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Rome Holidays 2010 eating options

Thanks SO much. We currently have a reservation at Sa Tanca Crostaceria for New Years Eve (wasn't on the list, so I thought I'd include it in case the many options you provided are not enough for someone)... if any other chowhounds will be there, let me know!

Dec 21, 2010
emileat in Italy

Dining in Paris for Christmas

Good luck, Johanna. We booked at Au Bon Accueil (after reading advice and reviews galore on this board - thanks, all!) for the 24th. Hopefully you can still get a reservation after today's write up in the NYT!

Dec 21, 2009
emileat in France

Questions about Chez L'Ami Jean

Thanks to you all for the enjoyable and educational posts! You've made it so easy for me to choose, I feel like I'm cheating. You've saved me hours of nail-biting research... now I just have to call in hopes of securing a reservation for Christmas Eve dinner at Chez L'Ami Jean. (I realize some could have read this thread and come away with the opposite response, but your descriptions of the food have won me over.) If I find out that they are not open on the 24th, I'll be back to scour the boards for a good alternative. Thanks, all!

Dec 07, 2009
emileat in France

Hidden gems on 5th Ave south of 9th St. in Park Slope

I'm a big fan of Kinara, the Indian place on 5th Ave. between 10th and 11th. Search this board for more posts about it.

Dec 01, 2007
emileat in Outer Boroughs

Humongous pressed tortas at Puebla Mini Market

Yum! I'll check it out. Thanks for posting.

Jul 08, 2007
emileat in Outer Boroughs

Dessert bar at one girl cookie

Thanks for posting this, Nehna. I'd been wondering when this was going to open...glad to know you tried it and liked it.

Jul 08, 2007
emileat in Outer Boroughs

Recs for tasty Macrobiotic food?

I'm a huge fan of Souen. Delicious food, great atmosphere. Brown rice sushi is great, as is the cornbread. (As you can tell from my recs, menu is a true range!)

May 22, 2007
emileat in Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park, Babbo, or Bouley--Help me choose for my 30th birthday

Wow, thanks to all who have responded so far. I really appreciate the suggestions and tips, and I think I'm edging towards...well, no, that wouldn't be fair to say yet. For the moment, I'm just really enjoying reading what all of you have to say, and am intrigued by this new suggestion of Le Bernadin...

Anyway, will make a decision soon, but just wanted to thank you all for your feedback in the meantime. More is always welcome, too. And Sean and Ellenost, you've got me thinking that I might have to do something else worth celebrating soon so I can go try that elderflower cocktail at Danube no matter what!

May 20, 2007
emileat in Manhattan


Did anyone else try the amazing (and super-bargain at just $1) valrhona chocolate brownies? Seriously good. I usually do not like a brownie with frosting, but there was something so balanced and perfect about the creamy-but-not-too-sweet nature of this frosting with the light-but-rich brownie... Good sign, I think, that they ran out before the end of the street fair! I'm sure the price was just a street fair/grand-opening special, but it did its job--I'm hooked!

May 20, 2007
emileat in Outer Boroughs

Eleven Madison Park, Babbo, or Bouley--Help me choose for my 30th birthday

My dad and step-mom are coming to town to take my SO and me out for my 30th next month. Restaurant is up to me, and the only guideline I've been given for price is that I'm not allowed to choose Per Se. Fine with me! So, I've narrowed it down to the 3 in the title of this posting. Obviously, I've researched 'em all on this board (and elsewhere, tho' nothing compares to Chowhound reviews!). My question: would you say that one of these is a better pick in terms of a) atmosphere b) fish/seafood options or c) some other criteria that I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance! Will report back (tho' the big day is not 'til July)

May 19, 2007
emileat in Manhattan

"chiles & chocolate oaxacan kitchen" in park slope!

Yippee! Thanks for the heads' up, can't wait to try it.

Jan 16, 2007
emileat in Outer Boroughs

A 4-year Chow tour of NYC--we'd love your help!

My youngest sister has just moved to the city. She's starting college this week, at Barnard. 'Til now, she's lived (and eaten) in the Chicago suburbs, and she's quite excited--understandably!--about "digging in" to all that NYC has to offer, food-wise and other-wise, of course. But this here posting is about food.

So, my question to all of you: If you had the chance to be a culinary tour guide of our fair city, and you had 4 years to do it, what would your game plan be? Keep in mind that she's a college student and I'm a teacher (cost should be at least a slight consideration). Also, it might take a while to expand her tastebuds' preferences of bagels and pizza. I plan to see her (and eat with her) about once each week. Here are a few things I've thought about:

*Monthly themes, with a different restaurant featuring the same kind of food each week, for a few weeks in a row: tours of NYC's best pizza, falafel, Thai, Indian, Korean, and other cuisines that she will hopefully develop a taste for...

*A more geographic approach, highlighting different neighborhoods every week and just choosing a restaurant depending on any number of criteria...

*A DIY "diner's deck" kind of thing, in which I take suggestions from fellow chowhounds about must-hit restaurants (yes, I'll scour the boards, but feel free to add your input here and now, too), and compile them into some sort of list or deck of cards, with the goal of hitting as many as possible in the next four years, and hopefully discovering some of our own together, too. If you vote for this option, be sure to give me your recommendations!

Thanks, all. I look forward to hearing your chowisdom!


Sep 03, 2006
emileat in Manhattan