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2 Nights in Montreal

We recently very much enjoyed dinner at Lemeac in Outremont, with a special nod to the desserts (choc. banana cake with popcorn ice cream and pain perdu with dulce de leche ice cream). The after 10pm menu looks like a great bargain but we had family with us who are not into late dining. L'Orignal in old town and Orange Rouge in Chinatown were also solid.

Philly overnight with kids

Were we on the same trip? We took our 5 and 9 year old kids to Philly for a long weekend this Spring - and ate at Zahav, Pizzeria Vetri and Franklin Fountain (we did not get to Federal Donuts- it was on the list but we went to the Beiler's stand in RTM for our yummy donut fix instead). We also ate at City Tavern - that is more for the atmosphere than the food (the food was fine - but not close to as good as Zahav etc. Kids got quite a kick out of the servers in period dress etc). We also hit Rangoon Burmese for something slightly different (our kids like Thai and Korean so we knew this would work well for us). Have fun!

Jul 24, 2015
Bloombee in Philadelphia

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

I am a big fan of Fantasy Cuisine's food (esp the Dan Dan noodles and dry sauteed string beans) and they are good with kids (we live nearby and take our 5 and 9 year olds regularly), but you have to be realistic about the's often not good. I find it best to expect odd waits between courses etc, and when the opposite occurs, which is does from time to time, I am happily surprised. They are very nice and mean well, but just cannot seem to get it together consistently service wise. I would not want something like that to ruin your celebration if that is a big issue for you.

Brunch for 20, lower Westchester HELP

Not sure where in lower Westchester, but a few thoughts:

White Plains: Emma's Ale House and Sam's of Gedney way can handle crowds and do solid classic brunches. Maybe a bit too "pubby" in atmosphere for your needs. Also - if dim sum is an option, Central Seafood can handle a big group and is kinda fun.

Other options might be Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry or Polpettina in Larchmont.

Good luck!

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - May 2015 [OLD]

For us the watermelon-cucumber cooler was a big NAY, the only T.J.'s purchase we have ever returned based on taste. It was both too sweet and medicinal to us (although I will admit we did not try it in a martini - that probably would have helped).

May 13, 2015
Bloombee in Chains

Quick--Need help with Italian in Nashville!

Agree on City House

Apr 01, 2015
Bloombee in Kentucky & Tennessee

Interesting non touristy theater district spot?

+1 for The Marshall and Danji

We also like Toloache, and if we are going to be further south still enjoy Marseille

Mar 18, 2015
Bloombee in Manhattan

What is your family's go to affordable restaurant in Westchester area?

Places we repeatedly go back to with the kids (and you will get the sense that we live just off Central Ave): Frank Pepes (Yonkers), Central Seafood (Hartsdale), Mariachi Loco (White Plains), So Gong Dong (Hartsdale), Thai House (Ardsley). We also like takeout roasted chickens from Braza Roja but sounds like you already have that type of meal. And of course Jakes Wayback or any 5 Guys for burgers and fries

Toddler Friendly suggestions Lower Westchester

Forgot to mention that Polpettina has good brunch (and drink) options and Central Seafood's weekend dim sum is fun for the kids (esp with a group).

Toddler Friendly suggestions Lower Westchester

Well I have plenty of recent experience with 8 and 4 year old boys in the area. We found the Eastchester casual Italian places Burrata and Polpettina work well. They are small and atmosphere is not formal but the food is creative and they were good with the kids (Burrata actually brought them each a hunk of pizza dough and a tray for them to play with like playdough). Polpettina is also in Larchmont but I haven't been to that one. If the new Spadaro's on Central Ave in Scarsdale is open it also is fine for kids. Other places that have worked well for us may not be in your MILs wheelhouse such as Chutney Masala (Irvington. Indian and nice atmosphere); Fantasy Cuisine and Central Seafood (both in Hartsdale both Chinese but very different). I have on my "to try with the kids" list Mambo 64 in Tuchahoe (tapas) and Wolferts Roost in Irvington. I recommend going early (5:30 or 6) and of course Happy Birthday!

good italian in central westchester

I second L'inizio and also Mima Vinoteca in Irvington.

