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Two Amys: not a great first experience

I TOTALLY concur. It's way overrated and every time we've had to deal with soupy, soggy pizza that fell apart.

I also agree with jac0077 on Mia's. The place is less crazy, more cozy with better pizza and cute desserts. I hesitate to recommend it b/c I don't want it to turn into 2 Amy's....

Informal Baltimore Birthday Dinner Venue?

We are going to see the Colts-Ravens game this coming Sunday. Directly after the game we were going to meet some other friends to celebrate the birthday of the girl who is the Colts-fan.

Does anyone have any rec's for a restaurant if given the following criteria: early Sunday dinner, approx 5:30pm, we are all 25-30 in age, somewhere less formal since some of us will be in game gear, we will be a group of 8-10, a place IN Baltimore. We're all DC-ers so don't know too much about the Baltimore restaurant scene.

Greatly appreciated! And let me know if you require more critieria!

Okinamiyaki in DC?

I second ec8r. The first and only time I've ever had okonomiyaki is at Ara. I have no frame of reference to tell you whether it is good or authentic.

I will warn you that Ara is MOSTLY Bar/Karaoke and little Restaurant. Not to say they don't serve decent food, but most of the time (esp. if you go happy-hour or later) you'll find a mostly young Korean clientele slogging pitchers of beer and soju.

cute and cheap

girlfriend and i are making a date of going to see the nyc ballet @ the kennedy center this saturday....we are grabbing an early (5:30!! who eats at 5:30!!!) dinner to make the 7:30 curtain. we don't really want to eat BY the kennedy center since there's nothing THAT good or budget friendly...

really, we're open to anything in NW since we're goign to be driving. we're probably looking for something casual and wallet-friendly but nothing horribly shabby. i don't think we'd like to spend more than $30/pp including alcohol....i was thinking about matchbox but i'd like something a bit closer....

suggestions are very much appreciated!!

Catering: Korean and American Food HELP!

1) I really don't know if I agree with MartinDC's recommendations on Mandu. As a Korean, I'm not quite sure if Mandu is where you would go for quality/authentic Korean food EVER, let alone for catering such a special day. While we're talking about korean restaurants I don't like...Woo Lae Oak typically does a crappy job of catering in-house events.

2) I'm pretty sure if you find a regular caterer that is willing to do both types of cuisines, the authenticity and quality of the Korean food is going to be sub-par. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to go with two different ones. I know Korean caterers typically aren't goign to do American food.

3)Most of the Korean grocery stores have catering "departments." I'd particularly recommending checking out Korean Korner out in Wheaton/Rockville on Veirs Mill Road. The grocery store itself is kinda skeezy and gross, but the quality of their catered food is high. Typically you just call-in the order or go order in person, and pick it up the day of at a certain requested time.

4)There are also some korean places in Annandale that do strictly catering (I think Nak Won on Little River Tpke is one of them). I've never tried them, so I don't have any comments regarding quality of the food/service. I think since your reception isn't too big in size, most Korean restaurants (yelp korean restaurants on yelp for a bunch of them) should be able to cater it. Since you love Korean food, I'm sure you have a couple favorite restaurants you could ask.

Buying Wine in Bethesda

Significant other is moving to downtown Bethesda. Where do most of the locals pick up their wine/beer? Have been looking around, and it didn't seem like there were many places available. Wondering about picking up everything from a standard cold 6 pack, a cheap bottle for dinner, 30 packs/cases for parties, and the occasional nice bottle for gifting (I understand this is not all done at the same place. Just wondering where you go for all of the above).

Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant?

HELP! My parents have to entertain some Asian diplomats or politicians this week. They have been eating at Woo Lae Oak all week and apparently prefer Asian cuisines. We're thinking a nicer-than-normal Chinese restaurant would suffice. Friend suggested Peking Gourmet Inn?

Atmosphere and food quality are both important. I'm open to suggestions. THANKS!

Black sesame seeds

yea, any asian supermarket will definitely have them.

Katz's Shopping Center - Boiling Brook Rd in Rockville

wouldn't really call it a restaurant. it's a korean "bar/lounge" called 20/20 with mostly younger koreans drinking soju and beer. there's a small bar, a karaoke stage, and most of the floor space is dedicated to tables. while they do serve food, it's nothing spectacular. some soups, pretty ordinary korean dishes, and bar snacks. the servers seem to be mostly in their 20's/30's and speak english.