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Photos of the 3M croinut (either they misspelt it, or it's to avoid being sued by M. Ansel)


I bought the salted caramel cronut from 3M bakery on Ave Mont Royal east yesterday. They also had vanilla....
Amazing! 3.50 + tax but worth every cent.

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

They also sell it at Cool & Simple, the frozen food store. There's one on nuns island, monkland and the plateau.


I went to the new location today, and the waitress said it had been open a month. The room is much bigger and lighter, and the menu seemed to have many more choices. The lunch menu seemed slightly cheaper, as the soup and salad option is a $2 add on. My only issue was the poor waitress, as she had about 15 tables to take care of by herself. She was running around trying her very best but inevitabl;y the service was slow.

Where to find juniper berries ?

I've bought them at la Fruiterie du Plateau on Roy/ Berri before.

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

Bought some today at the Mont Royal metro station, 4 big ones for $2.99. They were very tart... maybe in a couple of weeks they will be sweeter.

Ice House

Forgot to mention that contrary to reports above the ribs were succulent & very meaty, whereas the chicken was on the dry side. Guess it depends on the day...

Ice House

I have very mixed feelings about this place. I went with my husband and toddler on Friday night and ordered the combo bucket of ribs and chicken. The sides were very nice, homemade coleslaw and potato salad, a biscuit and spicy corn bread (toddlers and cayenne pepper don't mix!), but at $32 a pop 5 ribs and 5 pieces of chicken is outrageous! The fried peach pie was very good, and will be even better when made with fresh peaches this summer. The spiked lemonade (vodka) had me asking the waitress if she had remembered to add the vodka...

The service on the other hand was excellent, and extremely attentive. I might go back to try the pulled pork taco, but wont be ordering the bucket again...

Elderflower syrup in Mtl

Ikea! If you can get there in time, they have it at a very reasonable price.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods

I just found some at the IGA at Alexis Nihon ( chocochino, cappuccino and americano) at $8.99 each. Deco Decouvert is too far for me.
@ SourberryLily, I got the same pods as you, but I thought the brown ones were espresso, hadn't looked properly!


As you appear to live on near Mont Royal Est try the bread at the 3M bakery (opposite the Aubainerie). It's probably a tiny bit out of your usual walking distance but you'll find it so worth while. Their croissants and almond croissants are really top notch, I even consider them the best in the neighborhood.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods

Yes it is. I like it although I'm a little pushed for counter space. All I need now is a sleek designer loft with a minimalist kitchen to go with it!
I liked the hot chocolate and cappuccino, but didn't like the macciato so much. Haven't tried the espresso yet as I'm having a little trouble cheating on my trusty Saeco ;-)

3 tier cake stand

I found mine at Stokes, very cheap compared to some I'd seen around. It has three square plates, and can be unscrewed for packing away if needed.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods

I also won one, I'm guessing in the same competition on Sweetspot, so i'm following this thread with interest!

Montreal Croissant Update Please

I've tried many croissants around town and my absolute favourite is at the 3M boulangerie, on Mont Royal East (opposite the Aubainerie). Their almond croissant is also the best, although a meal in itself.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Thanks for that Kpzoo, I was in such shock and dazed that I didn't look around before posting.
Fingers crossed!

Restaurant Closings - 2010

The Sparrow!!!
I just got an email from their facebook page saying that the 14th November will be their last service. The bar is staying, and there is talk of the restaurant team moving elsewhere but no details yet.

To say I'm gutted is an understatement...

Anyone been to Birks cafe?

I took my mother there for coffee the other morning. We sat by the twinkling Christmas trees (!) and admired the beautiful glass displays. The lunch menu looked very nice but we were too early, so cappuccinos and a verrine it was. The praline verrine consisted of a sickly sweet mousse surrounding a half macaroon with a couple of chopped hazelnuts thown in for good measure, served in a large thimble.
2 cappuccinos + thimble verrine = $17 and change
I've read the very good reviews for the lunch menu and will have to go back to try, but not for coffee!

Brit and Chips

Thanks for this post, as a Brit expat I'm always on the look out for good fish and chips, and hadn't heard of this place yet. I'll report back!

Crappy fruit - what's the story??

Lol, that nice jam lady reels me in every time! Plus I have a toddler that insists on sampling everything, so when she's polished off a whole plate of raisin bread or apples I end up buying something. Luckily it's all delicious!
Those tomatos, and the heirloom ones though- they taste of concentrated summer. Yum!

