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Bey Beys chicken and waffles west palm beach

Bey Beys chicken and waffles west palm beach

its at 2400 okeechobee in west palm beach. just went for the first time. suggest if you like fried chicken, run, dont walk, to this place. the waffles were just awright, but the chicken was hot, crispy, a little spice and very moist. place was small but clean and it was comfortable. the owner was cooking the chicken and very pleasant. told him he was gonna be a rich man. best fried chicken in south florida as far as i'm concerned. had the mac and cheese-good, the sweet potato fries- ok. they were out of the mashed potatoes coleslaw and steamed cabbage, whcih might mean that those are the crowd favorites. not expensive and nice size chicken . once again , get yourself there. and i'm not an easy or frequent reviewer

New Chinese Restaurant opening in Boca - Phillippe's

went there yesterday for happy hour and the ever irresistable early bird. to start, the happy hour wasnt so happy. they offered some and some specialty drinks half off, otherwise nah. a cointreau on the rocks was $15 and it wasnt much of a pour. the free apps were 2 wimpy chicken satay, orange in color without much flavor. had the spring rolls which came with a candied seaweed which was probably the best thing i tasted . we then had the hand tossed noodles, whcih were awright. we ordered the crispy beef since my wife likes it at uncle tais. it wasnt crispy and it wasnt beefy. it was a few strands of meat in a soggy coating covered with a sweet and sour sauce. also had the string beans which were also wimped out. maybe it just has growing pains[ i hope] but aside from the red leather benches and the fancy wine cellar thingy, see no reason to go there . you cant take a limo to silver pond for the same money and have much better food.

Casa d'Angelo cutting back

just came back from my second visit to casa d'angelo in the past 3 weeks, and there were sure signs that the recession is hitting home. in contrast to my earlier visit in january, i noted the following changes 1] the shrimp, which used to be a lusty u3 are now u6s and didnt have any of the flavor found earlier 2] ordered the bresaola salad appetizer which called for 50 year old balsamic vinegar. there was none on the plate. asked the waiter about it. she took it back to the kitchen and it returned with what tasted like cheap commercial balsamic that was possibly 50 hours old but definately not 50 years 3] the $46 a plate veal chop was exceedingly fatty 4] the size of the sea bass was 60% of that ordered in january. maybe i'm being picky, but when you drop over $60 a head before booze for italian, i really want to be wowed and i wasnt. would suggest looking for other italian eateries in the area

Sonny's Steak Hogies - Hollywood

went to sonny's yesterday after all the great things i've read. amazed at what i found. 1] the famed gorgonzola salad was some iceberg lettuce, 2 wedges of tomato and watery dressing.2] the lauded hambergers were greasy, and 3] though i havent been to philly in a while,unless pats and geno's have been taken over by mole people, they have nothing to wrry about as far as competition goes. sorry,it was cheap, but just not very good.

Jun 29, 2008
bobzilla in Florida