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Arancini, Supli, or Italian Rice Balls - Best?

You could make the trip to Mr Arancini in Ajax (274 Mackenzie Ave, N of Bayly). Very tasty arancini with various fillings; I just had a free sample of good pasta e fagioli. Skip the cannoli, though.

Loblaw's = downhill

My local Superstore didn't sell ANY #4 coffee filters for several months, let alone the good unbleached ones I generally bought. Last week they returned - in a box of forty for the old price of a hundred. Chocolate rose 50% overnight. The quality and selection remain ok, except for the filters, but prices are soaring.

OK, wine experts, what is a good one to drink daily?

I commend jayt90's advice to get to know your Vintages person. Showing an interest and providing some feedback can get you a lot of useful tips on the current offerings.
In general, I'd suggest the southern hemisphere and the US west coast for a red wine newbie: Argentinian Malbec , Australian Shiraz and California Zinfandel tend to be big and fruity wines without too much "edge".
The trouble with the one-glass-a-day routine is keeping the rest potable. Red wines famously don't last very long once opened (the nice fruit flavors and aromas evaporate leaving a bitter, sour or just watery fluid.) They can be kept under nitrogen with one of the commercial gadgets, but that's a bit expensive, too.

Dec 29, 2008
tasteless in Wine

Dried peppers

Has anyone seen dried New Mexico chillies for sale around eastern Toronto or Durham region?
They used to be widely available in 2 oz. bags, but I haven't seen any for years.