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What is your region famous for?

Oh I know what you mean, Can't really beat ruby's the only ones better then it are the mom and pop bbq pit places you find with hand paint signs and the Signet Ranch over in the middle of nowhere thats 50 dollars a plate.

Jul 02, 2008
CamtheBarjack in General Topics

South Texas Japanese restaurant recipe

Hi Everybody,
If you have ever eaten In McAllen, Texas you may have dined at a Hibachi grill named, SHOGUN, and having grown up in this area I ate there many times. Now that I have my own kitchen I was wondering if anyone had any idea what their recipe for the suace they put on the Vegetables could be.

I have prepared this dish for myself many times, using soy sauce and dry mustard, but it always seems to lack something. Could this be Oyster Sauce, ginger, MSG even, or if any one had any ideas that would be great, and i will try. I am an adventrous eater and will let you know about how it turned out.

Jul 02, 2008
CamtheBarjack in Texas

Best Places to Eat on S. Padre Island?

If your looking for burrittos or breakfast taco, In PI there is a little place called Maria's(small hole in the wall) Its to the left behind the light house. Really great a dollar or so for great tacos the size of a dinner plate.

If you ever go deep sea fishing and you have a live catch that yo want cooked after its been cleaned. GO TO THE GRAINRY(sp?) its the cheapest with the best cooks who know how to handle fresh caught fish and will make it any way you want it.

Jul 02, 2008
CamtheBarjack in Texas