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STL: Seeking lunch spot for mom's 70th

We're likely looking at a party of 8-10 on a Friday. We're hoping to spend about $25-$30 per person. Probably people will just be drinking ice tea/soft drinks.

STL: Seeking lunch spot for mom's 70th

I haven't lived in St. Louis for a long time, but my family still lives there. Am trying to find a good (not stodgy but not uber hip) restaurant that will host lunch for a 70th birthday luncheon for my mother and a group of her food savvy friends. Mom lives in West County (Creve Coeur), and a lot of her friends live in Ladue, Clayton, or U. City.

My sister thought of Harvest but at $50/head, it's more than I can stomach. We're also looking at 1111. I ate there with her once. It was solid but not standout.

Wendy in Oakland