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My Girls Birthday this Weekend (need some suggestions)

I'm not from the area, but, ironically, my husband took me to Dali on my 26th birthday with some friends. We had an awesome time and it is definitely not stuffy. The sangria is great and they do tapas so you can sample some of everything (if you want some seafood and she doesn't). I think they have other locations so search their web site a bit.

Ethnic Markets in Houston

For Mexican, I recommend the El Tiempo market on Washington. I haven't been there very many times, but they have authentic brands and a great meat counter.

Jul 14, 2008
HeaAndrews in Houston

Laurier cafe in Houston?

Has anyone tried Laurier Cafe in Houston (on Richmond inside the loop)? I'm a big fan of French food and love Cafe Rabelais & Max & Julie's. I wanted to hear opinions on whether Laurier Cafe was comparable.

Jul 07, 2008
HeaAndrews in Houston

Casual Catering/Party Rooms in Houston

Another couple that I would suggest are Grotto and Vincents. I used to organize events for my company and Grotto was very accomodating. Most of the Pappas restaurants have rooms that you can close off and reserve for no extra charge (Pappasitos and Pappadeauxs definitely do).

Jul 01, 2008
HeaAndrews in Houston