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Paris - Standing bars and the like?

Planning for my second meal of the day - "first" meal lunch or dinner at special restaurants (e.g., David Toutain, Premices) and wondering:
Here in NYC, Bar B is a "standing bar" with wonderful small plates, wines by the glass, walk-in, low-key easy atmosphere.

Can you recommend places with those characteristics - doesn't have to be standing bar literally? I'm not clear if Parisian "wine bars" have these characteristics.

If it matters, I will be staying on Ile Saint-Louis.

Thank you.

Aug 23, 2015
yebo in France

Bar stools @ Union Square Cafe, NYC

Thank you both. I agree they are nothing special to look at, not my style in fact. However, seat-tested, on my seat, at least, they are outstanding.

Ttoommy, I asked several different people, not sure of their roles other than bartender, but have concluded that I, at least, won't get an answer. If you get one, I would love to know. Otherwise, may ask my designer, who probably has "ways of asking".

Sep 01, 2013
yebo in Not About Food

Bar stools @ Union Square Cafe, NYC

If anyone can tell me the brand - and preferably model - of the Union Square Cafe's current bar stools, I would really appreciate it. Having sat on them many times, I find them perfect and want to buy some for myself. They are much more tested by me than a few minutes in a store! I've asked them several times and have given up on getting a response. Maybe one of you has done better.
Thank you!

Aug 31, 2013
yebo in Not About Food

2pm this Sunday (reservation needed) - Penn Station to Far East 70s

Looking for a good food, relaxing place for friends to meet, eat, spend time catching up.
Unfortunately, one will be @ Penn Station before and the other @ Sotheby's - 72d and the river.

We've liked Cafe Loup, Illili. Food should be good, mains around $20 or below

Geographically, I'm coming up blank. Strange to be evaluating that way, but so it is, so any ideas much appreciated.


Nov 09, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

El Mio Cid - any comments on Sietsema review in Voice this week

He made the tapas at this Brooklyn restaurant sound delicious and reasonable. CH Search shows nothing. Any comments before trip by Manhanttan CHer would be welcome!

Jul 25, 2012
yebo in Outer Boroughs

WD-50: Walk-in, backup

Thanks. I stand corrected re: reviewer.
As I understand it, there are now only two fixed menus: a 5-course greatest hit, maybe 75, and a 12-course tasting, 175. My plan is the $175, since I've never been and may never again.
I walked by this morning and a worker told me to go in and check re: walkins. Very nicely was told I could reserve at the bar, since it was the day of... 6pm it is. You have to leave your credit card number, to me understandably.
So - soon!

Jul 13, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

WD-50: Walk-in, backup

I'd like to try walkin at WD-50 tomorrow night, a Friday.
If I am there waiting by 5:45p, what do people think are the chances of eating at the bar - and what time would you suggest arriving? Do you think weekend nights are more difficult? And what about the very positive Sietsema review in the Voice this week? It certainly reminded me of the restaurant? Thoughts on whether availability will be less?

And if WD-50 isnt possible, any recommendations on chowish restaurants in that block or so of Clinton that are good on walkins?

Jul 12, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Uighur (uyghur) food in Manhattan

I understand this Chinese Muslim food is delicious and distinctive. If there is any in restaurants in Manhattan, please let me know - and how good it is in these places.

May 29, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Chelsea W Village - relaxed weeknight dinner, $20 entrees, ethnic (not a lot of butter or dairy)

I'm looking for a place where sitting and talking a while (say 1-1/2 hours) is ok, and where the food is good. Companion doesn't eat dairy.

Apr 30, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

The new (old) El Cid - any eating experiences?

I notice that El Cid has opened on 8th Avenue. Looks from the outside very different in terms of decor than the 15th Street place.

I'd appreciate knowing how the food is.

Apr 11, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

The Modern with a noise-hating friend?

I remember there was a diffiulty with noiose in at least part of the Modern, and pledges to fix the problem. Can anyone make a recent noise report - say from January on? And recent noise comparisons between the main restaurant and the Bar room?

If you were with a houndish person who could be negatively transfixed by "noise", would you just skip the Modern? And if so, where might you go for a fairly high end yet relaxed meal, low on "noise"?

The Modern
9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

Feb 25, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Interesting but not challenging restaurant for lunch, $36.50 app (maybe) and main

Thank you for the suggestions -- and sgordon for the tipping correction; I think the person taking me out is a 15% tipper.d

Feb 13, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Interesting but not challenging restaurant for lunch, $36.50 app (maybe) and main

Situation: The rep of a charity to which I've made a big donation is taking me to lunch as thanks. I'd like to go some place interesting. But - I know from a previous meal with him that he's a pretty conservative eater, which wasn't 100% enjoyable for me. (I picked a place in Chinatown CH raved about and I'd never been to, I loved, but clearly it was totally strange to him, not in a good way, that dishes didn't have vegetables mixed in.)

I only feel right that the meal total $40/pp. I figure $40-3.50 tax= $36.50; I'm sure no alcohol and probably no dessert,.


Feb 10, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Ninth Avenue 30s/40s - relaxed dinner tonight

Looking for good (doesn't need to be great) place for dinner tonight with entrees $20 or less and a liquor license. Time after the pre-theatre rush. Two people; cuisine open. It's a business/social thing.

