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Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Green Tea - decaf lemon jasmine?

Anyone seen this in White Plains, Hartsdale, Harrison, Mamaroneck or Rye?

C.S. makes many varieties of their green tea, but I haven't been able to find this exact one in a while.

Thanks in advance!

New coat of paint and new floors, Dom had to raise prices.

And this is where?

Jan 27, 2011
Lisa M in Outer Boroughs


Thanks for these tips. But I still don't understand why it is (until now, for me), impossible to find fresh maracuja. Admittedly, I have not been making a concerted effort for long, but still!!

Puddle, perhaps you could shed some light on this. I remember you and Toot from a Chow gathering at a midtown restaurant about 5-6 years ago that was a lot of fun.


279 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Midtown Restaurant
155 E 55th St Frnt 4, New York, NY 10022

Oct 29, 2009
Lisa M in Manhattan


Obrigada, Itaunas! I'll check out Mt. Vernon. :o)

Oct 25, 2009
Lisa M in Manhattan


Desperately seeking fresh passionfruit in the NY metro area (Westchester, if at all possible). I fell in love with this (especially in caipirinhas!) in Brazil a few years ago, but never seem to see them here. Passionfruit juice is also near impossible to get. (I see the Goya cans sometimes, but find it overly sweet.)

This point was driven home to me on a recent trip to Germany, where I saw both fresh and juice. I ask myself, is there actually a bigger market in northern Europe for this than in the US!? Or more Brazilians in Germany than in NY?? I find that hard to believe...


Oct 23, 2009
Lisa M in Manhattan

Restaurant near Purchase College?

Anyone been to The Melting Pot, the fondue place (a chain, I think) in White Plains. Also, what's the name of the new place on Mamaroneck Ave.?

Restaurant near Purchase College?

See you there, Owl Woman! Do you look owlish? I am tall, blonde, wearing a loud printed shirt, post-30's. Give me a description, and I'll look for you.

Are you an FUV member, BTW?

Restaurant near Purchase College?

Looking for a place for 3 old college pals (women) after an event at the Neuberger Museum tonight. I know about White Plains, but was wondering if there was anything interesting in Purchase directly.

Stopped in one time at a place on Anderson Hill Road, which was utterly without character, and looked like something in the hinterlands circa 1963. Sorry, I don't recall the name, but we took one look at the tired menu, and politely excused ourselves.


Restaurant in lower-to mid-Westchester

Hi all,

I am looking for a restaurant for myself and several former work colleagues who haven't seen each other in a while, for dinner. We 30's - 50's, young at heart, who enjoy a variety of wines, good food and a nice atmosphere where we can talk and have a good time for a few hours. French, "continental" or Italian would be good. Pricewise, entrees under $30. I'd like us to get away w/app, main, drinks and possibly dessert for well less than $100pp (closer to $75pp would be even better).
Ideally, a good bar for cocktails, as we all straggle in.

Somewhere near Harrison, White Plains, Mamaroneck area, but open to something a bit farther afield that fits the bill.

I know I'm being somewhat vague, but I hope I've given all you fellow 'hounds enough to go on.


Freezing pumpkin pie?

OK, so I want to bake a pumpkin pie for Christmas Day. Can I do this today, let it cool, then freeze it, thawing it out the morning of the 25th?

Or would you recommend keeping it in the fridge?

Or just leaving it on the counter, covered?


Dec 21, 2008
Lisa M in Home Cooking

Heading to St. Martin in 2 weeks. Anything new?

Yes, I had heard something about parrot fish being a no-no. Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but my friend ordered it, and I did not eco-police her on this one (she said it was good, BTW). Now I'm wondering whether the coffre was also an eco no-no.... Service was okay, if a little slow.

What else have you liked on St. Martin, Phelana?

Heading to St. Martin in 2 weeks. Anything new?

I made my first trip to St. Martin last month. Contrary to what some other posters are saying, most of the restaurants did NOT offer $1=1 Euro deals.

We had some great meals there: first, at Bistro Nu in Marigot for lunch. Jean Claude is a warm and lovely host, making us feel very welcome. I had a rabbit in mustard cream sauce that was delicious. A lovely ex-pat French couple were sitting next to us, and when we asked for other recommendations, they suggested Le Chanteclair, also in Marigot. We went there for dinner, and had a fabulous 4-course meal for - if I recall correctly - 50 Euros per person. Not cheap, but it was fabulous.

The couple also strongly urged us to try Le Ti' Provencal, in Grand Case. The woman of the couple told us to try "coffre" (trunk fish, something unfamiliar to me). In her charming, halting English, she said, "It's the must!" As suggested, I ordered the coffre, and it was great: mild white fish with a patterned shell-like exterior (pic #2). As a starter, we had something with crabmeat, avocado and grapefruit (pic #1). It may sound too busy, but somehow the flavors all worked together beautifully. Dessert was a tarte tatin (pic #3), which was wonderful, w/beautiful and delicious garnishes on the plate (red currants dipped in sugar). A final rec would be the restaurant at the Esmeralda resort (where we stayed), on Baie Orientale. It was called L'Astrolabe, and the meals were also great. Pic #4 is a photo of the dessert from there. Notice the small tube inside the bowl of fruit. That contained and "infusion" of lemon and verbena, sweetened, to be squirted over the fruit. Talk about attention to detail!!

In summary, I was very impressed with the food on St. Martin. I hope it gets a bit cheaper, as the dollar strengthens, though, as it was a bit steep for us (but worth it!).

Restaurant in Westfield, NJ

Hello all, I've been off these boards for some time. Am looking for a moderately price restaurant, nice atmosphere, any cuisine but Chinese or Japanese, for 2 old pals to meet up for dinner before a concert in Westfield this Saturday night.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!