Sadly I need unexciting recommendations!

Craft and ABC Kitchen come to my mind for more straighgt forward well prepared food. Perhaps Narcissa (but I confess I have not been there yet so i am just going on others reviews and probably just getting caught up in how good the veggies are supposed to be).

Jun 17, 2014
Bloombee in Manhattan

Visiting Manhattan in July, seeking restaurant suggestions

Plenty of veggie options at Hudson Eats - not sure about vegan. At any rate, the veggie platter at Digg Inn is a good deal. For $5 you get a base of rice or bulgar and 3 veggie sides (I had sicilian roast cauliflower and chick peas; roast sweet potatos and kale and apple salad) for an extra $2 you can upsize your sides. I have had veggie sandiwches at Num Pang (caulifower bahn mi), Little Meunster (grilled cheese with squash puree, sage brown butter and asiago) and Olives (roast mushroom sandwich). Tartinery also has veggie options but they are above my $10/lunch limit. Black Seed has been sold out of everything but salt bagels when I have gone by but I do want to try the ricotta, apple, honey sandwich there sometime. Of course, the salad place will have veggie options as well. I have not checked out Dos Toros or Umami yet either. Sorry to go on so, I work in the building and after 2.5 years of eating at the same 3 places for lunch I am a little over excited....

Jun 09, 2014
Bloombee in Manhattan

Peruvian Roast Chicken in Hartsdale

We tried take out from Braza Roja last week. the chicken was nice and moist and had good flavor. The yucca fries and maduros traveled well and were quite good. We thought the black beans were kinda flavorless. Our only real complaint is that we ordered by phone and they said it would be ready in 20 mins, then when we got there 20 mins later, that is when they started preparing our sides (so it took 15 or so mins). Obviously the chicken is already ready so its just the sides. That said, we will be back - food was good and it is very convenient for us.

buying a large brisket in westchester- where?

We have had good luck with buying larger briskets for smoking at Stew Leonards

Hershey/Grantville Suggestions?

Spent a couple of days in Hersey last summer and surprisingly my favoriate food stop was Troegs Brewing Co. Its billed as a snack bar (and you do you order at the counter and take your food back to your seat) but it was serious food (not just snacks - we had dinner there) inventive and quite good. I recommend the Mad Elf fondue. And its good place to have a beer or two :) Now, we were traveling with kids so could not be too high end or adventurous. We also ate at Sorrentos and Chocolate Ave Grill which were ok but nothing special.

May 07, 2014
Bloombee in Pennsylvania

Why do people go to All-You-Can-Eat Buffets?

I generally do not like AYCE buffets - but do go from time to time because I have 2 young children and (i) most importantly there is no waiting to be served (my kids go to regular service restaurants as well but its not as easy on them or me), (ii) I can get them to try new things and if they dont like it, no big deal they get something else and (iii) they think its fun.

Mar 05, 2014
Bloombee in General Topics

Top Chef NOLA - Ep. #7 - 11/13/13 (Spoilers)

I thought Brian did not get chosen because other strong competitors were concerned he would not go all out given his immunity, and not because they think he is a weak chef when he tries...but who knows

Nov 14, 2013
Bloombee in Food Media & News

Great Affordable eats near 55th St and 5th Ave...HELP!

Well, I have not worked in the area for 3 years now, but based on those old memories you actually have been given decent responses to your request fort hat area. My regular sit down and eat cheap(ish) place was Topaz Thai. Sometimes, I moved up a notch to the $25 lunch menu at Molyvos. La Bonne Soupe, Angelos, Menkui-Tei and a long gone indian buffet were my other semi-regular haunts. Good luck

Nov 12, 2013
Bloombee in Manhattan

With Hilltop almost gone, what is now the most Iconic Boston Area Restaurant?

I grew up in that area - so I would add the Ship and the Continental to that classic Route 1 string. many memories

Oct 16, 2013
Bloombee in Greater Boston Area

When did you last go to the Hilltop in Saugus?