Jan 16, 2012
yebo in Manhattan

Chow-ish lunch near AJ Madison (Bklyn) for Manhattan hound

I'm going to the renovation showroom of AJMadison at 1416 38th Street, Brooklyn, tomorrow. Both as a reward for afterward and to take advantage of being in the heart of Brooklyn (or so I believe), I'd love recommendations. Any level of cuisine, price - $30 entree or less -; I'll be by myself if that matters.

Jan 09, 2012
yebo in Outer Boroughs

80th Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Maybe the place up at Columbia on top of a building. You'd arrange a car service to and from. nice setting, service, food (not dramatic or innovative, but nice); festive. I was at a 90th birthday party there years ago; one long table was used. There was good sound level, a few friendly toasts.

I'm hoping another ch-er will post the name of the place.

Nov 30, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Dinner at bar or pass, this Sunday evening?

In general, I like food I'd describe as vivid. I do like Chinese (though can't handle the level of spicy many posters seek and enjoy), Italian, French, and interesting (my idea of it, very subjective). I dislike what I experience as pretentious - food, service - though I think at my $50 price point this is less likely.
As a contrary example, for instance, I didn't much like Wallse's food. Unlike much of the list, I wasn't impressed by Aldea's food, though I liked the service.

For the meal I'm asking about, it is more comfortable atmosphere and excellent food that I am seeking than a specific cuisine. Drinks will be a side point, not focus.

344 W. 11th St., New York, NY 10014

31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

Oct 20, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Dinner at bar or pass, this Sunday evening?

I'm hoping for recommendations for a dinner of $50 (food only) with interesting food and a relaxed good-service atmosphere. I prefer downtown (below 34th Street).

Restaurants I've most enjoyed recently: La
Grenouille, Hearth. Enjoyed less: Picholine

Oct 20, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Elegant with kids.... 8-10 blocks fr/ 59th & 6th Central Park entrance

Helpful info. One more ?, though, for fine tuning: Will you be in your skating clothes? makes a difference to what places there will be a comfort level with?

Oct 19, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

One splurge in manhattan for an Aussie tourist?


I've pretty much adjusted to the prices here after many years, but I think it's useful to be prepared. A regular glass of wine at a "nice" place is probably at least $12, for instance. Looking over the menus for restaurants you're interested in with prices posted at may be useful -even though the prices may be a bit low (charitably, out of date).

also, I find lunch prices at special places more manageable, and sometimes more relaxing.

Oct 11, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Le Bernardin bar questions about when to go

Don't know if patterns have emerged yet but in case .. Is it better (less pressured, less of a wait) to go on the early side (I don't know when they open but say 6:30 or before)? Are certain days more pleasant, others less (e.g., Friday at the bar?)

Le Bernardin
155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019

Sep 23, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

NY lunch

Keens - cab ride away, 30s West Side, so maybe too tenson-provoking that way. Food excellent, NYC atmosphere terrific. There are so many aspects to the NYC experience - as some other posters have responded in terms of exootic/diverse; modern; outstanding food. Personally, I don't experience Keen's food as outstanding but delicious and an oldtime atmosphre. Not cheap, but what is here?

72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018

Sep 19, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

I have a problem

with a restaurant or any busines which when I walk in, I may purchase a great experience OR a not-so-great one -- paying the same amount, mind you. When people counsel that I the customer should talk a certain way to the servers (other than politely), take on board as my fault I get differential treatment, try again, it does not make sense to me. Yes, there are tips and pointers on say, how to get the best work from your contractor. Should people be given a brocher by EMP or another high-end inconsistent restaurant on how to elicit the high side of quality? Seems to me, yes. Otherwise, they should be consistent.

Sure, perfect consistency from any business provider is probably not possible. I find it baffling -- well, not baffling exactly -- that a large response to a negative review of certain restaurants is to query/impugn the reviewer and talk about how wonderful the restaurant is in what it "gives" to them. It reminds me of the movie with Steve Martin where the restaurant is so snooty that it gets your credit rating to decide what to permit you to order. Though -- at least in that mythical movie restaurant, I believe that Martin got what he paid for.

Sep 14, 2011
yebo in Not About Food

Suggestions for a good dinner experience in Manhattan

Tiresome but helpful to us helping you ?s: $125-150 *including" or "excluding ext, tip, dirnks. Tax and tip take about 27% on top of tab and drinks (even non-alcoholic seem at least $8 in high end places - like an enhanced gingererale :, coktails $14+...

Sep 09, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Moderate Priced Restaurant for Family

And to guide us -- of the places you've tried, which have worked well, which not so well?

Sep 06, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Tween Birthday Dinner HELP!

I think there have been a number of recent threads on this topic; try search. CH is about food, so telling us something about food prefs may hep us.

Also it may help people respond if you define interactive and give a price point and location/area.IIRC, pPrior posters who got respoonse have also indicated the kids' sophistication level.

Aug 21, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Yonah Schimmel is a disgrace

Sand at best.

Aug 21, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Kalustyan's - How is the 2d floor prepared food?

And is some of it vegan? vegetarian?
And/or can you recommend better takeout veg food in that immediate area (Little India)?

123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Aug 21, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Mark Joseph's Steak House

It would be nice if you can follow up w/ more detail - what you had, how cooked, service specifics.

Aug 21, 2011
yebo in Manhattan

Where to find mason jars & lids? Columbia/Morningside/Harlem preferred

IMO, canning and putting up are not such popular activities as they used to be.
A well-stocked hardware store in Harlem might have preserving supplies.
Or, you could venture down to Zabar's (80th and Bway) 2d floor.

2245 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Aug 20, 2011
yebo in Manhattan