check out the Arboretum) which will be done 'midweek' and not the weekend.

Want to do lunch and it looks like I've come across 3 good ones. Marnee Thai on 9th (which appears to be within a block of the park) and two spots north of the Park in Richmond (on far is that from the park?): Khan Toke Thai and La Vie Viet.

They appear to suit my needs in what I'm looking for in an Asian restaurant. Does either of these 'stand out' and deserve pointed attention and a seat to dine bar none.

What mass transit does one use (multiple connects?) coming in from North Beach to reach the Park?

As always, thanks for your responses.

Aug 24, 2008
ParadiseWaits in San Francisco Bay Area

Gary Danko and then some.....

Visiting in mid October (4 days Russian River Valley and 3 in the city in North Beach).

Danko looks like everything I'm looking for in that special romantic evening (Anniversary) while we're in town. A few questions of those who may know:

Does the 3 course tastings offer a wine pairing as does the 5 course?

It appears that there is no 'wine by the glass' availability here should we not go the tastings menu route...

Of our 3 nites in town (and a moderate budget), dinner appears to be tentatively viewed as being Blue Plate, Incanto and Danko.

If the Danko inquiries are both NO, I may have to look elsewhere as it may be a bit too much on this writer's pocketbook. If so, I'd welcome any substitute 'memorable evening restaurants' (though, none of the marquee hotels please).

Thanks much.

Aug 22, 2008
ParadiseWaits in San Francisco Bay Area