I can give you the date - Oct 2, 1993. It was an old family fave (grandparents and parents) and where we all went out for dinner the night before my wedding day. I had moved out of the Boston area by then (and have not moved back since) so have not had the opportunity to go back. Great memories.

Oct 11, 2013
Bloombee in Greater Boston Area

Kids' Cookbook For My Granddaughter?

My son quite likes the Kids Kitchen recipie cards from Barefoot Books. He received them as a birthday present at 5 years old (though their recommended age is older) and loved to look at the pictures and pick thing for him and daddy to make together. Now that he is 7 and reading, they are even more useful. Its nice to be able to take an individual laminated card out and not worry about dirtying a page in a book.

Oct 11, 2013
Bloombee in Home Cooking

breakfast in midtown

Cafe Centro is actually my go to breakfast place in midtown - because its very convenient (I commute into Grand Central on my way to the financial district so its a good place to have a morning meeting with midtown folks), its bright and airy, the service is good, and the food is solid. Nothing earth shattering, but consistently good.

Oct 11, 2013
Bloombee in Manhattan

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - September 2013 [old]

Also a big fan of the green chile and cheese tamales and I quite like the black bean and corn enchiladas

Sep 17, 2013
Bloombee in Chains

Anniversary dinner recommendations

Tocqueville is the first one that came to my mind for this request

Jul 23, 2013
Bloombee in Manhattan

Dining out with toddlers

I havea 3 year old (and a 7 year old but he is in a different eating out category now), and I do not think there is anything wrong with asking for a to go cup and lid for your daughter. We usually bring a sippy, but sometimes we forget - and if they have to go containers its not an inconvenience for them to bring you one (no more than if you asked for your leftovers to take home). One Japanese restaurant we frequent uses their to go soup containers and lids (with a cut hole) for kids drinks without us even asking. I also think any quiet toy is fine. Unless its a family-oriented place, we try to dine out at early hours with our kids and we do tip extra (25-30%) if the kids haved been messy but not if they have been neat.

Jun 03, 2013
Bloombee in Not About Food

Lunch for 20 in Midtown

Not sure why - but your request made me think of Molyvos, if that is not too far west (7th Ave). They have a good prix fixe at lunch for $25 and the burgers and lighter fare are less $ as well. Its not a high profile choice (and not someplace I typically go with just my husband) but I have found it to be solid and a good place for a group to have something different but not too different.

May 21, 2013
Bloombee in Manhattan

Shake shack

The "distracting" ice cream (actually custard) selection is actually my favorite thing about shake shack! Many of the special flavors have been great and the concretes are yummy (also love that they have different mixes based on location). You should give the custard a try. Otherwise, I agree that the hamburgers are fine and the fries a bit weak. I have not tried the dogs.

May 15, 2013
Bloombee in Chains

First Time in Nashville - Nailed it?

We just returned from 4 days in nashville (with kids) and looks like you are planning to hit up most of our highlights:

1. City House. Loved the frico, bread gnocci and trout. Kids enjoyed pizza but were starting to get restless so we skipped dessert

2. Monells. Its an experience. Very solid food (esp the fried chicken which they serve at every meal, the corn pudding, and cinnamon apples)- enjoyed the family style service and meeting new people at our table

3. HattieBs for Hot Chicken. Right across the street from our hotel so we ate here 3 times. The medium was tasty, juicy and left a nice tingle. The hot made my nose run but still good, I could not handle more than that. Sides were fine but nothing special.

4. Pancake Pantry. Arrived early on a Wednesday morning (8:45am) no line at all. Sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup really really good,

We also enjoyed Merchants, Sunset Grill and Taco Mamacita (and legato gelato next door) but not as much as the above.

Wish we could have gotten to arnolds but without a car its not easy to get to and we just kept going across the street for lunch :)

have fun!

Apr 04, 2013
Bloombee in Kentucky & Tennessee

Cheese of the Month Nominations (April to September 2013)


Mar 21, 2013
Bloombee in Cheese