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Your food world and computers

Since your wife loves to use her cookbooks and magazines, and does get online, you might want to introduce her to the Eat Your Books website. The website maintains data on thousands of cookbooks and magazines and let you search for recipes with specific ingredients, recipe titles, authors, etc. Once you sign up, you create a personalized list of all the books and magazines you already own, so you can quickly and easily search only your own collection. I do this all the time and from the search results, I can narrow my recipes choices down to a few and then pull a couple of books from the shelf and decide which I would like best.

Eat Your Books is pretty popular over on the Chowhound Home Cooking board where cookbooks are discussed a lot.
Here's one topic:

You can sign up for a free limited trial membership to try it out and after that it is $25 a year for a very good service, they are always adding new books and the new magazines.

P.S. I have no vested interest in EYB, just a satisfied customer for about three years.

Jul 26, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Sun. Lunch for 12 Mission St. Yerba Buena area.

You can try calling B Restaurant. They are on the top level looking out over Yerba Buena Park. See what they can do for your group, their menu is more about small plates and not that many veg choices. It is a lovely location on a nice day, both inside and outside seating. However, if there is an event at Moscone Center that day they may be sold out.

Jul 25, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Why is In-n-out so damn good?

There's a reason why so many of their stores are located next to freeway off ramps. It's a quick and inexpensive bite when you are on the road.

Jul 19, 2015
pamf in Chains

Who does the wall menus at crepe places?

I think there is a relationship between all of these places, as different family members branch off and start their own places, so it makes sense that they would have the similar menus and menu art.

High Tide in Pacifica is on the regular rotation when we want a sandwich and their burgers are pretty good too. It's not fancy but a generous, casual meal is usually around ten dollars. Very popular for their breakfast menu, but I don't care for the crepes, too much cheese and overloaded with other ingredients.

Not a bad meal, the ingredients are usually good quality and cooked fresh, just nothing fancy. What do you expect for a ten dollar lunch.

Jul 19, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

There's No Such Thing As Bad…

Recently there was a promotion at the local Safeway for a box mix of Red Lobster branded Cheddar Bay Biscuits. So I tried it. You do have to add your own cheese and (I think) butter. They turned out quite well and I am not much of a baker.

Jul 18, 2015
pamf in General Topics

Asked to leave the building after ordering take out

Yes, XOCO is an order at the counter place and the line for people who want a table can get quite long. The staff magically makes it flow smoothly so that people get seated when their food is ready.

What I learned after my first visit to XOCO is that if you want take-out you can go to the second register and order there, food is ready pretty quickly. You can also go to the second register if you are already seated and just want to order more beer or something, without much of a wait. So it would unreasonable if a party that ordered food to go, suddenly grabbed a table.

Probably, in the OP's situation I would have explained the situation with the long wait and asked for a table. As for the cost factor, I almost always need a to go box because I cannot eat a restaurant portion in one sitting, so far I have not been denied or charged extra for it.

I know in California there is a tax difference if you order prepared food in grocery stores, but I am not sure if it applies to restaurants. I think the tax is the same.

Now I am craving a savory torta.

Jul 16, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Pizzeria Delfina

PD is very good at keeping their website up to date, so you can always check the daily menu online for those specials. The menus do vary a bit from location to location.

Not sure if I posted this before but the Burlingame location has a parking lot in back that is free with validation.

Jul 13, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Sonoma Wine Itinerary

I think you will really enjoy Healdsburg. It is a charming town with plenty of dining options. You can stroll around the square in the evening. There are also quite a few tasting rooms right in town.

Jul 13, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Sonoma Wine Itinerary

Where will you be staying while you are in Sonoma County? In the town of Sonoma or in Healdsburg or elsewhere. Remember that the county is quite large (larger than the state of Rhode Island) and the wineries and districts that you mention are kind of all over the area. I recommend that you get some maps and plan your limited amount of time so you are not spending most of the day in the car.

Copain is a lovely spot with a beautiful view and excellent wines. I don't think they offer a picnic, but more of food pairing to go along with their full tasting. I'm sure it's nice but not quite a full meal.

Recent Sonoma topic:

Jul 12, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Pizzeria Delfina

Check the web site each location may have a slightly different daily menu. The arancini are quite good but may suffer from reheating, as does the pizza (although I wouldn't turn down a leftover slice). Meatballs might be a good dish to order to take home for later.

