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Hacienda La Paloma

Went Sat. night. Great food & service.

Don Juan, Pleasantville

Yes, to your last ?

Don Juan, Pleasantville

Place sucked anyway.

Don Juan, Pleasantville

I agree.

Don Juan, Pleasantville

Fair. The ambience is great. Bartender looked bored.

My husband could swear that his chicken was the store-bought-ready-made Perdue variety. I told him "NO' because I wanted him to enjoy it. I wonder if the chef really grilled the chicken. We had the guy prepared the guacamole @ the table. Cheap portion-only 1 avocado for 4 people. It was gone in no time & cost $8.95. We had Churros for dessert since it was my son's birthday. They were fried right then & there. They were warm & yummy. I think the owner should have offered us dessert "on the house" as new customers. A free dessert goes a long way for local customers. I will not be going back any time soon. I can cook everything I had there for a lot less.

Any Irish Bakeries Left in the North Bronx?

Mother's on Johnson Avenue in Riverdale usually makes Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick's Day.

Nov 08, 2010
robbi22 in Features

Mighty Joe Young's Hartsdale/White Plains, NY closed??

I agree.

Mighty Joe Young's
610 W Hartsdale Rd, White Plains, NY 10607

Diners in Armonk, Briarcliff, Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Mt. Pleasant, and Pleasantville?

Pleasantville diner has good food and daily/early-bird specials. Their wraps are great. The diner in Chappaqua is good for big salads.

Good Bread in Armonk/mtkisco area?

Try the Farmer's Markets, esp., Pleasantville, for Bread Alone and Meredith's Bread.

Bread Alone
45 E Market St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Ace Asian, Thornwood

Excellent! Let's all give this place a try. A young couple with a young daughter own it. They are working very hard.

D Thai Kitchen
677 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

2 Broadway in Pleasantville ...closed

FYI-I believe the man who owned Strega is opening a new place in the former Woody's location (Mt. Kisco).

Latest on Fairway Market in Pelham

I was at Fairway last Thursday. The manger told me that the Pelham Fairway will open after Passover in April of 2010. YAHOO!

Tapas in Croton?

This place sucked. The food was terrible. The shrimp
> (gambas) were like ones you find in a chinese restaurant.
> I expected 12 little shrimp in a clay pot like you find in
> Spain. The duck empananas, my father-in-law makes better
> ones. I do not know why you are raving @ this place. I
> wasted $60, luckily I had a $10 coupon.