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Homemade Marshmallow Crème

Excellent! Substituted a couple of glugs of Bailey's for the vanilla, and used it for the filling between graham crackers, then dipped half of the little sandwiches in melted chocolate. And sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Thank you so much!

Dec 23, 2012
KarenSweeny in Recipes

Kids Gone Wild

We have three kids - 3, 3, and 2. We started eating at the Chinese buffet until they mastered the art of eating in a restaurant. Why did we pick this place? Because you pay ahead of time, you have immediate access to food, and there there was plenty for the kids to try out. The second that we arrive, we flagged down the server and asked to put all the condiments and sugar packets in a secure location, and we dropped the tip on the table in case we had to bolt.

We also would bring a cutting board, paring knife, the kids own plates, and their own sippy cups so that they were prepared for a normal dinner routine.

This seems like overkill, but we managed to "train" the kids to have a nice, calm meal, and have started to stretch our wings and have had successful meals at other restaurants now. Any time there was a hint of an impending meltdown, my husband or I would give a warning, start eating as fast as we could, and get ready to leave at the first sign of howling or inappropriate behavior. We've even eaten at this restaurant with six kids under three and only two adults (the looks going in were PRICELESS) without a single incident, and with compliments and thank you's for the well-behaved kids.

Yes, this is quite a stretch from the pre-kid days. We are the ones who chose to have kids, and we knew going in it was our job to raise them. If this means limited dining options for the next couple of years, so be it. Kids that grow up understanding proper behavior and manners if worth more than a nice hot meal I didn't cook any day!

(And besides - there is always carryout!)

Jul 01, 2008
KarenSweeny in Features