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Traditional Italian

Looking for "old fashioned" (southern Italian) in Oakland, berkley, Albany.
- no nuovo!! Good downhome meat sauces - like you get in Brooklyn or the Bronx. Where Tony soprano would go.

Barberries - where to find?

Anyone know where I can get Persian dried barberries?

Dungeness crab price $/lb for '09 season

$2.99 at Ranch 99 in El Ceretto.

Mei Kuei Lu Chiew

Where can I buy Mei Kuei Lu Chiew - Chinese rose cooking wine? I tried Ranch 99 - no luck. It's supposed to be fairly common.

Turkish Red Pepper Paste

I just finished reading Greg and Lucy Malouf's magnificent book Turquoise: A Chef's Travels in Turkey. Many of the recipes in the book call for Turkish red pepper paste. Is this same as Harissa? If not , does anyone know where in the East-bay I could find Turkish red pepper paste?

Help Finding a Chinese Restaurant

About 8 months ago I had lunch in a hole in the hall Chinese restaurant in either Fremont or Union City - near I 880. It was in a strip mall with lots of other Asian restaurants. It had a very unusual/funny name --- not Chinese. The food was very distinctive --- north western China. I want to go back but for the life of me I can't recall the name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nick's Cove in Marshall - Anyone been there recently?

Went out to Marshall the first week Nick's opened. Terrible service with really non-descript seafood. I'd rather go to Barbara's Crab Trap in Princeton by the Sea

Trahn Lung?

A waiter once dropped an entire plate of hot garlic noodles on to my lap. No offer to even dry clean my pants. Never again.

Best of lamb in SF/East Bay?

Shanghai 1930 lamb shanks are simply the best!!

Toasted Rice

I found it!! It's a Thai not Chinese ingrediant. I found it at Tuk Tuk on University Avenue in Berkeley. Thanks to all who responded

Toasted Rice

I received Ceclia Chiang's The Seventh Daughter as a holiday gift. Several of the recipes call for "toasted rice or seasoned rice" The recipe header said the rice comes in small packets. I've been preparing Chinese food for many years and never heard of this ingrediant. I went to Ranch 99 and no luck finding such an item. Any suggestions? Melanie?
Does go by another name? HELP!!

Nick's Cove

Anyone been to Nick's Cove in West Marin? This is the new Mark Franz and Pat Kuleto project. I went to lunch last week. As a long-time fan of the original Nick's Cove, I was looking forward to the new place. Very disappointed. Barbecued oysters were poorly prepared and a very ordinary barbecue sauce. Popcorn shrimp not crispy - they were limp and gray. Clam chowder was very thin and had no flavor. I ordered a hamberger medium rare and it came out well done. I sent it back, but the second one was also cooked well done. I'll stick by old-style clam shacks like Barbara's Fishtrap in Princeton.

Omani Lemons

While in Fez, Moracco, I had a lamb dish made with dried lemons called Omani Lemons. You poke holes in the dried lemon and cook in a lamb or beef stew. The chef told me the lemons are used in Persian, Turkish, and Iraqi cooking. Anyone know of local source for such lemons? I can get them mailorder from a spice dealer in NY. But shipping is more expensive than the lemons.

Sam's Chowder House

Our family went to Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay for father's day. I had been there twice before and found the service less than attentive. However this last time was perhaps the worst restaurant experience I've ever had. Servers very young and inexperienced, missing many items from our order, and dropping an entire plate of fish and chips with tartar sauce on the table. Everything went flying. Clean up left the table with a film of tartar sauce that remined me of a middle school food fight. We were not offered another table. Although the food was exceptable, the service ruined our father's day lunch - never again. I suggest going to Barbara's Crab Shack in Princeton for the real deal seafood experience.

Where Can I Find Edible Fresh Flowers in SF?

Berkeley Farmer's Market

$1 oysters

Don't miss Monday $1.00 at Luka's Taproom in Oakland -- B'way and Grand.

Best Oysters....Where??

Try Luka's in Oakland - Broadway and Grand ---- $1.00 a piece on Mondays

Nellie's Soulfood Oakland

Yes, my error --- it is on Broadway. They also have a restaurant in Hayward - not as good.

Nellie's Soulfood Oakland

Has anyone been to Nellie's Soulfood in Oakland? I usually go to Art's Crab Shack on Telegraph or Jesso's in Housewives Market for my soulfood hit.

Noodle Theory-College Ave-Oakland

I imagine they're having finance problems. I've been to Woodhouse twice. A great replacement for Grasshoper. Wonderful menu. Loved the pork belly. BUT it is way overpriced for College Avenue. Great couple own the place. I wish them well, but at these prices they have to become a destination restaurant. I would rather go to Somerset. My 2 cents.

Knife Sharpening in East Bay?

Razor and knife shop on Telegraph and 51st - next to Pizziola -- old school. Very cheap and excellent. Check it out.

Any Catering Rants or Raves?

The Buckeye caters-simply the best!!. My daughter's wedding was catered by Sage in San Rafael - also outstanding

Thai in the East Bay: Soi 4 in Rockridge

As the food journalist for the Rockridge News, I eat regularly at Soi 4 and A'Cote'. I have never been disappointed.

Rose Pistola

Rose Pistole is a great place to eat at the bar. Stick with small plates.

Coming to SF for the Food Show

I highly recommend Florio on Fillmore between Bush and Pine. Check out review in Zagat. I will also be at the fancy food show.

Bobby Lee's in Hayward

Great news!!!!!

Bobby Lee's in Hayward

Bobby Lee's Smokehouse in Hayward seems to have had fire. Any information? I've going to Bobby Lee's for years. In my opinion it is the best southern style smokehouse in the Bay-area. I went there to pick his smoked North Carolina pulled pork only to find the store boarded up. Where else can I get Sourthern down-home smoked pulled pork and smoked turkey?

Bistro in the 5th

Before going off to Morocco, we will be spending a few days in Paris. We've been to Paris numerous times. We are looking for suggestions for a down to earth, good food, good service, not to expensive bistro. We are staying in the 5th. So something in the 1st, 2nd or 6th would be great.

Jan 10, 2007
bkaufman in France

Banh Mi @ Little Vietnam Cafe (6th & Clement)

Went to Little Vietnam Cafe (6th & Clement) yesterday for the first time. I was looking for Little Paris. Went into the Asian restaurant supply store for some items. The cash register clerk was speaking Vietnamese. She told me about Little Vietnam Cafe (6th & Clement. Great thit nuong (grilled pork) bahn mi with traditional Vietnamese coffee. I also picked to an order of Vietnamese grilled tofu with lemongrass to go - excellent.

Fun Date Spot in East Bay

Another reason to go to A Cote --- Michael the bartender is among the best in the bay-area. Have him make you a side-car. The best since I left NY.