Jul 11, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Recommendations for August Cali Trip!

101 is not scenic, like Highway 1, but it is a lot better than Highway 5. 101 runs mostly through agricultural areas and the town of Paso Robles could be a good stop, especially if you want to do a little wine tasting or find a good restaurant. It does bypass the Hearst Castle, so you would have to head back to the coast to get there. Highway 101 joins back to the coast highway around SLO.

Jul 11, 2015
pamf in California

Short and Sweet in SF -- need help with two meals for next Friday.

Pizetta 211 is indeed a small neighborhood gem, but it is a tiny restaurant and may require a wait at Saturday lunch time, a late lunch would be easier.

If you were coming from the Academy of Sciences it would require a cab ride or a couple of buses on Muni.

Gialina and Ragazza are both under the same ownership (AFAIK) with Ragazza being much closer to GGPark. All three are known for their own unique pizza styles.

Jul 08, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for an authentic southern New Mexico cookbook

I would take a look at the books written by Dave DeWitt. Most are available on amazon at used prices. He started Chile Pepper magazine back in the 90's, and has written quite a few books over the years on all aspects of using (and growing chiles). He is a resident of NM but some of his books cover spicy food from all over the world.

The most recent one I have is called "Dishing Up New Mexico" (2014) and while most of the dishes seem traditional, there are a few modern adaptations. There are also profiles of local NM producers who are creating unique products.

Jul 07, 2015
pamf in Home Cooking

A guy walks into the movie theater with his own sandwich...

There a couple of theaters in the SF Bay Area that do offer food outside of the standard megaplex options. Some of the small indie-type theaters would have coffee and pastries, like a coffee shop.

The one multiplex where I have tried the eating during a movie concept, has designated areas where food is available. For example the upper balcony of the main theater has a bar and a counter to order food. You then take your food and drinks with you to your seat on the balcony. Side tables are provided and the seating is a little bit spaced so you have some room. It is not full meal service it's mostly finger food, I think we had a personal size pizza and a cheese plate, things like that. (BTW, the movie was Julie & Julia so it was fun to have a bit of cheese and wine to go along with that.) You have to reserve these seats when you buy your tickets and have to show ID (over 21) to enter any of the areas where alcohol is allowed. Standard concession fare is also offered in the main lobby. Something for everyone.

Jul 07, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Free/Discounted Wine tastings in Healdsburg

Most tasting rooms will waive the fee with a purchase, so your group could purchase a couple of bottles at each spot to reduce the overall fees. Then you will have some bottles to enjoy back at the hotel during the evening or to take home. Check with the restaurants that you plan to dine at, some will offer a free or reduced corkage on local wines (though probably not on the weekend in high tourist season).

There has been an ongoing promotion with Visa Signature cards where participating wineries offer complimentary tastings to cardholders.

Also, you can split tastings, so maybe pay for 4 and share. Are you driving yourselves or getting a van? If driving yourselves then one person will need to be the DD.

Once place that does not charge a fee is Local's Tasting Room in Geyserville. They have a selection from many small producers who do not have their own tasting rooms. It gives you a chance to try some things that you might not find anywhere else.

Jul 06, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

Don't forget 24th Street. I think that still has a mix of the traditional and some new "hipster" places.

Jul 03, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

New Yorkers Seeking the Good Stuff

I agree with Robert, the Mission and taco places are better suited to strolling and snacking in the afternoon than for a dinner destination. Plus there are the ice cream places and other treats to be found along the way.

Jul 03, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Sourdough Revisited

I just want to add that Raymond's is making sourdough bread in South San Francisco. It's available in some Peninsula independent grocery store locations, or you can always visit the bakery store itself in SSF.

It's not as sour as I remember from the past, nor do they do a dark bake, but it's a decent loaf of bread and reasonably priced.

Jul 02, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Sugar causes cancer!

In today's vernacular "babe" does not mean a child as much as it means a sexually desirable woman. So by calling herself the "Food Babe" she is really calling attention to her image rather than any knowledge, training or experience that she may or may not have.

I think we can all think of more than one food media personality that trades on the "babe" image rather than on any expertise.

Any Shishito peppers sightings?

