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Some place special near St. John the Divine?

Pisticci, LaSalle between Broadway and Claremont. or Community which someone else mentioned and which is louder and can be packed with families on the weekends).

Nov 08, 2012
lulucat in Manhattan

wedding cakes at a good value

The bakers from Soutine have opened a new place in Morningside Heights called One Cup, Two Cupcakes (Columbus Ave near 107th St.). The same reasonable prices and the same beautiful and delicious cakes. The name is rather misleading, though, because they have plenty of other things. It's more like a slightly pared down version of Soutine rather than a cupcake joint. Definitely worth checking into if you're ordering a special-occasion cake.

Aug 10, 2012
lulucat in Manhattan

Where to buy alcholoic ginger beer?

Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer. They have just started importing it to the US; ask on their Facebook page who the wholesaler or retailers are in the DC/MD areas:

cafe to sit and read for an hour near Columbia U?

Just wanna second what people have said about Toulousaine. It's a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Good croissants and the pastries I've tried so far have been excellent (not sickly sweet and more subtle in flavor than most), but no, they don't hold up well. Best to take home and refrigerate right away. Their blueberry muffin is one of the best bakery bought muffins I have ever tasted! -- they are like the ones I make myself those rare times I deign to turn the oven on.. Coffee is nothing to write home about. And no, the vibe isn't for lingering, but for an hour or so with the paper or a book, it's perfectly fine. They haven't been open long enough to tweak things, and I hope once they get their "legs," the atmosphere might improve.

Mar 05, 2012
lulucat in Manhattan

Reporting back on our London visit

I too love A.Gold. A great place to pick up gifts to take back. They carry certain British foodstuffs that are hard to find, even here in New York.

Mar 09, 2007
lulucat in U.K./Ireland

xocoa barcelona

I was in Barcelona in November and wished I had had time to visit more chocolate places. That said, I wasn't too impressed with Xocoa: the chocolate was okay , but I thought that Cacao Sampaka's was of much better quality and flavor.

Dec 26, 2006
lulucat in Spain/Portugal

Takeout in Danvers?

Can anyone suggest some decent take-out joints in or very close to Danvers? Also, any good spots for breakfast?

Sep 07, 2006
lulucat in Greater Boston Area

Ellenville, NY

Aroma Thyme is good food, quality ingredients - I especially like the pizzas. Decent wine selection. Probably the best local bet if you're going post [Shadowlands] theater.