Crappy fruit - what's the story??

I'm guessing you live in or near the plateau by the stores you frequent, and if this is the case I would suggest you try the farmers market that is on every sunday from 10-2:30 in the schoolyard on Marie Anne, between St Denis & St Laurent. I've been finding the most delicious tomatoes, apples and other produce, at exceptionnally good prices. Every thing is freshly picked and organic. They sell meat, bread, cheese and jam too!
$20 this week got me a bunch (6) of leeks, bag of apples(around 8), 2 litre's fresh apple juice, bag of tomatos(8), loaf of bread and a pot of jam! All locally produced too.

Cutesy baking stuff -- where to go besides Ares?

For cookie cutters I like La Coquille Onkai, they have a huge selection and are very cheap. They also sell some sprinkles, mainly the Wilton ones I believe. It's the 3 day street fare this weekend, so parking isn't easy.

1376 Av. du Mont-Royal Est
Qc H2J 1Y7
Téléphone : 514 523-4848

cheap butcher close to plateau

I go to the Boucherie Fairmount, just south of the Vielle Europe, on the Main. The prices are very reasonable, the produce is always fresh, sausages are home-made and the service given by Joe and his wife is excellent and very friendly. They are of Hungarian origin, so there are quite a few Hungarian products for sale too.

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

I had dinner at Les Accords 2 weeks ago. It was a private function, so we had an adapted menu with 3 choices of starter, main and dessert.
The evening started well, we had champagne on arrival at 8 and we were seated at 10 as planned to eat. The starters arrived at 10:50, needless to say the majority of us were gnawing on our left arm at this point. Luckily the freshly baked bread kept us going, and we had probably eaten a whole baguette each by the time our starters arrived. BUT it was SO worth the wait! The oxtail ravioli that Leslie reviewed were to die for, served in a succulent sauce. My fellow diners and I had to refrain from licking the plates. I hesitated between the lamb and halibut for my main course, and unfortunately made the wrong choice. The halibut was slightly overcooked, served in a big puddle of fruity olive oil. My husband ordered the lamb and it was melt in the mouth delicious. I tried the mango and chocolate pasta dessert because I couldn't resist such a novel idea and was pleasantly surprised. My favourite was the chocolate and banana ravioli, followed by the mango tortellini as it was slightly undercooked. My husband had a dense chocolate mousse covered in an apricot foam. Sorry I can't remember the official names for the dishes!

The late service hiccup can be put down to the fact we were a large group, as the service during the meal was impeccable. The food was very well presented and apart from the halibut, delicious, with high quality ingredients. We sat inside, but I managed to glimpse the outdoor terrace which is beautiful, and perfect for an intimate meal especially at night as the far wall is lit up by a million little lights.

Who makes the best sandwiches in town?

I had THE most amazing pulled pork and coldslaw sandwich at The Sparrow yesterday, absolutely delicious. I'm already making plans to go back next week!

ISO Marmite

Fairmount Butcher's on St Laurent sells it (!), although they'd run out when I went in last week. The owner ordered it on the spot for me, so it should be in anytime soon. I've also seen it at La Vielle Europe.
Can't live without it!

Best place to buy Dried Fruit

I go there too, but was very peeved last time as I bought a specific amount of ground almonds for a recipe in two tubs, but when I weighed them at home I was missing 30g worth. I weighed the plastic containers, 15g each. I made the cake anyway as the batter was made and went by the next day to mention it. I explained the problem and the employée said his manager would be there the next day. Next day the almond display had moved around, the manager was very rude and insinuated I had made a mistake.
So I go to Frenco's on St Laurant for fruit and nuts if I have the time now...

What is the best place for...

Real, made on the premises (I asked). Not a huge scoop though, a perfect little mound on top of the eccles cake. Heavenly...

What is the best place for...

Today it was eccles cakes with clotted cream... swoon!

For anyone who's interested: My thoughts on a dinner at Laloux.

I enjoyed reading your review. I went to Laloux 6 yrs ago and had a very good meal, but I have probably been to Pop! around 10 times in the past year! Mainly for the desserts (had that delicious cheese dumplings with plum sorbet last time) as they share the pastry chef with Laloux. I was a bit wary when Demers left, but his replacement is easily in the same league. Enjoy your meal at Pop!