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Fried Whole Belly Clams

Wow! I am completely amazed with the responses I have received since my original post in 2008. I found a place close to my current residence in Palm Beach Gardens named Lola's and I am so disappointed. Small portions, over priced and the oil they fry in is not fresh. The clams are small. (I prefer a clam with a full belly). Service is horrible even when they have few patrons in the restaurant. I was recently in my home state of Connecticut. Lennie's in Branford, Jimmie's in West Haven and Glen Wood in Hamden are by far the best in New England....

top subs hogies grinders in fla

Manzo's Italian Deli, Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West Palm Beach

Jul 21, 2009
loriinfl in Florida

Dinner while visting west palm beach

I would highly recommend Spoto's Oyster Bar, 125 Datura St. Downtown WPB. Sit at the bar for a great martini and delicious oyster shooters!

Matteo's Restaurant in Jupiter

Does anyone have any comments to make about Matteo's Restaurant? They just opened a new location in Jupiter.

Sep 13, 2008
loriinfl in Florida

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

We moved to FL 12 years ago from Hamden. Whenever we have visitors from CT, our guests are REQUIRED to bring a 5 lb. box of Hummel's for Mom. They are the best!

Aug 13, 2008
loriinfl in Southern New England

seafood markets in palm beach county?

Pinders in Tequesta. Very fresh and the market is so clean.

Jul 19, 2008
loriinfl in Florida

Newport RI

White Horse Tavern. Romantic, upscale, delicious............

Fried Whole Belly Clams

Does anyone know where a can find a restaurant in South Florida (East Coast) that serves fried whole belly clams? I am a transplanted New Englander and my craving is out of control!!!!

Recipes for Whole Belly Fried Clams?......

Thanks. I am going to order the clams already shucked from a website I found or I may buy some middlenecks and shucked them myself. Enjoy the parade. I've been there on several occasions and always had a blast! Happy 4th!

Recipes for Whole Belly Fried Clams?......

Anyone out there have a good recipe for Whole Belly Fried clams? I am a Connecticut girl now living in South Florida and I cannot find a restaurant that serves whole belly fried clams. Some people think I am crazy when I even mention it. So, I am going to attempt to make them myself. I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic with the 4th of July coming up. Fried clams, hot dogs, lobster rolls (with split top buns).... I sure miss home!!! Thanks!!!!

Fried whole belly clams

I would have to say Jimmy's is probably your best bet in Conn.

Jul 01, 2008
loriinfl in Manhattan

Name your favorite burger joint!

I couldn't agree with you more! As a Connecticut girl now living in South Florida, I would kill to have a Louis burger. I even went so far as to email Jeff about shipping some burgers down. Unfortunately it can't be done but whenever I visit CT the first place I go is Louis Lunch for a burger, Pepe's for a pizza and Glenwood Drive-in for whole belly fried clams!!! Oh how I miss home......

fried clams/onion rings OOB

Glenwood Drive-In, Hamden, CT. The best whole belly fried clams, handmade onion rings and great hot dogs.