Dessert on UWS

Hi all, Taking dad for dinner at Saigon Grill tonight (Amsterdam nr 90th). Are there any good dessert places in the area? I thought of the Hungarian Pastry Shop, around St. John, but is there anything closer. Also, while I'm at it, any good pre-dinner places for a cocktail near Saigon Grill??


Aug 08, 2007
Lisa M in Manhattan

Ceviche in Westchester

Are you referring to "Misti a la Brasa"? If so, then I concur - outstanding ceviche, and with that toasted corn - mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

Barilla Green and Black Olive Sauce??

Has my favorite (albeit super-salty) jarred sauce disappeared forever?! I looked for it yesterday at my local supermarket, and it was nowhere to be found.

Anyone know?

May 24, 2007
Lisa M in General Topics

Sunday Lunch/Brunch in Hoboken

Hi Nixienox,

Thanks for the Elysian Cafe rec. We went around 1pm, and were told there'd be a 1/2 hour wait, which was really only 10 minutes. Once seated, we got menus right away, but had to wait about 10 more min until waiter approached us. He was polite and apologetic, though, which helped. I had the lobster salad, served on a buttered, toasted New England style roll, w/green salad instead of fries, and my cousin had the sirloin salad w/bleu cheese. Both were very good, and the gorgeous weather didn't hurt!

Thanks again.

Sunday Lunch/Brunch in Hoboken

Hi all,

Any suggestions? Any cuisine, atmosphere where my cousin (visiting from Germany) and I can linger over good food, a drink or two, and catch up??


Special K's new products

Marketing in our capitalist economy is to be expected. It's all about the profit. As long as we're able to make choices, then it's okay - up to a point. What I object to, as mentioned by Humbucker, above, is the use of cheaper, highly processed and potentially less healthful ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup.

Mar 12, 2007
Lisa M in General Topics

Falafel in Westchester

Ya Hala is really good. Crisp, not greasy falafel. Great pickles and olives on the table as an "appetizer." Their mujadara (sp.) is also delicious: rice, lentils and frizzled onions on top - MMM!

It's on South Broadway, south of (I think) Yonkers Ave.

Ichi Riki in Elmsford

I smell a website here!!! LOL

Anthony Bourdain's Show-No Reservations

Is it just me, or was anyone else offended at Tony's reaction to the guide when he gently reprimanded Tony and crew for getting too close to the elephants? As this gentleman politely explained the dangers of their (admittedly, by Tony himself) reckless behavior, Tony was surreptitiously eyeing the camera with what looked to me like a barely disguised smirk!! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a Tony lover, his irreverant snarkiness, cynicism and all. But I thought that his attitude was awful in this scenario.

I know it's off the food topic somewhat, but Tony is generally very respectful toward people and countries he visits. He was especially ignorant of the problem with elephants and people in recent years. See NY Times article:

Jan 09, 2007
Lisa M in Food Media & News

Anthony Bourdain's Show-No Reservations

English is the official language of Ghana.

Jan 09, 2007
Lisa M in Food Media & News

Ichi Riki in Elmsford

I, too, noticed that something was amiss when my favorite chef wasn't there to greet me last Friday night, when I went in for my post-work solo sushi fix. I always sit at the sushi counter, next to the window, and he was always there with a nice smile, and great sushi. He completely endeared himself to me a few months ago when he remembered that I like extra ginger with my sushi -and I was only a "semi-regular," going in once a month or less, and hadn't been in for a few months!!

When I asked where he was on Friday, they told me that he had quit, but didn't offer details. I didn't know it was being sold. It was always such a pleasant, serene place to unwind after a hectic day at work, enjoying my sushi, sake and reading.


Afghan Restaurant in New Hyde Park area

Thanks, Matt L! My dad has been wanting to try Afghan, and it's any easy trip for them, so we'll give it a whirl.

Afghan Restaurant in New Hyde Park area

Has anyone tried this place, on the north side of Hillside Ave?

Thoughts? Thanks.

Where can I find Frogurt (plain, like they sell in Bloomingdale's in the city) in NJ? r/o

The only place I know of that has it (or had it; not sure if they still do) is Lord & Taylor dept. store. Try one in NJ to see if they do. I love Frogurt!!! None of that pseudo ice cream frozen yogurt for me - GIVE ME THE TANG!!

Good luck.

Dec 19, 2006
Lisa M in New Jersey

Wanna try Afghan....

I ended up going to Ariana the other night. I had the aushak, which is described as "boiled dumplings..." but did not resemble round dumplings as I've had them in other cuisines. It was basically a flat noodle on the bottom of the plate, topped w/ground beef in a tomato-flavored sauce, and yogurt. Tasty, but not quite what I expected. For the main course, I had kabuli palow, made with lamb, which was delicious. The brown basmati rice was seasoned well (but not at all spicy; I used some of the hot sauce on the table to punch it up), and the lamb chunks were tender and flavorful.

I really enjoyed my meal, but now I have to try Afghan Kebab House too, after reading the favorable reviews!

Dec 09, 2006
Lisa M in Manhattan

Wanna try Afghan....

Thanks, Peter! I might just report back.

Dec 06, 2006
Lisa M in Manhattan

Wanna try Afghan....

Hi all,

I'll be on the west side in the 50's this evening, and was debating between Arianna or Afghan Kebab House, both of which are on Ninth Ave in the 50's. Menus look similar.

Anyone have a strong preference for either one? Also, it appears that the Kebab House has a BYOB policy. Anyone know offhand about Arianna?


Dec 06, 2006
Lisa M in Manhattan