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English and Needy

Degustation is a good idea (it is on my to eat list).

My thoughts for the Saturday:
Eleven Madison Park - having read about it here for a number of months I went last night and it was probably the best meal I have had in NY so far.
Gramercy Tavern - also very good food and a nice setting.
Peter Luger's if you are up for steak. It's a NY classic, although I personally prefer Keen's.

Perry Street for a Sunday brunch/lunch. $24 for three (relatively small) courses. Not tons of food, but you may not feel like loads after having had a proper dinner the night before.

Not sure I would bother about Maze - you can go there in London.

Sep 04, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Sunday breakfast Broadway & 77th is not a million miles away

Aug 21, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Anthos RW

Since it has been criticized here recently (at least for RW), I thought I would write a quick note in defense of Anthos, since I went last night.

I thought both the food and the service were great. Obviously people’s experiences can vary, but I have not a word of complaint about the service (which appears to have been most people’s source of criticism).

It is true that the main courses on the RW menu were “carefully” chosen from a cost perspective: an excellent lamb shank – but how hard is it to cook a shank for a few hours?; an amazingly moist and tender milk fed chicken; and arctic char.

Starters were all interesting, and the puddings were fine (although I felt that the chocolate and sesame things was a bit salty for my taste).

In addition to the three courses we got assorted pre-amuse bouche meze for the table, the amuse bouche (a shot of soup with chickpeas and chocolate on top), and some macaroons (well, they weren’t called that, but they were certainly little almondy things) to take away.

The goat's milk butter was not something I had tasted before; unsurprisingly, it tastes like very fresh goat's cheese.

On a separate point, does anyone know what happens to the waiting staff if the miss things off the bill (for example the two bottles of surprisingly good Greek wine we had last night)? We ‘fessed up, but would it have been docked from someone’s wages or tips if we had not?

Jul 30, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Extended restaurant week 2008?

I think I read that Petrossian were extending it until Labour Day.

Jul 28, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

devi (2008)

I went there last night on the RW menu. Mostly the food was very good.

The amuse was mediocre, and it was cold, which certain suprised, if not amused, my mouth.

The lamb-stuffed tandoori chicken starter was good; it tasted pretty much as one would expect given the description. My friends' scallops starter were great too - two or three huge scallops on each plate.

The lamb chops main were especially good and reminded me of a similar dish I have had in Tamarind in London.

Puddings were merely okay, but then I never find Indian puds the best.

I did not find any of the food particularly spicy; it really is US/UK-Indian, rather than anything approching proper Indian (which is absolutely fine by me - I know how my body reacts to food in India!)

The service, however, was pretty poor. We were only seated half an hour after our booking time. Six of us were squeezed onto two tables for two pushed together. In contrast to tofuburrito's point above, the staff only refilled our water once during the whole meal, and then again just as we were paying the check.

All in all, a good meal in terms of food, but the service was not that hot. Still - guess that is what RW is all about!

Jul 24, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

RW at The Modern - Bar Room

I have not seen the RW menu, but I think the tarte flambee is one is the nicest plates of food in the city. Simple but delicious.

Jul 22, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Outdoor spot on UWS between Columbus Circle and 86th St.

Bar Boulad, and the others next to it, have outdoor space (not sure that it/they could be fairly described as "casual" though.

Jul 01, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Restaurant Week--where are you planning on going?

Since I can only do dinners:

Davidburke and donnatella

Not been to any of them yet, so can't offer advice i am afraid!

Everyone else is going to say EMP....

Jul 01, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

What's Good Near Radio City?

I would go to the Bar Room at MoMA over the main restaurant, since it is far mroe casual.

The juxtaposition of the Burger Joint is fun, but the burger is quite small.

Jul 01, 2008
sticham in Manhattan

Lunch/Dinner Midtown (Thanks!)

The Bar Room at the Modern. The tarte flambee is probably my favourite plate of food in the city.

Jun 30, 2008
sticham in Manhattan