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My Family Doesn't Eat My Cooking

What's so healthy about pre-made General Tso sauce? Perhaps you should go over the ingredient list and nutritional information with him sometime. Also what type of chicken is he buying?

about 16 hours ago
pamf in Not About Food

Very tentative tourist plans, open to suggestions!

Planning is half the fun! Don't forget to get 3-day Muni passes, so you can hop on and off at will and not have to worry about having exact change.

This does not include BART though, that is a separate system.

Feb 14, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Very tentative tourist plans, open to suggestions!

If your flight lands at SFO at 9am how do you plan to travel to the city? Jump in a cab (or BART) with carry-ons and it should be pretty quick. But if you have to wait for checked bags and then get a rental car it could take quite a bit longer.

Also, you didn't mention the dates you were traveling, right now the weather is great, so delays should be minimal. But if the storms come back then delays can be expected.

Feb 12, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Very specific restaurant criteria

Epic Roast House. Convenient Embarcadero location. As I recall it was not at at all cramped feeling, but we were a party of 6 or so and got one of those great circular booths. The views over the bay also help keep it feeling expansive.

Very meat centric, although they have a few dishes on the menu for other tastes.

The bar lists quite a few bourbon choices, so I would hope they can make a good old fashioned.

Feb 12, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

ISO, Boneless Pork Loin Recipes

I have enjoyed this Mario Batali recipe called Pork Loin in the
style of Porchetta. Of course you can sub out stuffing ingredients if you can't get to the store, use what ever vegetables you have on hand and sausage instead of the ground pork. Although the fennel is a great flavor in there.

Feb 10, 2015
pamf in Home Cooking

Moonraker: Updated and Open Again in Pacifica

Bumping this old thread to talk more about what's on offer at Moonraker these days (hard to believe it's been 4 years). I just commented on the on crabcakes DOTM thread, so this is about what else we sampled.

They offer happy hour every day and all evening on Wednesday. The happy hour offerings are $4-5 house cocktails, house wine and domestic beer. $1 oysters, chef's choice. The rest of the menu is at regular pricing.

In addition to the crab cakes (reported on the DOTM thread) we also tried the Duck Fat Fries (7.50), tasting portion of their clam chowder and a Ceasar salad.

The fries were cut nice and thinly (my preference) but were hard and kind of cold when served, no real evidence of the duck fat flavor. Ceasar salad was OK.

The clam chowder was quite good, lots of bacon flavor, lots of clams. The broth was creamy, not flourly. Best item that we had.

Feb 07, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Crab cakes SFBA Dish of the Month Feb 2015

We made a second visit to Moonraker in Pacifica last Wednesday to see if their initial efforts had improved. The appetizer portion is now two crabcakes, each about 2-3 inches in diameter, price is $15.

The cakes were a little over fried (too brown on the surface for my taste) and didn't offer much crab flavor. They were served over a salad of baby spinach with a few roasted or sauteed grape tomatoes. According to the menu they use Dungeness crab.

Sorry that I cannot recommend this place because the location and ocean views are what everyone wants, but the food quality and relatively high prices do not make it a go-to spot.

I have a few more coastside locations to check out this month if I can make it I will report again.

Feb 07, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for a magazine for my 80+ dad, not too adventurous

I would think that BA would not be a good choice. While I like some of their recipe ideas, it seems like they go for more restaurant type dishes and trendy ingredients.

Another peeve I have with them is that they have a very artsy style which involves tiny fonts and printing in light colors on photo backgrounds. I am a couple of decades younger than your dad and I literally cannot read this magazine without getting out the reading glasses, magnifiers, etc. I get a headache after a few pages. Food photography is nice though.

Feb 06, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Looking for a magazine for my 80+ dad, not too adventurous

I would suggest Cooking Light as well. They have loosened up a bit over the years on the super-lowfat (it's OK to use some butter and cream once and a while) while still maintaining a health orientation. Nutritional info is given for every recipe and they also have features on menu planning and meal planning for the week. Most recipes are very simple and use commonly available ingredients.

Feb 06, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Safe SF bar crawl for newly-minted 21-yr-old?

The Marina is probably the best choice for a group of young girls on their own. The OP did not mention where they are coming from or how familiar they are with SF.

They can walk the several blocks of Chestnut or Union Street and stop in at places that look interesting to them. Plenty of food options too. Lots of hotels along Lombard Street.

Feb 01, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Vacaville eatery makes Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. for 2015

That is good news for Vacaville! Recently read this kind of interesting article on about the Yelp Top 100.

Nugget Market acquiring Paradise Foods to expand to Marin County

A few years ago I was traveling to the Sacramento area frequently for work and Nugget was a regular stop. They do carry very high quality items in the seafood, meat, cheese and wine departments with prices to match.

But they are also a full grocery and prices on regular grocery items are quite good.

Very nice prepared food, deli counter, in store bakery and coffee bar too. Looking forward to having one closer than Vacaville.

Jan 30, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Pioneer Woman

<<I am wondering how long it will be before Ree Drummond is selling a line of Pioneer Woman merchandise>>

Looks like we will only have to wait several more months before we can all have our own PW branded cookware. In bright purple with a butterfly handle no less.

Scroll about half way down the page.

Jan 26, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

In Memoriam: French Food at Home

You can find a couple of her cookbooks used on Amazon. Specifically the one titled "French Food at Home" is available inexpensively. Her books were all published in Canada so I guess they were never in wide distribution in the US, therefore kind of hard to find. "French Food at Home" is interesting because she wrote it before ever being involved with TV.