I saw them in Safeway (of all places) last weekend. They were pre-bagged, not loose, and I am sorry I can't recall the price.

My Safeway is in Pacifica, but if they have them at one store it's likely that other Safeway stores might have them or can get them.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

Guy's Big Bite is still airing. I am not sure when the last episodes were filmed. But he got a huge kitchen makeover and now cooks in a fabulous outdoor kitchen, presumably in Northern California.

Jun 30, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Has anybody been to Via Uno in Half Moon Bay

Stopped in yesterday for a light lunch. Split a pizza and salad with my SO. I wouldn't say that it is the best pizza on the Peninsula (love you Delfina), but it is definitely better than anything we have in Pacifica.

Crust had a good chew, not overly charred. Toppings were OK. We ordered their sausage pizza with fontina cheese and requested no mushrooms. It arrived with lots of mushrooms. They have a fairly limited selection of pizzas and don't really offer the option to customize, so we worked around that. Another minor service glitch was that we each ordered a glass of wine from their small but nice selection of wine BTG. The food showed up before the glasses of wine did and we had to remind our server about that.

I know I don't sound very enthusiastic but overall I would give them a B+. They did welcome our canine in their semi-enclosed outdoor area. I am sure we will go back again to try a few more things.

As a side note this lunch was following a very nice visit at the Trojak Knier Winery release party. Yes, there is a winery in Princeton by the sea. They get their grapes from Napa, but production is all done, more or less by hand, in Princeton, a true garagiste operation. They are open for tasting most weekends.

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

Nadia G reruns are on Cooking Channel on Wed and Fri early morning (really early morning if you are not on the east coast). Set the DVR.

Jun 26, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Wegman's Faux Pas [Moved from Boston]

You don't ruin the corn for other shoppers because once the bad ear is exposed other shoppers can see that and avoid. Supermarkets know that there is going to be a certain amount of loss from produce that is bad or goes bad from not selling quickly.

Jun 22, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Wegman's Faux Pas [Moved from Boston]

Some stores actually put trash bins next to the corn so people can husk the corn in the store. So I guess the regular produce department people empty the bins as a regular part of maintaining the department. It's not entitled behavior if the store offers it. Makes for less mess at home. It's OK if you are going to cook it right away, but I prefer to keep the husk on because I think it stays fresher and I like to cook corn on the grill in the husk.

Jun 22, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Cooking Channel going down the Food Network drain?

You need to get a DVR, because the most interesting programs on TCC and even FN are in the early morning hours. Then you can watch whichever programs you like when it it convenient for you.

Does your cable company offer the DVR option?

Your kitchen in a word (or two, or three...)

It may take some time, but eventually you can make it a great kitchen. So much to do when moving into a new home.

Jun 20, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Pizza delivery charge

Thanks for that clarification, it's very useful to understand the business perspective.

Can you tell us what state or region you operate in?

Jun 16, 2015
pamf in Not About Food

Lunch in SSF/San Bruno (Bart accessible)

The Basque Cultural Center is an interesting place that's not too far from the SSF Bart station and not too far from Genentech, kind of in between. You will usually always find cabs available outside the station because it is not walking distance, but probably just 5-10 minutes by cab.

If you have time for a nice sit down lunch with a sort of retro-French feel check out their menu. Closed Mondays and I would call for a reservation if you have time constraints.

Unfortunately, nothing within walking distance except Starbuck's and Trader Joe's. That stretch of El Camino is rather bleak, mostly just fast food. The San Bruno Bart is actually adjacent to the Tanforan mall, but nothing to recommend there just more fast food and chains (even a Hooters!


Your friend may know of places along Grand Ave. in down town SSF, that's where a lot Genetech folk show up at lunch time. These would be more casual lunch spots.

Another SF food trek - June 25 - anyone interested?

I thought I would hate Tacolicious, because of some of the things that I had read that it is not "authentic" or what ever, but I really enjoyed it. Food was flavorful, ingredients were fine quality. It's not what you are going to get at neighborhood taco truck but it is tasty. Regular restaurant prices though, not truck pricing.

We went at late lunch, weekday, at the Valencia Street location and there was no wait and the outside tables are dog friendly.

You could probably just go to the bar and order a drink and a few tacos for your group.

Jun 14, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area