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Commander's review from Superbowl Sunday

Hi New2Nola.

We were on the ground floor of Commander's, in what I guessed to be the Garden room,(We walked through the kitchen and the courtyard).
Our waiter, Philip, told us that the second line of women that we saw was led by a former
employee of the restaurant.
As tourists to the city, we're always caught unaware by events.
We were expecting to take the St. Charles streetcar from our hotel near Canal.
The scheduled parades shut that down. We gave up on trying to flag a taxi, and
enjoyed a brisk walk of about forty minutes to arrive in advance of our reservation by about
thirty seconds!

Already looking forward to returning to the Crescent City!


Feb 20, 2010
derosa in New Orleans


I once eat at at Galatoire's solo.....they were really good at giving me lots of friendly attention without going over the top.
The atmosphere was inclusive...I remember clapping along with others after someone
was sung *Happy Birthday*.
I did feel mildly uncomfortable eating solo, but that was *my* issue,as I hadn't done it much .

I might choose a place less formal, with a lot of energy and a good *vibe*.
I've had fun eating at the bar at Acme's with friends, and I could imagine doing the same at Deanie's...which has a really casual feel to it..


ps...Why not consider posting a request for Chowhounder's company?

Feb 14, 2010
derosa in New Orleans

Commander's review from Superbowl Sunday

Hi All,

We just returned from a long weekend trip to New Orleans...not the first...not the last.
I wanted to report back on Commander's to comment on what so many people already know.
It's just terrific!

All I can add to the volume of reviews is how much fun it is.

I had wondered if the atmosphere might be too stiff and formal to my liking...not in the least.
Service was exemplary and we enjoyed chatting with our waiter.He in turn, suggested
a cocktail to me that was unfamiliar and delicious..a scotch based *blood and sand*
Highly recommended by someone who doesn't usually care to dilute good scotch!
The bread pudding topped with whisky was remarkable...again strongly recommended.
The atmoshere took a lively turn when a *second line* of young women dressed in Saints
colours marched through the Garden room behind a life size cut out of Drew Brees and the jazz band.

I guess to reiterate..don't worry about not having a tie or polished shoes at Commander's.
(I had one,not the other) I suspect you will be made to feel every bit as welcome and comfortable as we did..

Other minor notes...We tried to go to Charlie's,after reading that it was owned by Brigsten,and found it closed on the Monday following the to make sure they're open.

Dick and Jenny's was recommended to us by a local...We didn't try it this time,but we did locate it and it looks promising. At that time we enjoyed a 1/2 hour wander through the
Rouse's across the street...a fine, inclusive grocery store..

We also visited the outdoor food market open one day of the week out by Audobon Park..
I would surely if I patronize it if I lived in NOLA..greatbake goods, pasta sauce, and friendly vendors operating out of the back of their cars/trucks. The selection of greens and vegatables
was very appealing..


Commander's Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Feb 12, 2010
derosa in New Orleans

blizzard caused flight delays..where to eat late night?

Good Morning All...well, weather changes the best laid plans...We're leaving Buffalo
on a late flight. Our original was cancelled due to the weather in DC.
We will be arriving at our hotel,(InterContinental on St. Charles) around midnight.
What's a good bet for late night eating?
(We had planned on oysters at Felix's..but any recommendations are appreciated)


Feb 06, 2010
derosa in New Orleans

Casual places near the Onyx Hotel

Hi...My spouse and I are staying in Boston July 4 through 7th,at the Onyx Hotel.
I've read and appreciated the recent threads about great Italian places,as well as dining near the Park Plaza. Italian and seafood fare would probably be my first two choices.

On July 5th we plan to get together with an old friend whom I haven't seen in years.
I expect we'll meet at the hotel and walk from there. I'm hoping for some lively conversation
and an energetic walk before settling in for dinner.
Are reservations essential for a Saturday night?

Lastly,are there any staple or fun foods that we shouldn't miss trying,(or at least knowing about?) I'm thinking of wood fired bagels and poutine from Montreal,here.

Thanks for your suggestions...

Jun 29, 2008
derosa in Greater Boston Area