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Where to eat and drink to feel like you're in New York?

Hill Country Chicken in Chelsea for excellent fried chicken.
Hill Country BBQ different store a block away for bbq

If you happen to be in the east village, McSorley's Ale House is fun

Gramercy Tavern (already noted) for upscale NYC

Mar 26, 2015
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Recommendations for Jackson Heights, please.

I would also add... La Fusta, Argentine steak/barbecue/parrillada, on Baxter Ave., and La Boina Roja, on 37th Ave, also S. Am. steak house as well, if you are into steaks.

Oct 08, 2014
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Staying in Park Slope- NYC for cheap (adventurous) midwesterners

In Queens for Thai I would go for Ayada, Chao Thai or Nusara... if you want a nice steak dinner try La Fusta, an Argentine place. You are staying near the R train on so that does go to Queens.. need to change to the 7 for some of these restos.

Nov 27, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Baking Pretzels - Questions about using Lye

It has been some time since I made pretzels and dipped them in lye, but I recall that is all we did.... just slipped them in the solution, turned them once and then out... salted them and baked them. I recall they were quite wonderful. Leaving them in the solution longer may not be such a good idea.

Nov 13, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

Recommendations for a basic dishwasher

Kitchen Aid Get stainless steel interior, and one with just two or so cycles.. they are durable, reliable and quiet I love mine.

Nov 12, 2013
chasamark in Cookware

peter lugers

Keen's is quite fabulous, midtown and easy to get to.

Days before/after a holiday

Sausage and peppers... if you add potatoes it's a one dish meal ...i use four or five types of peppers, onion, garlic, delish

Nov 04, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

Truly authentic Sichuan food in Manhattan/the Boros/N.J.

Well, Little Pepper, College Point, is wonderful, but you do need a car to get there if you are not close... worth the effort to go.
Spicy and Tasty in Flushing was quite wonderful when I last went (sometime in the summer), I always love that place.
And Sweet Yummy House on Broadway in Elmhurst is definately worth a visit .... if you live near their delivery is amazingly fast and delicious.

Nov 04, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Can someone help me roast some sausages?

I would cut sausage in pieces; start it in a skillet to get the fat and juices going, then remove the sausage and set aside. add the garlic, onion, peppers to get flavors going and set them aside. Brown potatoes in the fat/juices to start, then put the skillet with the potatoes in the over 350 or so and cook till potatoes are almost done, Add all the other items, turning several times to finish and serve from the pan.. yum. a hearty Italian red is called for here.

Oct 31, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

Thai restaurants

The must visit in Queens:
Ayada--maybe the best Thai in NYC
Sri Sraphai-- also quite wonderful, but busy and frenetic if you go at a busy time. Excellent food
Chao Thai-- Also excellent, tiny space so time your visit or you will wait for a table --excellent food
Nusara-- not quite up to the others, but quite wonderful-- best duck salad IMO.

Oct 24, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Thai. Is there a "not-to-be-missed" place?

Nusara, in Elmhurst for the best crispy duck salad..

Sep 24, 2013
chasamark in Manhattan

Little Pepper question

Had a fabulous dinner there on Sat. night... no probs, no headaches... just the wonderful glow that comes from a meal of wonderful food.

Sep 23, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Vegetarian dishes at Little Pepper

Just there for a fabulous meal on Sat. night. on app menu also the szechuan "picked" veg... and don't miss the dry sauteed string beans -- a high point of our meal. Have also had the eggplant.

Sep 23, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

How to jazz up an apple pie...should I add cheddar? caramel? nuts?

Add raisins, either golden or black; dried currants, or dried cranberry or dried apricots cut in quarters. Soak dried fruit in half cup of brandy before combining
Line pie shell with almond paste before filling.
Or crumb/streusal topping with nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds.
Cheese pastry shell is another option.
Fall crop apples are wonderful here in NYC.

Sep 18, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

Have you been to Nixtamal lately?

Taqueria Coatzingo, at 76th street, and on 82nd Street, and Taqueria Tulcingo, 83rd street are my close faves. There are also several taco stands and a truck or two near the 82nd street train stop, plus the hole-in-the wall on Roosevelt about 86th st I can't recall the name. Coatzingos are best,and you can dine in.

Sep 04, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Have you been to Nixtamal lately?

I went to Nixtamal about 7 weeks ago with two friends. I had heard and read that it was supposed to be really wonderful but I have to say that we were totally underwhelmed. We started with the the guacamole, and I will sat that the tortillas were great the guac, however, not distinctive or authoitatively seasoned (I ordered for the group in Spanish, btw) However the rest of the food was totally ordinary. One of us had fish (skate), rubbery and chewy, one carnitas, fine, but non-descript, and one the enchiladas verdes, ok as well. There are 5 or 6 really wonderful Mex/tortillerias near my home at 82 nd and Roosevelt in Jax Hts that are much more satisfying as a food experience.

Sep 03, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy a whole, uncooked pig

Western Beef -- several locations

Aug 27, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

What is the Spicy Mina, Chengdu Heaven, Southern Spice of today on chowhound?

