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Best Coffee Shop in Oakland/Berkeley?

Thank you for all for the good advice. I did go to Cole Coffee when I came out for interviews. I had a simply bizarre americano - almost cold and very thin - not the the depth of flavors and body that I am use to. But, I see from Chuckles post that espresso drinks are not Cole's strength. I look forward to beginning my coffee research - I will keep you posted. In case you are interested in Gimme...

Best Coffee Shop in Oakland/Berkeley?

Hello Fellow Chowhounds,
I am moving from Ithaca, NY where we have Gimme! Coffee, the best coffee and baristas I have ever encountered. I am bringing 10 lbs with me for home use but, frankly, I get a lot of work done in my neighborhood coffee shop and it reduces my stress to relax and people watch while drinking a perfectly prepared latte, americano or whatever strikes my fancy that day - it's a question of mental health (and neurocognitive enhancement).
I arrive next week - where should I begin the search for my new coffee shop?
Thank you for your help, Christine