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Coming from Texas for a visit

My husband and I are visiting Seattle the last week of March and are looking for restaurant recommendations.

Our criteria:
We'd like recommendations of places for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.
Budget isn't an issue.
We are pretty adventurous eaters.
We are staying downtown and would like to be able to walk, but will go further out for a great meal!

Any recommendations you have would be great! Thanks!

Feb 25, 2012
mkmm.tx in Greater Seattle

new to Houston

I just moved to Houston and would appreciate any and all favorite restaurant recommendations! Also, can anyone recommend a good farmer's market? Thanks!

Jul 22, 2008
mkmm.tx in Houston

trip to Austin - need restaurant recommendations

I am planning a trip to Austin in a few months with my husband and a few other people - there will be five of us. We haven't been since college and need restaurant recommendations for dinner. No price range. Restaurants with good wine lists would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

Jul 22, 2008
mkmm.tx in Austin