Ayada, Chao Thai, and also, IMO, Nusara fall into this category.
I am a big fan of Sweet Yummy House-- all dishes authoritatively and uniquely seasoned and never failing to give great pleasure. SYH is a sort of hole in the wall, and the delivered food comes amazingly fast, hot delicious.
But Spicy Mina was in a category by herself.

Aug 26, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Any waterfront dining?

Water's Edge, 44th Dr. in Queens, has a beautiful view of Manhattan. There is an outdoor deck, that is nice weather permitting, and the main dining room has floor to ceiling windows with the same dramatic view. However, as is often the case, when the restaurant is selling its location and view, the food is subsidiary. At a recent luncheon the best choice turned out to be the prix fixe choice. Ok food, but great view. Parking adjacent to the restaurant.

Aug 22, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Greek in Flushing.

Go east on Norhern Blvd, Right on 31st Street, left on Astoria Blvd & 28th street for BZ Grill for the most fabulous gyro you will ever have.

Aug 08, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Current Best-of-everything in or Near Jackson Heights.

Welcome to JH. These places are centered around my home, 83rd and Roosevelt.
Pollos a la brasa Mario: Terrific grilled chicken, and bbq. When it's 95 out, ya get a chicken, they cut it up, a side salad and you've got dinner. Several locations. Eat in as well
La Fusta, Baxter Ave near Bway.. Superb Argentine steak house, great sangria, and the house watercress salad is divine. Tons of chimichurri to go with.
Sweet Yummy House- Broadway superb szechuan. They must start cooking the order for delivery as the order is being written it arrives so fast.
Uncle Zhou, Broaday also great Chinese, recently had a TV review so kinda busy now. but really good.
Ayada Thai... great, worth a trip if you don't live close by. highly regarded by CH
Chao Thai also wonderful, tho small, they deliver see CH ref.
Nusara Thai, wonderful, they have the best duck salad IMO
Mango Rico greengrocer 82nd Street. A fine assortment of greens and produce.
Mi Tierra Hispanic grocery Roosevelt ave. and 85th street, wonderful produce and other hispanic items.
This is a start for you ....

Jul 25, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Jacques Pepin--which book?

Both La Methode and La Technique were my intro to some great cooking techniques and recipes. I recall that the first time I deboned a Turkey it took nearly two hours. Now I can do a bird in 10 min or so. The pictures are really well done and the steps are well documented.

Jul 23, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

What is the best Churasscaria in Queens?

La Fusta, an Argentine offering in Jackson Heights, serves up wonderful assortments of barbecued meats in great portions. With group of ten, I would make reservations.

Jul 23, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

6 hour layover at JFK - any nearby food recommendations

This layover topic has been treated on numerous occasions in this column. If you do a search for layover in Outerboroughs you will find many listings for this.

I would go to Flushing and have some wonderful Chinese food.

Jul 17, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Cookie cake recipe?

An apple stack cake is wonderful. Google for a recipe. Basically a cookie dough baked in cake tins and then stacked with apple mixture. Dried apples can be used but it is great with applebutter. Make a day or two before it is needed.

Jul 10, 2013
chasamark in Home Cooking

Country ham in New York City

Country hams are difficult to find in NYC. Western Beef does carry Smithfield but be warned they may have been on the shelf for a while. I bought one from the WB on Northern Blvd. about 2 yrs ago, and even with soaking it was too salty to be satisfying as anything more than a flavoring agent, and that is how I finally used it up.
Better to buy from one of the southern vendors who ship. you will have it in a few days. Got a Benton ham for last Easter, it was wonderful. They also sell hocks, bacon, etc.

May 20, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

fresh naturally fermented sauerkraut

pretty easy to make your own....

May 09, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Any recommendations for food in or around the Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene?

Food vendors there are actually pretty good. I have eaten at most in the several years that I have been going. The Texas brisket, porchetta, the several Mexican are all wonderful. I love the dosa stall in particular. If hthe quinoa falafel vendor is there by all means get that.
Last Sat I ate lunch from the church ladies doing soul food at the church adjacent.. the collard greens were great...

May 06, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs

Fried Rice

A recipe for fried rice !! I can hear my Chinese roommate schrieking and laughing now --- I was taught by his mother and excellent cook that fried rice was a way to use up what ever left overs there were by combining with left over rice. The typical scenario was to saute some sliced onions, a clove or two of chopped garlic and maybe some slivered ginger before turning the left over rice in the oil... turn a few times to separate the grains and add the left over stir fry left overs... allow to heat through. off heat and cover for a few minutes... always wonderful.

indian in queens, post southern spice and spicy mina's?

We discovered Paradise Biryani Pointe when we went to dine at Mehfil, which was gone. While the food is not up to Mina's amazing offering, it is right now one of the better places for this cuisine in the hood. I have dined there about 5 or 6 times, and ordered out probably a dozen times. The dishes are seasoned with a knowing hand, each having distinct sauces and flavors-- and the best dishes are those with sauces -- a few times the tandoori dishes have been a touch overcooked. The biryani dishes are just ok. Some refreshing offerings including the capsicum masala and their take on onion pakora. Delivery is amazingly fast and the food is hot.

Apr 08, 2013
chasamark in Outer Boroughs