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Does Kosher wine without sulfates exist?

I have sometimes had Hafner organic wines from Austria with the kosher supervision of Rabbi A. Y. Schwartz of Vienna. I assume that these would be free of added sulfites, though there may be some naturally occurring sulfite traces. And De La Rosa in Florida had some organic imported kosher wine at last year's kosher fest.

Jul 30, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

White wine vinegar... please?

De La Rosa imports an Italian organic white wine vinegar, but I do not know which stores carry it.

Jul 28, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

White wine vinegar... please?

I have used an Israeli white wine vinegar which was quite good, and a South American one which seems to have disappeared from the stores. The better stores like kosher marketplace in Manhattan and Pomegranate in Brooklyn would probably have them

Jul 23, 2015
EvanM in Kosher


Is it worth buying fresh herring and then pickling it in different ways? Or would nothing I make at home come out as good as the better commercial products? I look at the ingredients list and think surely it would be tastier made with fresh spices rather than dried.... Is it hard to clean and prepare. Is there a safety concern .

Jul 21, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Kosher Winery Visits

The Hafner kosher wines are sold in some places in the USA. My family enjoys Frizante, which is also organic (no added sulfites etc.) and is a light sparkling wine without the soda-like sweetness of some better known brands. I think they only do a few kosher runs every year, so the rest of the time there would be nothing specifically kosher to tour. On the other hand they are acutely conscious of the heritage of the Burgenland Jewish communities, so they might do something in conjunction with local Jewish heritage tourism.

Jul 06, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Kosher in Cordova Spain

There used to be lots of kosher stores there, but they closed about 523 years ago.... You could probably find Gibraltar stores willing to ship to you, or if flying via Madrid it would be possible to pick up limited supplies there.

Jun 22, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Prime Grill downsizing

We should rush to Butterfish before it closes, they have a somewhat unusual and interesting menu, while Prime Grill has items you can also get at PrimeKo and other places. Probably the old story that kosher consumers are more comfortable paying high prices for meat than for fish. Does anyone know if Butterfish is still operating and for how long?

Jun 16, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

First kosher in Dumbo

The Rabbi of Chabad in Dumbo is giving hashgocho to the very first kosher place in what is a hopping new neighborhood. That is amazing, many kosher people working there. Sort of vegan place, with juices and interesting baked goods on the corner of Jay Street and John down by the water. Looked interesting and eclectic. I tasted some cookies and muffins made from almond flour, a but dry but delicious. Its called FIYA (not sure what that means or why). The owner's name is Dov, and he says he opened last week but does not yet have the full menu.

May 05, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Teaneck Scene

Any place in Teaneck suitable for an after-work dinner with colleagues? Is Noah's Ark good for a semi-traditional deli experience? Smokey Joe's more likely for a pleasant ambience.... anything new in the area?

Apr 29, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Jarred Tuna

I have seen tuna in a jar.with an OU in Fairway

Apr 14, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Manischewitz, Lieber's, etc. How do they do it?

They do a fair amount of detective work to find out who is already making a suitable product, but i think the questioner and the first answers underestimate how much knowledge and effort is expended by these companies. When the first guys made gluten free matzo ball mix it seemed almost impossible to get the right consistency from potato starch, over 20 years others have copied and imitated. The first time you make mayonnaise from a different oil you have to experiment a lot, but eventually it gets easier. These companies spend every waking moment producing, and talking to potential producers, analyzing costs to figure out what is worth making. Of course there are also professionals who bring know-how from one company to another. It is the same in the general non-kosher world of food, but Pesach is much more specialized, and therefore the same questions are being handled by everyone. e.g. how can one make an acceptable soy sauce substitute, is there a mix of flavors which would substitute for mustard, which facilities are small enough to be practical to kasher completely for a Pesach run

Apr 07, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Motzai Shabbos Fast Food in Manhattan

On the West Side I think Roma Pizza and Alibaba (Falafel, shawarma, salads) generally open after Shabbos even in the summer.

Mar 23, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Gino's pizza Brooklyn (near Boro Park)

I heard about a pizza shop named Gino's on 9th Avenue that recently went kosher, claims to use all authentic Italian methods and be as good as before they turned to kosher. Reliable hashgocho/cholov yisrael etc. Has anyone tried it? Is it especially good?

Mar 18, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Gefilte Fish Panic

I assume you mean that you would not consider any fish that has been previously frozen. And so I would like to know which fishmonger uses only fresh fish, because many wholesalers substitute frozen for fresh without telling. And carp are generally from central America where there was no cold winter. And there are many suppliers of farmed whitefish. I looked at various websites of Great Lakes whitefish suppliers and they say the fresh supply always starts in April, never earlier. Try calling around the kosher fishmongers, surely someone will have them.

