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Non-tourist trap places in Niagara Falls?

Thank you so much!

Non-tourist trap places in Niagara Falls?

My sister is doing the Niagara Falls marathon in October. We'll be there for lunch and dinner the day before her race as well as breakfast (for me) and a quick bite to carry on the train on race day. Does anyone know of any non-tourist trap places, preferably close to the Brock Plaza Hotel? Lunch and dinner on the day before the race will be leisurely and can be pricey or not. Post-race meal will have to be quick takeout. Many thanks!

5 Days in Toronto, where to eat?

I forgot to say, the entrance is really hard to find. The door is actually on Ontario Street on the west side. There's a little black awning. Go up one flight to get to the restaurant.

5 Days in Toronto, where to eat?

I really love a casual Italian place that not many people know about. It's at King and Sherbourne across the street from the Sun building and it's called Mangia e Bevi. It's really authentic and a good price. They have fantastic thin crust pizzas, a few pastas, and yummy desserts. All of the pizzas are good, but if you like meat, have anything with sausage on it. I think it's homemade. As for pasta, have the ragu. And for dessert, the tiramisu is amazing and they have little chocolate covered ice cream bites called Bacelli (sp?). Here;s their site: They're open every day for lunch and dinner and lunch only on Saturday.

Ontario Ribfests 2008

I think I made a mistake by linking to my blog earlier today and the post got deleted. I just wanted to share an amalgamated list of Ontario Ribfests with those who want the information. So here it is with no links:

Pickering: June 6 - 8
Niagara Falls: June 13 - 15
Ottawa: June 18 - 22
Gananoque: June 20 - 22
Bowmanville: June 27 - July 1
Toronto: June 27 - July 1
Timmins: June 27 - June 29
Peterborough: July 4-6
Barrie: July 10 - 13
Markham: July 11 - July 13
Sarnia: July 17-20
Mississauga: July 17-20
Kitchener: July 18 - 20
Uxbridge: July 18 - July 20
London: July 31 - August 4
St. Catharines: August 1-4
Scarborough: August 1 - 4
Brockville: August 8 - 10
Woodbridge: August 8-10
Quinte (Belleville): August 15 -17
Northumberland: August 15 -17
Newmarket: August 16
Guelph: August 22 - 24
Burlington: August 29 - September 1
Oshawa: September 5-7