Jan 24, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

In Memoriam: French Food at Home

"A question for you fans - how many of her books have you bought?"

I have all four. I would recommend the most recent one "Paris Express" which has many short essays on food and dining related topics interspersed with the recipes and lovely photos of Paris.

Jan 24, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

In Memoriam: French Food at Home

LC is also pretty active on Twitter, so if you use that you may want to follow her there. I think that gets updated more often than the website.

In Memoriam: French Food at Home

Sorry to see her gone from CC, although they had reduced it to repeating the same 12 (or so ) episodes over and over again.

If you are a Laura fan then check out her cookbooks. They are lovely. I always got the impression that she considered herself a writer first and not so much a TV personality.

Jan 21, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Need great produce store near Pacifica

My favorite location for produce is Lunardi's (top of San Bruno Ave near Skyline). Their selection may not be as extensive as MM but quality is good and prices are fair.

Mollie Stone's (San Bruno Ave at Cherry) may be a little too much like WF but their produce selection is good.

In Pacifica, Oceana Market (in the Eureka Square mall)is a good stop for basics. They are a small, independent market with a really nice selection of products. Because they are small though, their turnover on the produce is not always that fast.

For Asian items, Pacific Market (Westborough and El Camino) is probably worth a visit.

There used to be a Mexican produce store on Grand in SSF right next to La Tapitia market.

There is a farmer's market at Serramonte mall on Saturday and Thursday mornings (back parking lot). Unfortunately the Pacifica farmer's market (Wed 1pm to 6pm, and closed for the Winter now) is so small that it usually has only a few actual produce stands.

Hope this is helpful, you may not be able to find everything in one place, but hope you find some places you like to shop.

Jan 19, 2015
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

What happened to Top Chef?

It's a show on the Esquire network.

Cooking competition, with a bit of an edge. It's filmed at a "hip" (or maybe once hip) LA restaurant. Two guest chefs are given mystery ingredients, usually somewhat exotic, and they have an hour to create their dishes. Judges taste, etc.

I sometimes have a hard time watching it because the restaurant is packed with an audience and they are cheering and yelling at every move. I have to turn the sound off.

I also think that Bobby Flay's new show "Beat Bobby Flay" ripped off some of the style elements from this show.

Jan 17, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

Actually, it appears that as of the first of the year she is gone from the FN schedule. The end of an era.

Jan 16, 2015
pamf in Food Media & News

Crock-Pot Cuisine -- are you kidding?

I think you will enjoy the book. Pollan is a good researcher and an exceptionaly good writer. This book is a very personal journal of his explorations into different types of cooking and food preparations. It was probably the best book I have read in the past year.

Jan 11, 2015
pamf in General Topics

TV cooking show pet peeves

Then we can give one credit back to Rachel Ray because I have heard her say on more than one occasion that she is removing her rings before mixing up her burgers, or other meat mixtures.

Nadia G of Bitchin Kitchen also makes a point of removing her rings.

Instructions for how to avoid reading threads page by page & viewing already read comments

Thanks EM23 that worked. Simple, but by no means an obvious solution. Thanks for sorting that out for us.

Dec 19, 2014
pamf in Site Talk

site forgetting "read" posts

The site is basically unusable now. Since all posts on every topic are displayed.
No indication at all about previously read posts.

Dec 17, 2014
pamf in Site Talk

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog

I was at the Linda Mar (Pacifica) Safeway last evening and they had about four cases on the endcap near the liquor aisle.

Pricing the same as Melanie's previous post. You don't have to buy six bottles of the same thing, just six of any type of alcohol, happy holidays. (Sorry if everybody already knows this.)

Nov 24, 2014
pamf in San Francisco Bay Area

Food to help your dog GAIN weight.

Whatever your opinions on RR, one way or another, she does seem to be quite the dog lover and proceeds from the pet food line benefit animal rescue charities.

Nov 23, 2014
pamf in Not About Food

Eat - a Nat Geo series airing right now

Here's the web site for the show:

Nov 22, 2014
pamf in Food Media & News

Lunch in Paso Robles?

I have had a very nice lunch and the prix fixe dinner at Bistro Laurent the last two trips to Paso. They are downtown, right across from the square. Very reasonably priced and a nice menu of classic bistro dishes with a touch of California. The same owners have a wine store, next door, so the wine selection is good too.

Next trip I want to try the restaurant at Justin Winery (it's way on the western edge of the region). I'm sure it's lovely, but they don't post prices on their online menu, so that will require a little more investigation.

Nov 17, 2014
pamf in California

Enough televised cooking competitions!

Most of the shows that you mention (and more) are carried on the PBS/Create channel. Create is not available in every metro area, so apparently, there is not that much money flowing in.

It's sad because I like to watch these shows too. We do have create available in my area, so I watch those when I can (or DVR).

Nov 15, 2014
pamf in Food Media & News

The best San Francisco sourdough?

Lunardi's does carry Raymond's. Their private label Lunardi's bread is pretty good too. I can also get Raymond's at the little Oceana Market here in Pacifica.

However, the Raymond's bakery is in South San Francisco and they have an outlet store (the exact hours are unclear, their web site offers little information). You can get fresh baked, even warm if you get lucky. They also sell day old, which is great if you are planning on making a big batch of stuffing for Thanksgiving.

The bakery is in a big building that is on South Spruce Ave in SSF. It's about half way between Grand Ave. and El Camino. It has a big parking lot.

151 S. Spruce Ave., SSF 94080

Another bonus is that there is a little sandwich shop at the back of the building, called SubCulture. Strictly takeout. I believe that both the bakery and sandwich shop are cash only.