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NY foodies need help in Banff/Jasper

if you're in jasper- try the whistle stop - they have a $6 burger and fries deal. i know it's not gourmet, but the burger is pretty good and they have live music.


ha ha. sorry. edmonton.


need a spot for caribbean food !

Olive Garden in decline?

bottom line - awful. enjoy the profits, don't enjoy the food..

Tres Carnales - Edmonton

Looking for a new lunch place, a friend and I went to Tres Carnales for lunch. When we stepped in the door we noticed that there was limited seating so my friend went to grab a table as I stood in line. Almost immediately someone came up to me and asked if we were dining in or ordering to go and when I told him we were dining in he told me that it is their policy to order first then take a table. I thought this was strange but did not care as if that's the rules that's the rules. I offered to call my friend back to stand in line with me so as to not breach protocol and I was assured it was ok this time, but if we could remember the policy next time. As I was standing in line and my friend was sitting at the table, a different server approached my friend and gave the same information about ordering before you sit down at a table. My friend explained that I was in line and would be joining him soon. Meanwhile, while I was standing in line I realized that my friend had no idea what the menu was so I took a pic of the menu to show my friend so he could tell me his order. As I began walking to the table my friend was sitting at the same server who just lectured my friend on the rules about ordering before sitting put me through the same; I explained to this server that another server already explained the rules to me and said it was ok this time. Then as I was standing at our table explaining the menu to my friend, the server who explained to the rules to me the first time came up to the table and started explaining the rules to me again. I reminded the server that less than 2 minutes ago he explained the rules to me and said it was ok this time; his reply was that he was reminding my friend of the rules (even though another server gave him the same speech less than one minute earlier). At this point my friend wanted to leave so we left. As we were walking out the door, the server who first explained the rules to me yelled to us " be that way". I won't be going back to Tres Carnales any time soon nor will I recommend it to anyone else.

decent lunch in downtown edmonton

right by rice howard way, but willing to walk/lrt if need be

decent lunch in downtown edmonton

I need a decent lunch spot in downtown edmonton. no hotdog venders, food courts or food trucks please. looking for a place to sit down with a quality lunch menu. thanks.

dinner in victoria

will be in victoria over the weekend. have not been for a while. any suggestions on restaurants serving fish. close to inner harbour would help. thanks.

Generally scorned products that are madly delicious -- in certain applications

China Lily "soy sauce" on rice topped with parmesan cheese.

Jul 01, 2012
jim bachinski in Home Cooking

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

Born and raised in Alberta. To date I have probably consumed 50,000 holuptsi, 10,000 varenyky, 500 pounds of headcheese, 5,000 litres of borscht, 1,000 pounds of garlic sausage (Marchyshyns and Stawnichys), and 500 pounds of sauerkraut. Thank god for my grandma !!

Jul 01, 2012
jim bachinski in Home Cooking

Best Pho in Edmonton?

nihn kieu used to get my vote until i saw the waitress clear a table and take the tea pot and dump the left over tea back into their tea urn.

Ninh Kieu in Edmonton put on Watch List

i quit going to ninh kieu when i saw the waitress clear a table, take the pot of tea that was on the table and dump it back into their big tea dispenser. that was it for me.

lunch meat

does anyone know what is in kaiser jagdwurst ?

Oct 15, 2009
jim bachinski in General Topics

Looking for Harissa - Edmonton

I got my can from the little italy location.

Looking for Harissa - Edmonton

Try spinelli's in little italy- isle closet to frozen items. i bought a small tin of "conserve d'harissa". have not opened it yet, so cant tell you what its like.

china lily in Edmonton

i went to andy's iga yesterday, (142 st and 89 ave in edmonton), and they have it on the shelves again- the last time they stocked it they had 6 or 8 bottles on the shelves, this time they had at least 30, so maybe the supply problems are over.

Cuts like a knife, and it feels so right: where to sharpen your beloved blades in Vancouver

good point greyelf. my apologies. it was more the song, which i hate, than it was your post.

Cuts like a knife, and it feels so right: where to sharpen your beloved blades in Vancouver

the lyrics are: "Now it cuts like a knife, But it feels so right" If you're trying to show how "hip" you are by making references to popular music, then: a) pick a song a little more contemporay, and b) get the lyrics right.

Tomato Paste in Tubes - Edmonton

I bought some tomato paste that was in tube at Spinelli's in Little Italy.

Where to buy a goose?

Easyford Meats on Fort Road sells goose, but time may be tight.

chinese in vancouver / richmond

going to be in vancouver / richmond on the 14th, 15th and 16th. will only have time to go to one chinese restaurant- will be a dinner meal- any advice? thanks in advance.

china lily in Edmonton

found some at andy's iga in edmonton- 142 street, 89 ave

chinese in kelowna

I will be in Kelowna for a couple of days. Any good chinese spots, including dim sum.
thanks in advance

china lily in Edmonton

i was at lucky 97 this weekend- no china lily. ill give t & t a try, and if no luck there, ill try on line. thanks for the info.

china lily in Edmonton

Where can i find China Lily soy sauce in Edmonton?
Thanks in advance.

Where can I find the best donairs chicken or beef in AB?

I'll second World's Finest Donair.

Wedding Caterer - Edmonton

must have been a different wedding that weekend kali, b/c elizabethan served a beef striploin at the one i went to- the steak was very good- but, running out of vegetables was lame.

Wedding Caterer - Edmonton

I went to a wedding last weekend at fort edmonton- elizabethan catered the wedding and ran out of vegetables with about 50 people left to feed.

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too bright! lose the white!

Sep 26, 2008
jim bachinski in Site Talk

Pad Thai in Edmonton

you are so right pickey- i went and had the pad thai at boualouang and it was fantastic.