Mar 10, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

St Louis

Is that a viable thing to survey? Surely many kosher places only survive with the patronage of non-kosher customers. And then many kosher places find they cannot sell at a price they find profitable, so that while there are many patrons the place closes. Then surveys cannot tell if the proprietors will be welcoming and make people eager to come more often. Finally, the local Vaad would need to explain their position on whether an orthodox Jewish owner and operator would still need to pay a mashgiach temidi.

Mar 03, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Kosher wine at Whole Foods Market

The 97th street store did a kosher wine tasting for MJE a few weeks ago and they had a pretty good selection, and a sefardic sommelier who was knowledgeable about kosher wines.

Feb 17, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Unfilled crepe (blintz) at Costco

I have seen them in fairway, near the bakery section. Been kof K dairy for a while. Wish they made a pareve one

Jan 29, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

Kosher Asian Market? (Not Restaurant) [Long Island or New York City]

I saw a curry paste with a national hashgocho in the Health Nuts on Broadway and 98th Street in Manhattan

Jan 12, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

L'estis desserts

I have served them to guests and got rave reviews on the cake called Opera

Jan 07, 2015
EvanM in Kosher

kosher wild salmon?

This has nothing to do with kosher. All supermarkets are selling wild salmon year round using some of the strategies described. It is only the local season which is limited.

Dec 29, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Jerusalem bagel, Istanbul simit, New York/Montreal bagel

I was a bit intrigued by this discussion, and went to look at the non-kosher simit+smith store on 72nd Street. The look of the simit is close to that of a flagel, but a customer coming out who told me he is from turkey told me "In Turkey some places make it with a crust similar to a boureka, while others make it with a firm bagel like crust, but never with the thick chewy inside of a bagel, and it does not have to be round with a hole."

Dec 26, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Hannukah Donuts in Queens

Most bakeries BUY donuts, because they need dedicated fryers and there is a strong odour from the hot oil. Queens Pita makes their own. Royal Donut in Brooklyn (and podrigals) make most of the pareve donuts sold at kosher stores and bakeries in NY, a few get from Laromme in Monsey... some fast food stores make their own since they have deep fry machines going anyway... but there may be an aftertaste of french fries.
Here are some hints about what is out there, but they only seem to mention a limited selection

Dec 21, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

What to serve for a Bar Mitzvah Kiddush Lunch? My son is GF so I need some things he can eat. On the Cheap,please.

and there are other easy salads like hearts of palm with chopped peppers, and homemade guacamole with corn chips to dip.
Buy some gluten free gefilte fish loaves defrost and make them into small balls, cook them and serve them on the ends of toothpicks.
Then some of the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes (Montreal kosher-parev) make good brownies, little work and not expensive

Dec 18, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

kosherfest 2014

I was interested in Yosef's Cheese, they offered chalav yisrael parmesan, and romano and asiago and said they would do custom blends. It will be interesting to see if retailers take them up on that offer..... there are lots of good toppings to be made with ground romano, and a mix with asiago would be interesting.
Then elegant desserts of Brooklyn had some nice types of fudge they were sampling

Nov 12, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

polly-o cheddar/mozzarella twists-OUD

These are supermarket cheeses, not gourmet items, nobody expects them to be like real cheddar. If you want a halfway decent cheddar that is kosher, there is one imported from England and a cheddar-style from Israel that is tolerable

Oct 31, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Thanks for the memories, Kosher Delight...

When they opened on Broadway and 37th in Mamhattan, I was excited about the salad bar, there were not many kosher places with saladbar then (about 1984). And it introduced me to some interesting chinese style foods, though I always thought the french fries and other standard fast food items were among the worst anywhere

Oct 21, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Sausage casings

Real meat casings used to be available to the trade from Devro, made in Australia under kashrus supervision of Rabbi Beck of Melbourne (ultra reliable), but I understand Devro has stopped making them. The vegetarian edible casings are available from http://www.vegicase.com/ in this country. There is an animal casing available under a not generally accepted rabbinic supervision (the rabbi from the marshmallows with gelatin).

Sep 16, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

New barbecue choice in Brooklyn

According to a post on DNAinfo today, Crown Heights will be the site of a new kosher barbecue genuine smoker restaurant!

Kosher BBQ Joint to Bring Ribs and Brisket to Crown Heights

I think the Chabad guys include some of the most creative kosher food people, but the chabad supervised kosher meat does not generally match the quality of the otehr glatt suppliers

Sep 14, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Is Lindt Kosher?

This is an old post, but the situation has changed and some Lindt products in the USA are kosher.
Although it seems to be pretty much confined to truffles, rather than the chocolate bars

Aug 07, 2014
EvanM in Kosher

Kosher cheese curds?

try pomegranate, they buy fresh curds to make their own mozzarella

Aug 05, 2014
EvanM in Kosher