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First visit to Scarpetta

We had our first visit on Sunday. Overall we felt it was and excellent though overpriced experience. Agree with the note on the spaghetti - our primary complaint was that the pasta was undercooked - a little more tooth than expected. The ravioli was excellent and the black cod was perfect. Biggest issue was price, but overall the service and food were top notch.

Scarpetta Beverly Hills
225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Jun 20, 2011
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Anniversary weekend at St Regis Monarch Beach

My experience was the opposite. While we enjoyed Stonehill Tavern, our experience at The Studio was much nicer.

Jun 10, 2011
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

the Buggy Whip

Let's be real here people. The Buggy Whip is a very nice older style restaurant that has successfully been around for a long time. If you go there expecting a modern avant-garde experience you will be unhappy. If you go there for a traditional local neighborhood meal from a traditional restaurant you will be happy. It is a nice comfortable environment that can make you feel relaxed and good.

Buggy Whip Restaurant
7420 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Feb 16, 2011
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

stonehill tavern

My wife and I have been to both and they were excellent. There is no doubt from our experience that that Studio was the better of the two.

As far as Mina's - I like his home restaurant in San Francisco the most, but we really enjoyed our meal at Sea Blue at the MGM also.

Have fun exploring.

Nov 12, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Can you recomment a restaurant in Laguna Beach

Add another vote for Studio - I think it is about the best in Orange County.

Nov 10, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Bristol Farms sold

It was bought by its current management team - should enable them to make it even better.

Nov 01, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Best seafood market west hollywood

How about the rather new Pavilions market? Seems they may have some good seafood to offer.

Oct 22, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Fine dining in LA/Orange County Area

We have tried Marche Moderne, Napa Rose, & Stonehill Tavern (mentioned by others here) and think they are excellent, but our best experience was at Studio in the Montage in Laguna Beach. Best in OC.

Napa Rose Restaurant
1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Marche Moderne
3333 Bristol St 3001, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Stonehill Tavern
St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA 92629

30801 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA

Sep 28, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

The Proud Bird Near LAX?

From what I understand most of the planes are not fake. Some are replicas but not all.

Jan 08, 2010
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Scotts Seafood???

Scott's is nice for the atmosphere but I thought the seafood was only ok. What really turned my off was one particular item. I like miso marinated black cod and saw it on their menu. I even recommended it to my cousin who was visiting from out of town. They clearly substituted some other type of fish with out letting us know in advance. VERY big disappointment! Too many other restaurant to go back casually.

Dec 11, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Where do you go to for INEXPENSIVE, good, tasty fish?

Closed a few years ago - was unhappy when that happened - not the best quality but a nice casual stop on the Promenade.

Sep 09, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Bottega Louie - an Italian heaven? [Review + Pics]

Nice review - Thanks. We had some of the same items you mentioned and very much enjoyed the food and service. I am a little surprised that the noise level has not been mentioned. Although everything else was excellent, the restaurant was loud enough to make me hesitant to return. Basically had to yell to have a conversation with my wife.

Jul 31, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Old L.A.- Where would Bogie eat?

IMHO Musso and Frank is a place to go to once for the historical value - I'm glad we went, but I won't be back - too many other places with better environment, food, and service.

Jul 28, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

do you love Chinois on Main?

While you are logically correct about small tops, if you can get a larger table my wife and I like to order more food than we can eat in one sitting. This way we get the variety to take advantage of a restaurant like this and we take most of it home for a couple of other meals from the leftovers.

Jul 28, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

New Costco Business Center, Commerce

I have executive membership and shopped at the first location in Hawthorne with no problems. Signs indicated that business or executive was required, but someone told me that any member can shop there. Would say it is worth a call to check.

Jul 27, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Most influential restaurant

I would strongly agree with the XIV suggestion.

Jul 22, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Your favorite Seafood Shack-type restaurant?

I agree with Captain Kidd's - good place to go. They also have whole fish - I always buy 2 whole salmon and have them filleted (free service) when we have a large party.

May 17, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Fashion Island Newport Beach

Roy's is also worth a visit.

Apr 27, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Paul Martin's - New in Manhattan Beach

Other restaurants try to use the "Manhattan Beach" location - The city of El Segundo logically objects. I agree with them - take some pride in your location!

Apr 19, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

The Buggy Whip

The Buggy Whip is a fine local restaurant (I live within walking distance) but it is not really (IMO) a destination restaurant. I enjoy eating there - But keep in mind that when I go I am not expecting to get a Spago or similar experience. I find the older looking, darker, red booth environment comfortable and generally have a relaxing dinner. (And I like the green goddess dressing).

Apr 07, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Things will be changing at London (WeHo)

My son forwarded this article to me entitled "Chef Gordon Ramsey Bails on WeHo". The hotel bought it out.


Mar 10, 2009
bllrdfam in Food Media & News


Sorry to add to the confusion - I always enjoy Josie. (1 to 1 tie so far!)

Mar 09, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica Seafood

In Redondo Beach you can also get whole fish (they will clean and fillet it for you) at Capt Kidds. I have bought a few whole salmon from them with excellent results.

Mar 03, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Mastros Ocean Club or Scotts Seafood

I like the atmosphere and have had good service at Scotts, but the food keeps me away now.

Feb 23, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Client dinner MDR or Venice or LAX convenient

The Custom Hotel web site still shows Bistrotek as open so I called. It is closed for remodeling (i.e. their web site is out of date). Anybody know what is going on (will miss the shrimp sliders)?

Feb 04, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area



Jan 13, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

caviar - where to buy it?

I just had some very good Caviar from Costco.

Jan 01, 2009
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Ramsey or Mina for tasting Menu?

Have not tried Ramsey, but we really enjoyed XIV - have fun!

Dec 11, 2008
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Who has the best wasabi in LA?

We have purchased (at Surfas - they don't always have it) real wasabi in a powdered form. It may not be the same as fresh, but it is much better than the normal green horseradish powder. We always try to have some on hand.

Nov 05, 2008
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area

Best Cheese Shop in LA?

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills (


Also do a search on LA Chowhound - you will find other discussions

Oct 25, 2008
bllrdfam in Los Angeles Area